32 unique Christmas gift ideas for coworkers that won't break the bank

Whether you want to show your colleagues a token of your appreciation or you're struggling to find a Secret Santa gift, look no further than our edit of the best Christmas gift ideas for coworkers

comp image of gift ideas for coworkers, including a puzzle, gin liqueur and a sleep mask
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These Christmas gift ideas for coworkers are ideal for those who want to buy a little something for their colleagues but don't want to break the bank. 

So whether you have a Secret Santa dip to buy for,  a close friend at work or just want to show someone your appreciation, our edit of gift ideas for coworkers features cheap Christmas gifts that are practical, thoughtful and affordable. 

Our selection covers both Christmas gifts for her and Christmas gifts for men, and the ideas span across all budgets and ages. 

Best Christmas gift ideas for co-workers

These gift ideas are all $25 / £25 or under, with some starting from just $6 / £6 respectively. 

Where to find the best Christmas gifts for coworkers in the US

Our pick of the best Christmas gifts for coworkers in the US


1. Dr Teal's Sleep Spray: View at Bed Bath & Beyond

RRP: $5.99 | Delivery: 7-10 business days delivery available| Refundable? 90 days

Help them get a good night's sleep with this classic blend of the best essential oils including calming lavender, balanced with a subtle note of chamomile.


2. Airpods Case Cover: View at Amazon

RRP: $7.99 | Delivery: 3 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30 days

Apple AirPods are ubiquitous, so if your colleague has a pair, why not treat them to a snazzy cover? Not only does this look nice and add a degree of individuality, but it also has a hook attached so that they can hang it to their set of keys and avoid losing their all-important earphones. The cases come in a range of colors but we particularly like the lilac one.

This would also make a practical Christmas gift idea for friends if you're shopping for their Secret Santa too.


3. Latika Fall Bath Bomb: View at Anthropologie

RRP: $8.00 | Delivery: 1-2 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

This luxurious bath bomb from Anthropologie smells good enough to eat, with its composition of ripe fig, creamy coconut milk and caramelized brown sugar, blended together with soft velvet musk. 

The collection is paraben-free and natural too, so it doesn’t contain any of the harsh synthetic dyes that many other bath bombs have. 


4. Joy Weekly planner: View at Papier

RRP: $20.00 | Delivery: 7 business days | Refundable? No, as it's made to order

No matter what job you're in, most of us tend to be overrun with a million different tasks, so a weekly planner can be a really useful addition to your desk. If your coworkers have kids, these make especially good Christmas gifts for parents. This personalized weekly planner from Papier allows you to add your recipient's name and a custom message for an extra special touch. Due to this element of personalization, products are made on demand so take a little longer to ship - but we think the products are worth the wait.


5. Vinabon Wine Aerator: View at Amazon

RRP: $20.00 | Delivery: 1-2 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Any red wine drinker will appreciate this affordable but practical gift that enhances the flavor of the wine in seconds. By using Bernoulli Effect to aerate your wine with oxygen, this easy-to-use aerator works to bring out the punchier notes in your wine without leaving a tart feel for a smooth but crisp drink. And you can pop it right on top of the bottle so that you can pour it straight into the glass without any mess.

Got a bigger budget? Consider getting the oenophile in your office one of these wine alcohol advent calendars for a truly special gift.


6. Voluspa Mini French Cade & Lavender Decorative Tin Candle: View at Sephora

RRP: $12.00 | Delivery: 1-3 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

If you're on a tight budget, you can't really go wrong with a beautiful candle, and happily, many of the best-scented candles are very affordable.

This warming candle blends diverse notes expertly, with earthy French cade wood, sweet verbena, and soothing Bulgarian lavender. The gorgeous tin will look beautiful on any shelf or windowsill and can be reused once the candle is burnt.


7. Tiled Margot Monogram Mug: View at Anthropologie

RRP: $14.00 | Delivery: 1-2 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Gift them this special mug so they can eschew the dirty communal mugs in the office kitchen and enjoy their hot drinks in style. Available in letters A-Z, this mug from Anthropologie is enriched with French bistro tilework for a luxury, timeless feel.


8. Color-changing salt lamp: View at Urban Outfitters

RRP: $19.00 | Delivery: 3-8 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

 This color-changing Himalayan rock salt lamp will add a cozy vibe to their bedside table, or even their work desk. Its pinkish natural glow not only looks pretty, but it can help boost mood and promote relaxation. This one is made of natural materials with a sturdy wooden base and is powered via a USB cable. 


9. Opps Artificial Mini Plants 3-Pack: View at Amazon

RRP: $17.99 | Delivery: 2-5 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

This cute trio of artificial plans will help bring a touch of greenery to their desk, without all the maintenance required of a real plant - so it's perfect for hybrid workers. 

This also makes a lovely Christmas gift for grandparents or a unique Christmas gift idea for neighbors.


10. Biossance Glow Fort, Be Bright: View at Biossance

RRP: $25.00 | Delivery: 2-day delivery available | Refundable? 60-day return policy

If you want to give your coworker the gift of a glowing complexion, look no further than this set from Biossance. The set features two of the best skincare products in the brand's range, the Squalane + Omega Repair Cream and Squalane + Vitamin C Rose Oil.


11. Godiva Chocolatier Patisserie Dessert Truffle Flight Assorted Chocolate Gift Box: View at Amazon

RRP: $19.00 | Delivery: Next-day delivery available | Refundable? Yes

A perfect gift for any chocolate connoisseur, this flight of desserts from Godiva is seriously luxurious. The decadent chocolates come packaged in a gold and blue box and the delectable flavors include strawberry creme tarte truffle and vanilla dulce de leche truffle.


12. Magnolia Table by Joanna Gaines: View at Amazon

RRP: $29.99 | Delivery: 2-5 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

For any keen chefs on your team, a cookbook is a kitchen essential that will always come in handy.  Joanna Gaines' cookbook Magnolia Table features American classics and family-friendly meals that all have the impressive finish of the star's new Texas restaurant. The RRP is $29.99 but you can nearly always find it for under $20 on Amazon and through other retailers. 

It also includes meals that use homegrown or seasonal produce, making it a great gift for anyone committed to sustainable living.


13. FP Movement x Nalgene Drink More Water Bottle: View at Free People

RRP: $25 | Delivery: 2-3 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Detailed with words of encouragement, this half-gallon bottle will motivate your co-worker to drink enough water and stay hydrated at their desk.


14. Pinch Provisions Stain Removing Towelettes: View at Revolve

RRP: $9.00 | Delivery: 2 business days delivery available | Refundable? 60-day return policy

From accidental spills to food splatters, these wrapped towelettes break up stains, so they're easier to remove from fabric. Ideal for keeping in their handbag or at the desk, these handy towelettes will remove all manners of stains in a flash.  A perfect gift for that colleague who always comes in wearing their morning coffee.


15. The Laundress Delicate Spray: View at Revolve

RRP: $11.00 | Delivery: 2 day business days delivery available | Refundable? 60-day return policy

Infused with a nontoxic, antibacterial formula, this herbal and citrus blend spray captures lingering odors. In short, it'll keep their delicates, closets, and drawers fresh and clean between washes. It's the sort of gift that would probably never cross their mind to buy, but once they've tried it, they won't be without it.


16. W&P Porter Utensil Set: View at Revolve

RRP: $15.00 | Delivery: 2 business days delivery available | Refundable? 60-day return policy

Anyone who's ever worked in an office will be familiar with the scrabble over forks at lunchtime. They'll never need to hunt for the often-elusive item again with this reusable utensil set. Housed in a silicone carrying case, this bundle holds a fork, rounded spoon, and shark knife, each made of hardwearing stainless steel. Best of all, each piece is dishwasher-safe for quick and easy cleanup.

Where to find the best Christmas gifts for coworkers in the UK

Our pick of the best Christmas gifts for coworkers in the UK


1. Mario Badescu Lip Balm: View at Harvey Nichols

RRP: £8.00 | Delivery: 3 working days  | Refundable? Cosmetics are not returnable

If you want to stick to a budget but also want to get something they can continue to use way past Christmas, then lip balm is always a good choice.

Among the best lip balms, this Mario Badescu balm blends cocoa butter, coconut oil, and shea butter for pure nourishment. The subtly-scented balm melts into the skin, leaving lips moisturized and smooth.


2. Must-Have Hand Cream Trio from L'Occitane: View at L'Occitane

RRP: £21.00 | Delivery: Next-day delivery available | Refundable? 28-day return policy

The best hand creams are often a go-to for affordable gifts and there's no brand that does hand creams quite as well as L'Occitane. This cute trio contains three of their best-selling hand creams - shea butter, verbena cooling hand cream, and lavender. The buttery creams go on like a dream and will leave their hands smelling and feeling divine. 


3. Nespresso Barista Ice Cube Trays Kit: View at Nespresso UK

RRP: £16.00 | Delivery: Next-day delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Another gift for coffee lovers, but this time for those who prefer their lattes iced.

Of course, many fridges now come with ice dispensers in them. But, if any of your teammates live in a small apartment without a big fridge, then this can bring a touch of elegance to their freezer with its stacking tray and pretty colors. The end result is some hefty ice cubes, which is always a satisfying addition to any cool drink. 


4. Gibsons Purrfect Plants 1000-piece jigsaw puzzle: View at Selfridges

RRP: £16.00 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable? 28-day return policy

This jigsaw puzzle is the ultimate mindful activity, and when it's completed, it will also be a pretty piece of art that will look great on any sideboard (or inside a frame). This fun cat and plant design is by Kitty Bardsley and is perfect for any cat, plant, or design lover. Same-day delivery is available in London, but delivery times vary across the rest of the country.


5. Charbonnel et Walker Caramelised Biscuit Truffles: View at Charbonnel et Walker 

RRP: £16 | Delivery: 3-5 working days | Refundable? No

Christmas food gifts are always a reliable choice for coworkers, so of course, chocolate will always go down well. These milk chocolate truffles will please anyone with a sweet tooth, and the iconic Charbonnel box always impresses.


6. Lazy Daisy Days Notebook: View at Papier

RRP: £21.99 | Delivery: 2-3 business days | Refundable? Personalized items are not returnable, un-personalized items have a 28-day return policy

A notebook is always useful, and they'll enjoy writing in this chic one from Papier. With lined paper and a featherweight feel, this is a practical purchase that your friend can carry around with them to make notes whenever. 


7. Morphe Vintage Rose Artistry Palette: View at Selfridges

RRP: £13.00 | Delivery: Next-day delivery | Refundable? 28-day return policy

A neutral-hued eyeshadow palette is one of the best gifts that keep on giving, especially if they like to touch up their make up post-commute and throughout the day. Ideal for meetings and work functions, Morphe's Vintage Rose kit features a mix of striking and muted shades with a rich color payoff.


8. Stojo Collapsible Mug: View at Amazon UK

RRP: £13.00 | Delivery: Depends on region | Refundable? Depends on retailer

One of w&h's best coffee travel mugs, this will be a welcome gift for anyone who likes to sip their java on the way to work, as once they're done with it, they can simply squash it down and pop it in their bag - no cumbersome flask to carry around for the rest of the commute.

It even features a straw if your teammate likes iced drinks instead and can make for a great sustainable Christmas gift if they tend to hit the coffee shop in the morning and get a single-use takeaway cup. 


9. elago Charging Hub: View at Amazon UK

RRP: £24.99 | Delivery: Next-day delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Help them forgo entangled wires once and for all with elago Charging Hub. This silicone stand will prop their iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods in one place, in plain sight. Plus, it's easy to wipe it clean.


10. Primaison Artificial Christmas Tree Plants: View at Amazon UK

RRP: £18.92 | Delivery: Next-day delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Revamp their desk space with this lush green set. These adorable plants are made of environmentally-friendly materials, while the flowerpots come from durable paper pulp. 


11. Jewelled Star Hair Clips Pack of Two: View at Oliver Bonas UK

RRP: £15 | Delivery: 3-5 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Elevate their accessory arsenal with these seriously sparkly star-shaped hair clips. Like all of the best Christmas hair accessories, these clips inject a bit of sparkle and fun into any hairstyle.


12. Cosmic Wonder Monthly desktop planner: View at Paperchase

RP: £8.00 | Delivery: Next day delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

Help them stay organized with this celestial monthly planner. With six beautifully designed double-sided cards and a gold stand, this planner is both decorative and functional. 


13. Miss Patisserie Geode Bath Ball: View at Miss Patisserie

RRP: £6.00 | Delivery: 3 working days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

This pinky-lilac bath ball will help them unwind after a long week, turning their bath into a spa-like experience. This pretty bath bomb has many of the same properties as the best bubble baths, packed with mineral-rich salts and cocoa butter.


14. Edinburgh Clementine & Ginger Gin: View at John Lewis

RRP: £16.50 | Delivery: Next-day delivery available | Refundable? 35-day return policy

One of the best gin presents, this clementine and ginger-infused gin liqueur can be served on the rocks or with tonic water for a punchy festive tipple.


15. Beloved Waffle Knit Ankle Socks: View at Free People UK

RRP: £10.00 | Delivery: 3-8 working days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

A chic way to keep their toes toasty. These sweet waffle knit socks come in multiple colorways with a crochet lace ruffle at the top.


16. Fluffy Sleep Eye Mask: View at The White Company

RRP: £15.00 | Delivery: 3-5 business days delivery available | Refundable? 30-day return policy

This fluffy eye mask will help them get their beauty sleep over the festive season. Made with snuggly faux fur with a satin lining and elasticated strap, this sleep eye mask is also a great sleep aid if they're struggling to get some shut-eye over the party season.