Best Christmas gift ideas for neighbors: 39 thoughtful gifts to show your appreciation

Our guide includes the best, most thoughtful Christmas gift ideas for neighbors, whether they're old friends, new to the neighborhood or moving away

Three Christmas gift ideas for neighbors on a green background: a Christmas cocktail recipe book on the far left, a white monogram Christmas mug in the middle, and a Ring Video Doorbell on the far right
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Whether you’re scouring the internet for Christmas gift ideas for neighbors moving away or want to welcome new arrivals on your block, our guide includes fun and thoughtful gifts that’ll leave a lasting impression. 

Although Christmas is this weekend, there's still time to shop for thoughtful and useful gifts for your neighbors. With Amazon Prime same-day and next-day delivery options, as well as other retailers still guaranteeing gifts to arrive by Christmas Day, your lucky recipient will still have their present in time for Christmas.

Our gift ideas for 2022 include cheap Christmas gifts that look expensive, family Christmas gifts everyone will enjoy, and the best Amazon Christmas gift ideas with next day delivery for last minute shoppers...

Best Christmas gift ideas for neighbors in 2022


1. Ode to Home State Dish Towel: View at Uncommon Goods

RRP: $16.00 | Delivery: 7-9 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable with no time limit

Whether they’re new to the neighborhood or an old neighbor moving states, help them bring some state pride into their new home. Each of the 50 cotton dish towels is two-sided, with the state’s slogan and an acrostic poem that describes the state on one side and an illustration outlining the state on the other. 

Your neighbor will appreciate this sentimental gift and will be excited to show off their new dish towel in their kitchen.  


2. True Stemless Wine Glass Set: View at CBD 

RRP: $17.70 | Delivery: 3-5 day delivery | Refundable? 90-day return policy

Whether it's a Christmas gift for friends or a neighbor, no one can have too much drinkware. This elegant and timeless wine glass set will look great in any kitchen and match any decor theme. These 18oz stemless wine glasses are handmade in Poland and come in blue and pink. 


3. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max: View at Amazon

RRP: $34.99 | Delivery: 0-5 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 in the US

If your neighbor hasn't hopped on the Amazon Fire TV Stick wave, then gift them one of the most popular media streaming devices this Christmas, and if they already have one, who doesn't need more than one? The Amazon Fire Stick is one of the best Christmas gifts for guys. They'll be able to plug this 4K streaming device into any TV, instantly turning into a smart TV with hundreds of apps to download, movies to stream, and even live TV all within one portable device.  


4. Knack Flavors of the Season Gift Set: View at Knack

RRP: $82.98 | Delivery: 2-7 day delivery | Refundable? Not refundable 

This Christmas gift set is the perfect present for the whole family to enjoy. Knack makes gifting easy and enjoyable by baking gift boxes filled with treats and goodies. The boxes can be customized but the default one contains buttermilk pancake mix, a jar of pumpkin spice, cinnamon clove caramels, a dark maple syrup, and a holiday blend whole bean coffee - basically, everything they need to get their Christmas morning started. Their kids will love to be a helping hand in making this sweet breakfast treat.


5. Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea: View at Amazon

RRP: $12.93| Delivery: 0-5 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable if damaged

Skip the small talk at the mailbox and chat over a cup of hot, flavorful tea inside. Whether they’re a tea drinker or in need of neighborhood friends, they’ll enjoy sipping on this black tea blend full of citrus and spice with orange, cinnamon, and sweet clove flavors. 


6. Great Neighbors Wine Bag: View at Amazon

RRP: $8.99 | Delivery: 1-5 day delivery | Refundable? Until Jan 31 in the US

Unfortunately, sometimes all great things must come to an end, which may include your next-door bestie moving. Celebrate their big move and your friendship by gifting them this unique linen drawstring wine bag with a heartfelt message. And what’s a wine bag without wine? To make the gift a little more special, you can throw in their favorite wine.  The seller also sells customized wine bags for colleagues or friends with new jobs, if you're looking for inexpensive Christmas gift ideas for coworkers.


7. Tabletop Fire Pit Bowl with Roasting Sticks: View at Amazon

RRP: $37.95 | Delivery: 1-5 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 in the US

Who said campfires were only for the outdoors? This small concrete tabletop fire pit is indoor-friendly with its rubbing alcohol fuse activation. Whether it’s a cozy game night with neighborhood friends or an evening making s'mores with the family, your neighbor will love bringing the outdoor festivities inside. And no need to worry about scrambling to find a long random stick to roast your marshmallows with, this fire pit bowl comes with four roasting sticks. 


8. Handcrafted Wood Cheese & Charcuterie Board Set: View at Pottery Barn

RRP: $38.99 | Delivery: 4-5 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 with holiday return policy

For the neighbor that’s always hosting, a charcuterie board is probably already on their Christmas list, and this handcrafted board set will surpass all the ones currently in their cart. Your neighbor will love making the fanciest spread this holiday season with these gorgeous Charcuterie boards.

The set includes a square and a heart-shaped wooden cheese board made from mango wood, a cheese knife, and a cheese spreader. And if you're looking for an extra special Christmas gift for her, for an additional cost you can customize the heart-shaped board and add their initials. 


9. TRUFF Truffle - Infused Hot Sauce Set: View at Food52

RRP: $40.00 | Delivery: 1-5 day delivery | Refundable? 30-day return policy

If your neighbor is a master chef in the kitchen or by the grill, they will love any food-related Christmas gifts. This truffle-infused hot sauce set is full of flavor and spice. Whether they put it on their breakfast potatoes or grilled chicken, they’ll be thanking you for this hot sauce set for months, and maybe they’ll even bring you a plate to try. This set will also make the perfect Christmas gift for dads.


10. Merlot Infused Coffee: View at Uncommon Goods

RRP: $22.00 | Delivery: 3-7 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable with no time limit

This espresso gift comes with a delicious twist. Give your coffee-lover neighbor a bag of merlot-infused coffee beans. Whether it's their first cup in the morning or an after-dinner treat, they'll look forward to trying this wine-infused coffee filled with sweet berry flavors. This 12oz bag is filled with Arabica coffee beans that were aged inside an oak wine barrel.


11. Good Neighbors Christmas Ornament: View at Amazon

RRP: $21.99 | Delivery: 2-6 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 in the US

There's no better Christmas gift to give your neighbor than an ornament with a sweet engraved message that describes your relationship. The ornament comes packaged in a gift box and tied with a ribbon, so you won't have to worry about spending extra on wrapping paper or gift bags. 

They can add this ceramic porcelain ornament to their tree just in time before the holiday is over. And with its neutral color, it’ll match any Christmas decoration and Christmas tree theme


12. Opps Artificial Mini Plants 3-Pack: View at Amazon

RRP: $11.89 | Delivery: 2-6 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 in the US

If your neighbor just moved in, why not help them add some decor to their home this Christmas? Plants are always a pretty gift to give anyone, but they require a lot of TLC. And if your giftee is not the best plant parent, it might not be the best gift choice. If you're not sure if your neighbor is a green thumb, these mini artificial plants are a safe option and give the same effect as the real thing. 

Whether placed side-by-side or individually scattered around the house, these faux mini plants will look gorgeous in any room. 


13. Snowcap Reactive -Glazed Monogram Mug: View at Anthropologie 

RRP: $9.80| Delivery: 4-8 day delivery | Refundable? 30-day return policy

You can never go wrong with gifting a Christmas mug that your giftee can fill with hot cocoa. This Anthropologie monogram mug is as festive and gorgeous as it gets. The mug design depends on your neighbor's initials and consists of a mitten, a stocking, or a house. And if you’re feeling extra generous, you can order two as a great gift for couples.


14. Pinch Provisions Stain Removing Towelettes: View at Revolve

RRP: $9.00 | Delivery: Free 2 day delivery in the US| Refundable? 60-day return policy

Accidental spills can be a pain and it’s something that happens to everyone, even your neighbor.  Whether it’s spilled coffee on a new shirt or stubborn food stains that won’t lift, these towelettes will be a lifesaver for anyone. These will also make the perfect gift for moms, co-workers, or anyone who's prone to spilling their morning coffee down themself. 


15. G & F Soft Jersey Gardening Gloves: View at Amazon

RRP: $6.98 | Delivery: 1-7 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 in the US

There’s no such thing as too many gardening gloves for the neighbor that is always in their yard pruning bushes, potting flowers, and tending their garden. This vibrant pack of cotton gardening gloves is made with PVC dots for easy gripping and is a favorite to many. These gloves are said to be thick, comfortable, and durable. Make sure to look through our list for more gardening gift ideas for the green thumb in your life. 


16. Very Merry Cocktails Recipe Book: View at Anthropologie

RRP: $19.95 | Delivery: 4-8 day delivery | Refundable? 30-day return policy

After Christmas dinner, they can pull out this Very Merry Cocktails recipe book for a delicious treat, which will be a sweet way to end Christmas. The book includes 50 festive cocktails recipes, so whether they're in the mood for a fruity tequila drink or an old-fashioned cocktail with bourbon, there's a holiday cocktail for them. Your neighbor will love taking on new recipes, and maybe they'll invite you over to try their new favorite drink.


17. Buffalo Plaid Throw: View at Amazon

RRP: $13.99 | Delivery: 2-5 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 in the US

Gifting one of the best blankets is a simple gift idea that doesn't require much thought, it's an excellent option for your new neighbors who you might not know that well. Everyone loves blankets, and with temperatures dropping, they can snuggle under a soft new fleece throw this winter. You can add a lovely Christmas card and welcome them to the neighborhood. 


18. Hello Fresh Gift Card: View at Hello Fresh

RRP: $$70.00 - $140.00 | Delivery: Date you choose | Refundable? Nonrefundable 

Your neighbor might not want to pick up another cooking tool after cooking Christmas dinner, but you can save them some time and a trip to the grocery store by gifting one of the best food subscription boxes. They can pick their favorite meals on the site, and the pre-measured ingredients and recipes will be at their front door within days. 


19. We're Not Really Strangers: View at Amazon

RRP: $15.99 | Delivery: One-day delivery | Refundable? Until Jan 31

What better time to have a game night than during Christmas day with family and friends? Alternatively, you can gift these cards early and have a neighbor's game night ahead of the big day. This icebreaker card game has three levels with purpose-driven questions to deepen connections between players.


20. UpBlend Outdoor Wind Chimes: View at Amazon

RRP: $31.94 | Delivery: 0-5 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 in the US

If you want to buy a Christmas gift for all your neighbors, wind chimes are peaceful, with soft sounds that play whenever a breeze blows. You can gift the UpBlend Outdoor Wind Chimes to your next-door neighbor, and everyone around will enjoy its calming sound. 

These metal wind chimes will add to their outdoor decor, and with six aluminum color options, there's one that will match their home perfectly. 


21. More and Merrier Prestuffed Stocking Dog Toy: View at Petco

RRP: $8.99 | Delivery: 3-5 day delivery | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Dogs deserve Christmas gifts too. If your neighbor has a furry friend, they’ll appreciate this cute Christmas stocking filled with dog toys. Your next-door dog pal will have four new festive toys for less than $10, and maybe they’ll actually run back to you while playing fetch.


22. Phoebe Deviled Egg Serving Plate: View at Urban Outfitters

RRP: $24.00 | Delivery: 5-8 day delivery | Refundable? 30-day return policy

If your new neighbor is a maximalist and enjoys all things color, or needs a subtle pop of color to their minimal home, this unique stoned deviled egg cut-out serving plate is the perfect Christmas gift for their new home. Break-in the tray and bring a dozen deviled eggs to your neighbor this Christmas, but don't forget to tell them this cute plate is theirs to keep. 


23. Christmas Wooden Rolling Pin: View at Amazon

RRP: $8.99 | Delivery: 5-7 day delivery | Refundable? Refundable until Jan 31 in the US

For the neighbor who loves sharing their baked goods with the block, this festive engraved rolling pin is the perfect gift to add to their kitchen this holiday. They'll enjoy whipping up a batch of homemade Christmas cookies with reindeer designs. And if they have a little pastry chef in training running around, they'll have fun helping in the kitchen. 


24. Bonnie and Pop Chocolate Gift Assortment: View at Amazon

RRP: $35.99 | Delivery: Same-day delivery| Refundable? Until Jan 31

Share some neighborly love with a Christmas food gift made of chocolate. This gorgeous tin is filled with individually wrapped gourmet chocolates, including milk butter pecan patties, cashew clusters, chocolate pretzels, and more. 

Your neighbor will feel the Christmas joy with this delicious and thoughtful gift.


25. Cocktail Therapy Gift Set: View at Amazon

RRP: $19.99 | Delivery: 2-5 day delivery | Refundable? Non-refundable, unless damaged

Gift your neighbor a happy hour on the go with this pretty-in-pink cocktail gift set. Grab a glass, pour in one of the mixers, and add your favorite alcohol. This set is the perfect Christmas gift for the neighbor who never turns down a sweet cocktail or for moms who are always busy and need a self-care evening. 

The set includes four sweet cocktail mixers and edible confetti, pearls, and rose petals to decorate your drink.