The 31 best family Christmas gift ideas to keep all ages happy in 2022

We've found the best family Christmas gifts everyone will love this December

Three of the best family Christmas gifts
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It's not easy choosing family Christmas gifts. But whether you're buying for a couple with toddlers or an extended clan of every age, our pick of the best family Christmas gift ideas will help you find the perfect present for smiles all round this December.

When shopping for family Christmas gifts, try and look for something that will appeal to everyone including teenagers, very young children and frazzled parents. The best Christmas gifts for parents will often include activities the whole household can take part in, from board games to experiences they can enjoy together. At Christmas, food gifts are also a great idea, but you should take care to choose something the whole family will be excited to receive.

From matching Christmas pajamas to unforgettable days out, we've found the best family Christmas gifts for 2022 that are fun, useful and thoughtful. 

The 31 best family Christmas gift ideas

These are the best all-ages gifts to buy this Christmas with picks to suit all budgets and sorts of families.

Where to find the best family Christmas gifts in the UK

Best family Christmas gifts in the UK 2022

We hunted down the best family Christmas gift ideas, whether they like cooking, playing or even competing against each other

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1. Honeywell Bakes Gingerbread Village | View at Honeywell Bakes (opens in new tab)

RRP: £22 | Delivery: 3-4 working days | Refundable: Non-perishable items have a 7 day return policy

Get a family you love bonding in the kitchen this Christmas by sending them this cute-as-a-button baking kit so they can build their own gingerbread village.

A lovely inexpensive Christmas gift (opens in new tab) handmade in Northamptonshire, the box contains everything they need to get cooking including all the dry ingredients, cutters to make the houses, mini trees, cake board, piping bags for decorations, icing, a recipe card and even a string of fairy lights. You can also add a gift message and wrapping and even buy now but specify a Christmas delivery—perfect to stop boredom setting in the week before the big day.

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2. Red Letter Days voucher for Family Thames Rocket Powerboating London | View at Red Letter Days (opens in new tab)

RRP: £167.80 | Delivery: Immediate delivery for e-voucher, 3-5 working days by post | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Ban boring presents and give them a day out they’ll never forget. This handy Red Letter Days voucher is valid for 12 months and will entitle a family of four (two adults and two children 14 and under) to a thrilling high-speed sightseeing ride along the Thames in London. 

Voted England’s Family Friendly Attraction of the Year in 2017, the Thames Rocket is a rigid inflatable that can reach hair-raising speeds for a tour of the capital with a difference. Along the way, families will learn fun facts and hear stories about London before holding on tight for the ride of a lifetime. A great Christmas gift for kids (opens in new tab) and parents alike. This is definitely one of the best family Christmas gift ideas we’ve seen and we’d be thrilled to find it under our tree.

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3. So Wrong It's Right Game | View at Amazon (opens in new tab)

RRP: £14.99 | Delivery: 3-5 working days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Is there anything better than gathering the whole family together to play a board game by the Christmas tree? It’s not always easy to convince teens to join in so if you’re buying a family Christmas gift to include older children, send them this game aimed at the over 12s from radio and TV star Matt Edmondson.

It's super simple to play so it won’t end up stuck at the back of a cupboard either. Every question asked has five possible answers, with action cards dictating how players must answer each question. This includes answering correctly, flipping the words around in the answer, ditching the first letter and giving the wrong answer. We warn you: it may make your brain hurt. But with 500 questions, 2000 possible answers and taking just half an hour to play, even the trickiest teen won’t get bored.

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4. Epic Escapes' Escape Room In A Box | View at Epic Escapes (opens in new tab)

RRP: £99 | Delivery: 3-5 working days | Refundable: 100 day return policy

This is a fantastic family Christmas gift idea for anyone who is addicted to (pricey) escape rooms. This will allow a family to transform their very own home into an escape room this Christmas, with three different games in the box suitable for between three and six players.

For each game, players will need to find clues in the room and solve different puzzles in order to escape. The box includes lock boxes, padlocks, puzzles and the all-important self-help hint cards in case they get stuck. Each game should take around 60 minutes to solve and escape though younger children will need help as clues are aimed at adults.

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5. Hotel Chocolat The Velvetiser | View at Hotel Chocolat (opens in new tab)

RRP: £99.95 | Delivery: 3-5 working days | Refundable: 14 day return policy

They might think they love hot chocolate, but they won't know just how good it really tastes until they've tried one made in The Velvetiser from Hotel Chocolat. 

All the family will love whizzing up barista-standard drinks with this mini kitchen whizz. It couldn't be easier to use and will take up hardly any room on their countertop or can be easily stored away in a cupboard. They'll simply need to add their choice of chocolate flakes and milk or water, press the button and pour to drink two minutes later. It's pure chocolate heaven every time. 

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6. Nintendo Switch OLED Model | View at Nintendo (opens in new tab)

RRP: £309.99 | Delivery: 1-2 working days | Refundable: 30 day return policy  

We know most parents are trying to cut down on their children's screen time but this generous gift will get the thumbs-up from both parents and kids. In fact, the all-ages console also features in our guide to the best Christmas gifts for teenagers (opens in new tab).

The newest addition to the Nintendo Switch family of consoles, this model has a bright 7-inch OLED screen, an adjustable tabletop stand, 64 GB of internal storage and a new dock with a wired LAN port for use in TV mode. Best of all, it's not just about solo gameplay but can allow the whole family to have fun together. It can be docked and played on the TV for everyone to join in, used on a table for a group or used for two people to play with the Joy-Con controllers for instant back-seat harmony on car journeys. "We weren't sure about introducing another screen to our lives," says mother of two Emma Reeve. "But this one actually got our two children playing together without squabbling!" 

With family-friendly games available including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Nintendo Sports, this family Christmas gift is an all-round winner. 

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7. Marks & Spencer Santa's Little Baker's Treat Bag | View at Marks & Spencer (opens in new tab)

RRP: £30 | Delivery: 2-4 working days | Refundable: 35 day return policy

There's no better time to indulge in Christmas baking (opens in new tab)than in the final countdown to the big day. Keep boredom at bay for excited children on school holidays by sending them this family Christmas gift a little early for them to really make the most of it.

All wrapped up—and sent for free—in a charming Santa sack, the goodie bag includes everything they need to roll their sleeves up and make their own festive feast with minimal parental help. There's a snowman cupcake kit, a Christmas gingerbread baubles kit, a cinnamon roll kit and a gingerbread house kit plus Winter Wonderland sprinkles and a hot chocolate stirrer trio—all for a very affordable price.

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8. Boxbollen | View at Boxbollen (opens in new tab)

RRP: £19.99 | Delivery: 1-4 working days | Refundable: 14 day return policy

It's all too easy to spend the holidays on the sofa watching the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus. (opens in new tab) 

This nifty gadget is a simple way to get a family on their feet and having fun together over the festive period instead. Already a TikTok sensation, the small box includes a head-tethered boxing ball linked to The Boxball App. Players 'box' the Boxbollen while the app tracks performances and issues challenges. It's trickier than it seems at first but brilliant fun for any family looking for laughs this Christmas. "We hooked this up to our TV and loved competing with each other to see who could get the most punches in," said dad of three, Simon Mahoney.

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9. Polarn O. Pyret Festive Family Pajamas | View at Polarn O Pyret (opens in new tab)

RRP: From £24 | Delivery: 3-5 working days | Refundable: 90 day return policy

Is it even Christmas if the whole family doesn't have matching pajamas? 

Swedish brand Polarn O. Pyret have been producing high-quality organic children's clothes for over 45 years so their pajamas are far too good to save for the festive season. Super-soft for all-day wear (well it is Christmas), their range of seasonal PJs go on sale from late October with designs including classic Nordic folk designs, snowy Alpine scenes and even dancing dogs. There's a pair for everyone from a newborn baby to Grandad, so everyone can match on Christmas morning for a photo by the tree.

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10. Squishmallows | View at Smyths Toys Superstores (opens in new tab)

RRP: From £8.99 | Delivery: 2-4 working days | Refundable: 28 day return policy

A cuddly toy might not seem like the most obvious family Christmas gift idea but this is one everyone will want this year. Adored by celebrities including Kim Kardashian, this range of plush toys are the hippest and most huggable gift around and any family with younger children will love to get their hands on one.

From koalas to Chewbacca, they come in a range of designs and sizes including a diddy 3.5 inch clip-on to a 20 inch option big enough to use as a very squishy pillow. The only problem is they're so marshmallow-soft, the whole family will want a snuggle first.

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11. Pongori Outdoor Table Tennis Table PPT 530 | View at Decathlon (opens in new tab)

RRP: £329.99 | Delivery: 3-7 working days | Refundable: 30 day return policy  

If they've got room amongst the outdoor furniture (opens in new tab), this is one of the best family Christmas gifts you could send someone. 

The PPT 530 table tennis table comes on four large wheels so it can be moved to wherever suits them for a quick game—inside or out. It can withstand adverse weather and UV light and has two brakes for stability, no matter how fierce the game gets. Best of all, when they want to tuck it out of the way for a barbeque or impromptu football game, it folds in half easily with four safety locks to keep it secure so it can be wheeled into a shed or the corner of the garden. At last, this is one family Christmas gift no one will grow out of. "Our teenager spends more time at home than ever since we bought this as all her friends love playing on it too," says mum of two Colette Brown.

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12. Fox's Fabulous Cookies Assortment | View at Morrisons (opens in new tab)

RRP: £4 | Delivery: Depends on slot availability | Refundable: 30 day return policy in store

If you don't want to spend a fortune this Christmas or are looking for a thank you gift (opens in new tab) all the family will enjoy, play it safe with a box of delicious cookies,

A much better alternative than supermarket wine when buying for a family, they'll be delighted to tuck into this collection of white chocolate cookies, half-coated milk chocolate cookies, triple chocolate cookies and milk chocolate cookies. They might even leave one out for Santa. You truly can't go wrong with this cheap Christmas gift (opens in new tab).

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13. Meta Quest 2 | View at Amazon (opens in new tab)

RRP: £399 | Delivery: 3-5 working days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Can't get excited about gifting someone a board game? Give them one of this year's most in-demand family Christmas gifts instead to guarantee hours of fun together.

The Meta Quest 2 is a super-powerful VR headset that won't need a PC or console to play. Once they've downloaded the app on a phone, they're ready to play straight from the box, before they've even pulled the first Christmas cracker (opens in new tab). Once it's on—worn over the eyes—they can dive into a world of mind-boggling VR experiences from meeting up with friends for virtual battles to fitness games. The headset has astonishing cinematic 3D audio, redesigned Meta Touch controllers for intuitive movement and a single-panel LCD screen with 50% more pixels than the original Quest. 

"It's so much fun, the whole family were almost fighting over who got to have the next go!" says mum of two Michelle Bailey. Plus, it provides hilarious entertainment for the rest of the family as they watch the person wearing the headset attack imaginary monsters and fly virtual planes. 

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14. Disney On Ice Tickets | View at Ticketmaster (opens in new tab)

RRP: From £23.50 | Delivery: Immediate e-ticket | Refundable: No refunds available

Gift a family a night out over the Christmas period instead of something else to be used for a day and forgotten about.

Disney On Ice brings all of Disney's best-loved tales and characters to life through figure skating, at dates across the UK from November to New Year's Eve so this one is worth gifting early. Children will love to spot their favorites including Moana, Rapunzel, the Frozen cast, Cinderella, Miguel from Disney Pixar's Coco and many more, plus extravagant set designs, innovative lighting and jaw-dropping special effects. Just remember the arenas will be a little chillier than outside so be sure to bring your best winter hat (opens in new tab)

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15. Cartwright & Butler Ultimate Sweet Tooth Hamper | View at Cartwright & Butler (opens in new tab)

RRP: From £330 | Delivery: 3-5 working days | Refundable: 14 day return policy

Get family celebrations off to an unforgettable start by sending them a giant wooden hamper packed with teatime treats for everyone.

A wonderful family Christmas gift idea, this snack-packed selection will certainly sweeten up the holidays with all sorts of chocolates, biscuits, cakes and confectionary inside. Several also come in gorgeous reusable tins. Highlights include a tin of Milk Chocolate Chunk Biscuits, Butterscotch Crunch, Fruit Jellies in a jar, Sea Salted Almonds in Milk Chocolate, Apricot and Fig loaf and Lemon and Dark Chocolate Viennese Whirls. There's even tea and coffee to wash it all down, plus a bottle of Finders Fruits of the Forest Gin and Familia Traversa Chardonnay. A truly indulgent Christmas gift for grandparents (opens in new tab), if their biscuit tin is looking a little worse for wear.

Where to find the best family Christmas gifts in the US

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1. Spontuneous Game | View at Amazon (opens in new tab)

RRP: $35 | Delivery: 1-5 business days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Forget Monopoly. Send this side-splitting board game to a family instead and they'll spend Christmas day laughing instead of dozing off after the turkey.

The premise is simple. Every player writes down words before the game starts. When it's their turn, they announce one word from their list and flip the timer while everyone else has to race to sing a song containing that word to advance on the board. Everything from hip hop to nursery rhymes are welcome so this is a great game for all the family. And don't worry: singing talent is definitely not required. 

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2. Biscuiteers Advent Tin | View at Biscuiteers (opens in new tab)

RRP: $75 | Delivery: 3 business days | Refundable: Not applicable for perishable items

It's always a good idea to gift biscuits but these are a cut above the average grocery store offering. Hand-decorated and stored in a beautifully decorated keepsake tin, this collection of iced vanilla biscuits are almost too good to eat. All are brightly iced as animals including crocodiles, cats, birds and elephants dressed in suitably festive attire. 

If you want to send it early, there are 24 biscuits inside so it makes a great Christmas gift for kids who can count down to Santa with one biscuit a day. However, the biscuits will also stay fresh for up to three months so you can easily send for Christmas Day itself as a tasty treat once the tree comes down. 

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3. Nanoleaf Lines | View at Nanoleaf (opens in new tab)

RRP: From $199.99 | Delivery: 3-6 business days | Refundable: 30 day return policy  

Interior design trends (opens in new tab) don't usually matter when it comes to choosing the best family Christmas gifts but this is one everyone will love. 

These cool, entirely customizable light bars will turn any family's living room into their own personal cinema or transform a gaming area into the ultimate immersive experience. The slim bar lights can be connected together in almost infinite designs with 16 million customizable color combinations that can react to on-screen activity or the beats of music for a display the whole family will want to show off. They can then be controlled by smart home voice assistants or via the Nano app, which can help plan designs, set schedules and create custom scenes.  A truly unique Christmas gift (opens in new tab).

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4. Wentworth Puzzles Merry Christmas Whimsies Personalized Puzzle | View at Wentworth Puzzles (opens in new tab)

RRP: $65 | Delivery: 4-6 business days | Refundable: 14 day return policy

A personalized Christmas gift (opens in new tab) will show a special family just how much they mean to you this December. Any family who love to spend the holidays poring over a puzzle will especially love these charming jigsaws made from quality 4mm thick wood from sustainably managed forest and featuring any picture you choose of them.

They're not just straightforward jigsaws either. Every one features unique themed whimsy pieces to make them a little more tricky, with Christmas jigsaws including shapes such as bells, stockings and Santa's face plus letters that spell out Merry Christmas. Just remember that personal puzzles take around ten days to make so order in plenty of time. 

Image (opens in new tab)

5. As Cooked On TikTok Book | View at Amazon (opens in new tab)

RRP: $19.99 | Delivery: 1-5 business days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Everyone sees recipes that look delicious online, but it's not always easy to replicate them in your own kitchen. If you know a family who are always on their phones, they're bound to already be familiar with some of the recipes in this book which have all become viral sensations on TikTok. 

With a foreword by Gordon and Tilly Ramsay, the book is also a great way to encourage younger family members to experiment in the kitchen and it would make a great gift for students (opens in new tab) just learning how to cook. There's even a QR code on every page to take them straight to each creator's page. "Our favorite recipes included the Baked Feta Pasta Soup and Chocolate-Fudge Baked Oats," said the mum of one teenager, Emily Wood.

Image (opens in new tab)

6. Learning Resources Recordable Answer Buzzers | View at Learning Resources (opens in new tab)

RRP: $27.99 | Delivery: 7-10 business days | Refundable: 365 day return policy

"These gave all our old games a new lease of life!" says dad of four Paul Diver. Most families have a pile of board games gathering dust in the cupboard so these recordable answer buzzers will reinvent them to get them back in use. Each of the four differently colored buzzers is able to record messages, words, music or silly noises up to seven seconds per buzzer. Just tap, record, tap and listen. They're the ideal way to put the fun back into a family's games night or make them feel like they're answering questions on a TV quiz show. 

Image (opens in new tab)

7. Gift voucher from Activitygift | View at Activitygift  (opens in new tab)

RRP: From $25 | Delivery: Immediate for e-voucher or printable card, 3-8 days by post | Refundable: Not refundable

Send the perfect present to a family anywhere in the world with this clever voucher that will fast become your go-to gift. 

The Activitygift voucher can be bought from $25 and is redeemable on over 50,000 activities and experiences in more than 680 cities in over 160 countries worldwide. That includes food and drink experiences, museum tours, cultural days out, theatre performances, helicopter flights and almost anything else you can think of. Vouchers are valid for two years and can be personalised with a photo or message, then emailed immediately or posted with free shipping worldwide.

Better still, for every Activitygift purchased and activity booked, a tree is planted with Eden Reforestation Project in areas that need it the most around the world. That's a major win-win in our book. 

Image (opens in new tab)

8. Marshall Willen Portable Speaker | View at Marshall (opens in new tab)

RRP: $119 | Delivery: 1-5 business days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Give them the gift of music wherever they go with this small but mighty portable speaker they'll be able to take everywhere.

Just 10cm square but with seriously good looks, the Willen can deliver over 15 hours of playback on a single charge. It's also IP67 dust and water-resistant and has a mounting strap, so they can always have music close by. "I paired it to my phone in seconds," says mum of two Catherine Camfield. "We love using it to play music when we're having a barbeque in the garden and we've even brought it on holiday with us."

Image (opens in new tab)

9. Family Portrait Christmas Ornament by EliseCanvasDesign | View at Etsy (opens in new tab)

RRP: From $38 | Delivery: 14 to 24 days from point of order | Refundable: No

This thoughtful handmade gift will thrill any family and immediately become their new favorite Christmas decoration (opens in new tab).

Hand painted on a birch wood slice, each ornament is professionally dried and treated to preserve its natural texture and color. An illustration of the family receiving it will be painted on the front—it can even include pets if you choose—and you can add a short personal message on the back. A thoroughly charming family Christmas gift that will take pride of place in any home.  

Image (opens in new tab)

10. Aura Carver Frame | View at Aura Frames (opens in new tab)

RRP: $149 | Delivery: 6 business days | Refundable: 45 day return policy

One of the best family Christmas gifts we've ever seen, this clever photo frame will bring their photos to life rather than leaving them buried on their phone and never seen again.

The frame is Wi-Fi connected and connects to the Aura app so they'll be able to display over 10,000 photos on their frame with no storage limit. It has a 10.1 inch HD 1280 x 800 display resolution, automatic color and brightness adjustment and regular free software updates with features such as an in-app scanner to add kids' artwork. They can even give distant family and friends the frame's unique email address so they can share their favorite snaps directly to the frame with no memory card or subscription fees required. To make it even more personal, you can preload it with photos and add a gift message before sending it. We think it would make the perfect wedding gift (opens in new tab)too. 

Image (opens in new tab)

11. Selfridges Selection The Family Festivities Hamper | View at Selfridges (opens in new tab)

RRP: $250 | Delivery: 3 business days | Refundable: 28 day return policy

Nothing feels more festive than receiving one of the best Christmas hampers (opens in new tab) packed with seasonal treats. This huge wicker hamper from Selfridges—available to order from late October—will delight any family as it has everything they'll need for a wonderfully indulgent holiday season.

Children will love the gingerbread cookies, giant chocolate bar, biscuit selection and traditional milk hot chocolate, while adults will devour the chocolate and orange panettone, cinnamon and vanilla nuts and Selfridges Selection Festive Christmas Morning ground coffee. There's even a cherry and sherry Christmas pudding plus Selfridges Selection Festive brandy butter for the day itself—if they can wait that long before tucking in. 

Image (opens in new tab)

12. Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max | View at Amazon (opens in new tab)

RRP: $54.99 | Delivery: 1-5 business days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

If you know a family who are always arguing over the remote control, give them a peaceful New Year by offering them another option. 

This easy-to-use Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Max can simply be plugged into another TV for fast streaming in full HD, even if it's not a fancy Smart TV. That means access to films and TV programs from apps (subscriptions may apply) including YouTube, Netflix and Hulu, music from Amazon Music and Spotify and of course, the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime (opens in new tab). They'll even be able to search and launch content with their voice on the Alexa Voice Remote and view their smart front door camera without stopping their TV show. "It's so easy to set up and use," says mum of two Helen Jenkins. "Now we can all watch what we want to without any hassle, extra subscriptions or the cost of a new smart TV."

Image (opens in new tab)

13. The Elf on the Shelf Scout Elves At Play | View at The Elf on the Shelf (opens in new tab)

RRP: $26.56 | Delivery: 3-9 business days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Any household visited by their very own Elf on the Shelf each December will know there's no telling where the cheeky scout elf will land each morning for children to discover.

Send an extra sprinkle of North Pole magic to any family who look forward to their elf's surprises by gifting them this book of suggestions they'll use for years to come. Inside there are countless ideas to inspire quick and easy scenes around the home plus 15 Scout Elf tools to remind the elf how to create magical moments—even if they've had a long night returning from the North Pole and would rather hide in the Christmas tree branches again (just us?) Children will love to leave this book for their elf to find

Image (opens in new tab)

14. SodaStream Art Sparkling Water Maker | View at SodaStream (opens in new tab)

RRP: $149.99 | Delivery: 3-5 business days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Add a little sparkle to a family's Christmas celebrations by gifting them this nifty fizzy water maker. 

It's super-sleek on the counter and couldn't be easier to use. They'll just need to push the lever to turn ordinary flat water into fresh, sparkling water. It reduces single-use plastic as they won't need to buy any more sparkling water and puts an end to lugging home heavy bottles from the grocery store. It also has whole-family appeal. Kids can add a capful of one of a range of flavors to turn the water into everything from Diet Cola to Kombucha while adults can experiment with making Christmas cocktails (opens in new tab)

Image (opens in new tab)

15. Flipslide Game | View at Amazon (opens in new tab)

RRP: $17.99 | Delivery: 1-5 business days | Refundable: 30 day return policy

Kickstart some healthy Christmas competition by gifting a family you love this utterly addictive game.

All they have to do is master the moves to beat the blocks, flipping the game to find the color and sliding it to match the lights. And luckily, it's not as complicated as it sounds. There are four game modes to choose from including Speed Mode and Multiplayer Mode where they can compete with each other in a full family showdown. As an added bonus, it's small enough to be brought anywhere too so can provide hours on fun in airplanes and cars. 

Image (opens in new tab)

16. Lego Harry Potter: Hogwarts Chamber of Secrets | View at IWOOT (opens in new tab)

RRP: $149.49 | Delivery: 5-9 business days | Refundable: 14 day return policy

Nothing brings a family together like crowding round a mammoth Lego set. If you know a family who are Harry Potter buffs, this gift will keep them busy for days.

With 1176 pieces, there's more than enough for a whole family to do so they can build it together then proudly display their creation. The set features two of the most famous rooms in Hogwarts and an impressive ten minifigures including Harry himself and a glow-in-the-dark Nearly Headless. There are also six wizard card tiles and a limited-edition 20th anniversary golden Voldemort minifigure. Though the set will look spectacular when built, its not too complicated for younger children to join in with so the whole family will enjoy. Better still, this is a modular set which can be added to with other kits to create an entire Hogwarts Castle—so that's next year's Christmas present sorted too. 

How to choose gifts that the whole family will love

First, keep the ages of any children in mind when shopping as there's no point buying a complicated board game for a household with toddlers. Look at games and activities they will be able to play together over Christmas when everyone tends to be at home more than usual, or choose ones that will stand the test of time and still be fun and in use by summer.

Most of all, think about what the family like to do together rather than separately—do they love watching movies, getting out and playing sport or planning days out to new places? Try gifting them something that will make their favorite activity even more fun or special, or treat them to something they would never think to do themselves. Buying for a family rather than shopping for smaller presents for each person might also mean you can afford something a little more extravagant than you may expect.

Personalized items will always go down well and show you've thought of the whole family when shopping. However, if in doubt, remember that you will rarely go wrong with a food hamper that will appeal to all ages and can be enjoyed immediately over Christmas.