The Best Cleansing Conditioners and Co-Washes

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  • Replace your shampoo with our pick of the wonder washes that keep tips hydrated

    Where do we even begin with the many benefits of co-washing? Eschewing shampoo for a cleansing conditioner can be, in a word, revolutionary. These creamy hair cleansers purify your strands, keep tips hydrated and supple, and wean your hair off the harsh properties that are present in many shampoos.

    But, the good stuff doesn’t stop there; the majority of cleansing conditioners are sulphate-free and, because they ply locks with moisture, they help to calm first-day fluff and frizz. It can feel strange at first to rub something so rich and low on lather into your roots but trust us, these wonders are even suitable for combination and oily scalps.

    There’s one more bonus we should mention. Because you don’t need to use a shampoo with these cleansers, that’s one less product to buy and one less tube to pack on a city break. If plush, hydrated, cleansed hair weren’t enough incentive for you to try co-washing, less shopping, a more streamlined travel bag and time shaved off your shower ought to do it.

    With that in mind, we’ve rounded up the very best cleansing conditioners – there’s one for every hair type, whether your locks are curly, normal, or totally parched. For additional great hair recommendations, make sure you check out expert beauty site Powder, which offers helpful tress-taming advice bespoke to you and your needs.

    Hair Is Fabric Volume Support, £30
    Now, we could harp on about how this cleansing conditioner smells like an expensive perfume – because it does – but there’s so much more to love about HIF’s Volume Support. If you thought that washing your hair with conditioner would leave roots limp, you thought wrong, as this body boosting, hydrating number proves.

    You simply massage it into wet hair, let the pea bio-peptides work their cleansing magic for three minutes, then rinse to reveal conditioned locks that boast added volume once dry. This is also one for those who love a lather – unlike traditional co-washes, it foams up well so you to stop you missing the soapy suds of a shampoo.