12 of the best 'Quiet Luxury' shoes that deliver subtle elegance for all occasions

A fashion editor rounds up the best Quiet Luxury shoes to add sophistication to every look

Quiet Luxury shoes: Veja, Tod's, Chloe / Net a Porter
(Image credit: Veja, Tod's, Chloe / Net a Porter)

The best Quiet Luxury shoes will add instant elegance to any ensemble. Categorized but subtle, understated pieces, as with the rest of the Quiet Luxury trend, while this is an overarching theme of the season, the pieces that work for this look won't date. Ensuring the best Quiet Luxury shoes are also a great investment.

This season's best Quiet Luxury shoes are must for any wardrobe, with footwear that can work across occasions. Part of a group of Stealth Wealth trends, this particular aesthetic is all about looking quietly expensive and is largely devoid of monogram or overt logo detailing and relies on quality fabrics, neutral colors and the idea of 'if you know you know'. This is a trend that doesn't shout about how expensive your fashion buys are, they just quietly look like they're worth every penny.

One of the biggest summer fashion trends 2023, there is a barely an area of fashion that has not been treated to a Quiet Luxury glow up, with everything from the best Quiet Luxury handbags to the best Quiet Luxury jeans being big hits with the fashion crowd. When it comes to Quiet Luxury shoes, styles are relatively classic across all silhouettes, but hone in on the details, sleek leather, or top quality faux leather will ensure your footwear looks elegant at all times.

Best Quiet Luxury shoes

If you're looking to embody Quiet Luxury from your head to your toes, then the best Quiet Luxury shoes, will ensure that every part of your outfit is well thought through and sleek. While there are no specific rules, adopting a neutral palette of black or tan footwear will automatically add a feeling of luxe that perfectly exudes the aesthetic. 

Inject Quiet Luxury shoes into every aspect of your day to day, although this look is extremely suited to Stealth Wealth occasionwear ensembles for upcoming weddings and Christenings. To give it a more day-to-day feel, investigate the Rich Mom trend, another avenue within this Quiet Luxury sphere that has a much more relaxed but polished feel. Generally speaking, this trend is easiest to put together with designer clothing but it is possible to create Quiet Luxury on a budget with some clever shopping.

Rivkie Baum
Fashion channel editor

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