Vintage-Inspired Dresses

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  • Update your wardrobe for the new season with some retro classics

    February 5, 2013

    Thanks to high profile celebrities walking the red carpet in beautiful retro dresses, vintage fashion is back in a big way. Vintage dresses can be hard to find and even harder to wear, so why not create the look with vintage-inspired dresses?

    From the 40s right through to the 80s, vintage-inspired dresses can be found all over the high street. And it’s so easy to work a vintage dress into your wardrobe.

    Looking for a vintage dress you can wear every day? Why not try a 70s maxi dress, or a minimalist 60s shift dress? Or work the look in the evening with a glamorous 50s vintage dress or a pretty 40s tea dress. Stand-out 80s vintage dresses also look great, day or night.

    Vintage prints are also big news. Keep your look modern, but opt for vintage prints such as polka dots or wide 60s stripes to give a nod to the vintage trend in your everyday wardrobe.

    So whatever the occasion, find the perfect vintage dress for you here…

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