Best anti-chafing shorts - save your thighs with these discreet buys

Protect your thighs under skirts and dresses with the best anti-chafing shorts

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The best anti-chafing shorts will stop your thighs from rubbing together during warm weather. If you suffer from thigh burn, a pair of shorts, similar to cycling shorts, worn under dresses or skirts could be the answer to banishing sore skin for good.

The best anti-chafing shorts are many women's secret weapon when it comes to wearing dresses and skirts, particularly during summer months. Worn either over the top of, or instead of your regular briefs, anti-chafing shorts help you avoid thigh rub, as the legs of the shorts cover your thighs and create a barrier, so no more sore rubbing. Some anti-chafing shorts also offer silhouette sculpting properties, for a smoother finish too, meaning they can double up as the best shapewear too. With several different lengths available, you can easily slip anti-chafe shorts on under dresses of all lengths, from mini to maxi length. And better still, no one will know, so you can simply get on with enjoying every day to the max. To keep cool, make sure to choose either cotton iterations or those crafted from breathable or moisture-wicking fabrics for the ultimate comfort.

These shorts will keep you cool and comfortable whatever the weather and occasion. Made from stretchy fabric, anti-chafing shorts will feel similar to various body shapers or shapewear you've tried before. With a high rise, they'll also help to contour your silhouette, ideal for those who usually wear stylish dresses to hide a tummy. Anti-chafing shorts might not be the sexiest item in your lingerie draw, but when it comes to practicality, a pair of thigh-protecting shorts is hard to beat. 

Best anti chafing shorts - selected by a fashion editor

How to choose the best anti-chafing shorts

Thigh rub can really inhibit summer outfit ideas and if you've found yourself avoiding dresses, opting instead for a flattering jumpsuit, simply to protect your thighs, then investing in some great anti chafing shorts will help to open up a whole world of new style opportunities.

When choosing the best anti chafing shorts, fabric and length will be key. Longer line shorts will work well under midi and maxi length dresses and skirts, while you'll want shorter lengths (that still cover your upper thigh area) for shorter hemlines. Make sure to invest in a few pairs, as you'll need to wash them between wears, in the same way you would your regular underwear. 

Available in a range of hues, consider what you'll wear your shorts under, to avoid them showing through thinner fabrics and invest in styles that offer high waists and sweat-wicking properties for maximum summer comfort and support. 

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