Best thank you gifts for 2022 that will show your appreciation in a meaningful way

Our curation of the best thank you gifts are thoughtful, personal and fun—for every budget

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Our edit of the best thank you gifts may come in handy for colleagues, men, women, friends, family, an amazing teacher, or anyone in between. From small gestures to luxurious buys, we're confident the receiver will love these thoughtful presents. 

These gifts will truly show your appreciation for someone special, but many also make great gifts for milestone birthdays, whether you're looking for the best 40th birthday gifts, best 50th birthday gifts, or the best 60th birthday gifts. From thoughtful thank you gift ideas to unusual thank you gifts that will stand out, we've selected presents both big and small. No matter what your budget you will find an idea below that fits the bill. 

Best thank you gifts for 2022

Gift buying advice

What makes a good thank you gift?

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Francesca Pittaway, a curator of gifts for Not on the High Street (opens in new tab), knows a thing or two about finding the perfect gift. She suggests, "I think the gifts that are most loved aren’t the biggest or the most expensive but are the ones that show you have given it some thought.

"Whether that’s something that supports a hobby or recognizes what is going on in their lives currently, taking a bit of time to think about that means you can’t go wrong, regardless of what you spend. Knowing you are understood, listened to, and loved is part of getting a great gift."

And of course, a personal hand-written note or card will also mean a lot. "A good hand written note goes a long way," Courtney Rogers, founder of CIJ Group (opens in new tab) and gifting expert, told us. "if you’re sending gifts direct, use sites where you can create a video message, such as Marlo Wine, or scan a QR code to play a favourite song to make it extra personal."

You could also try making something yourself, if you really want to make it personal. "If you have the time then get crafty, the hand-made trend is becoming huge for gifting and a Cricut machine enables you to make your own thoughtful gifts throughout the year making it a great investment," Rogers told us. 

What makes a good, inexpensive thank you gift to show appreciation?

Julie Deane, the founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company (opens in new tab), has been making beautiful bags that are often bought as gifts since 2008. Julie believes that the act of giving itself, no matter what it is, is good enough in itself. So whether that's giving a gift, giving your time, or lending a hand. "A well-thought-out gift really does show you care. What is more touching than knowing someone you care about has spent time thinking about what would make you happy," Deane told us. 

"The best gifts are not the most expensive ones, they are genuine gestures—often not for birthday or Christmas but maybe a hot chocolate and marshmallow package in the winter, something that says you wish you could be there or you just want to make someone laugh."