Sunglasses trends 2023: the 8 styles to shop according to a fashion editor

8 sunglasses trends 2023 that will up your eyewear game this season

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Sunny days are here to stay, so use the sunglasses trends 2023 to update your look in a jiffy. With plenty of trend-worthy styles to choose from, the latest sunglasses trends will complement your face and outfits all year round, so you can shield your eyes fashionably.

Getting to grips with the latest sunglasses trends 2023 is the speediest way to this season's best sunglasses. In the same vein as eyeglasses trends, the latest trends are derived from designer brands and the runway, framing what's available on the market and covering everything from sunglasses shape to color.  

You will notice a synergy between the latest sunglasses trends for 2023 and this season's spring/summer fashion trends with similar style eras referenced and the latest fashion color trends all present. As always the sunglasses trends are a mix of standout pieces and a reinforcement of staple silhouettes that are totally timeless. While sunglasses are most popular in warmer sunnier months, don't underestimate the power of a pair of sunnies throughout the year. For the most amount of wear, look to pieces you can pair with the latest autumn/winter fashion trends 2023 too.

Whether you're looking for sunnies to wear everyday, or a vacation-ready pair to team with your best swimsuit. Deciphering what sunglasses suit me is the best place to start. Vina Lakhani, optometrist at David Clulow Opticians has this advice when it comes to picking your next pair:

“For people with round faces, it is generally good to go for bold angular lines. Sunglasses with angular frames will sharpen softer facial features. Clean lines and angles will help to give the appearance of a longer, thinner face while a darker frame can enhance angular features.

People with square faces already have angular facial lines so to soften this effect, look for curved round glasses with thinner frames - oval or rounder frames that are wider near the hinges are a good choice.

With oval faces, they are quite versatile so they could go for any frame shape. Personally, I prefer large and bold frames for oval-faced people. Heart-faced people have a wider forehead and angled chin, so to balance this choose a frame which is wider than your forehead so rounded or oval frames would be a good idea.”

Once you’ve identified the best designer sunglasses shape for your face, it’s time for the fun to begin! With our guide to the sunglasses trends 2023, you’ll be looking stylish in no time.

1. Funglasses

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If you’re looking for a quick way to update your spring capsule wardrobe, a pair of fun frames will immediately bring your look up to date. Spanish clothing brand Loewe’s inflated frames were one of the five New York Fashion Week street style trends and look set to stay a must-have for the rest of 2023. Pardon the fashion quote, but while florals for spring might not be 'groundbreaking', Swarovski’s playful take on the motif in sunglasses form is another nod to the trend. If you’re after sunglasses that are a little more subtle, look for other statement frames such as gem-encrusted starlet-inspired styles for a touch of Hollywood glamour.

2. Sleek & Sporty Sunglasses

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With athleisure and activewear now firm favorites in our wardrobes, it was only a matter of time before our collective love of sporty styles was reflected in the sunglasses trends 2023, literally. Racer-style sunglasses featuring mirrored lenses are enjoying a resurgence, thanks to Y2K and '90s fashion trends. While you might be unsure of this style if you wore it the first time around, the wraparound styles are actually some of the most protective for your eyes as the extended lens blocks out light and harmful rays at the sides of your face too. When trying on styles, it’s important to opt for a size that fits snugly without squeezing your face at the temples - many sports brands will offer different width frames in this silhouette for the perfect fit.

3. Mono Lens Sunglasses

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If you’re a fan of supersized sunnies, then the mono lens sunglasses trend is one for you. Seen on celebrities including Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, this supersized style borrows from ski goggles for the ultimate in cover-all-don’t-look-at-me-please-look-at-me sunglasses. But these single-lens styles are not just for the slopes. Look for pairs with mirrored or logo lenses for added fashion points or why not go one step further and try Dior’s visor style?

4. Tinted Lensed Sunglasses

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Want to make the world seem a happier place with help of a pair of sunglasses? Then rose (and other colors) tinted lenses are for you. This trend fits right in with the Nineties style revival - if you’re wondering how to style wide leg jeans, why not try finishing your outfit with a pair of tinted lenses. Nineties style icon Jennifer Aniston has been making a case for orange-tinted lenses but other popular hues include yellow, red, and blue. Just like with frames, it is worth considering what color suits your complexion before you invest in this sunglasses trend. 

Hamish Tame, Creative Director of Le Specs, offers this advice when choosing tinted lenses: “The key with tinted lenses is to make sure they are not too light and have more of a chic darker tint. For summer, I’m loving the warm tan tinted lenses in our Hankering cat-eye or Hydrus Link silhouette, which is a favorite of Gigi Hadid.”

5. Bright Framed Sunglasses

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If you think the trend for mood-boosting brights applies only to bright color clothes, think again. Hamish says: “After years of keeping it low-key, this is the summer for us to start getting expressive again with our eyewear!”

A quick way to perk up even the simplest outfit is with a pair of bright sunnies. Yeun Sum Cheung, Head of Frames Development at Specsavers is excited for this brighter look: “Dopamine brights are dominating the runway and are the perfect way to add a cool pop of color to any outfit. These are my favorite trend of the year as they combine bold colors with simple designs.”

The key is to keep this look simple, so look for flattering, classic frame shapes such as rounded rectangular or cat eye styles. When it comes to selecting the best colors for your complexion, Vina Lakhani, has this advice: In terms of skin tone, if you have got a warm complexion then warmer tones like orange and red would go quite well and if you have got a cooler complexion go for blue, pink or green colored frames.

If you’re looking for a timeless way to add bold bright sunglasses to your look, why not consider a pair in bright white? Marie Wilkinson, Style Director of Cutler & Gross says, “Although an advocate of bright colors, white should never be overlooked and it’s a trend that sees a comeback each summer.”

6. Tortoiseshell Sunglasses

tortoiseshell sunglasses trend 2023

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If you’re looking for a fail-safe flattering frame, then look to classic tortoiseshell-inspired sunglasses for a 2023 trend that is set to last. The abstract pattern made of neutral tones will work for everyone - the broken-up colosingle-toner means that frames are less blocky and lighter in appearance than single-tone frames. From beige to deeper orange tones and darker browns, there’s a tortoiseshell to suit everyone. To keep your sunglasses looking light, opt for lenses in ombre or a lighter color such as green.

This classic frame color option is a hit with everyone from the Princess of Wales to Sarah Jessica Parker, so grab a little bit of star style with a pair of tortoiseshell frame sunglasses and team with a Burberry trench coat for a stylish spring look.

7. Y2K RECTANGULAR Sunglasses

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With '90s fashion trends making a comeback, rectangular and oblong frames are another key sunglasses trend for 2023 and there’s a face-flattering shape for everyone.

Yeun Sum Cheung, says: “Rectangular frames are a must-have for everyone this year, as there is something for everyone. You can’t go wrong with classic black or tortoiseshell colors, whilst brighter, bolder shades will add a pop of color to all skin tones. Bold, angular frames will suit those with softer facial features, whereas square and angular faces are offset by frames that are slightly more curved”

Robert Roope, founder of Black Eyewear, agrees: “a large bold square or oblong chunky frame in a playful jolly bright color is a key trend for sunglasses this year”


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With the seventies trend returning for summer, it’s time to nail how to style flared jeans, and clogs - and don’t forget a pair of oversized sunglasses!

While in recent seasons sunglasses trends have veered towards Matrix-style tiny sunglasses, if you like to hide behind your frames, it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief and embrace oversized sunglasses once more. Seventies-inspired round and aviator shapes are key to this trend, with the latter working well with every face shape. If you’re looking for a lighter option, swap acetate frames for lightweight metallics in silver or gold.

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