27 Best Christmas hampers for 2022—festive treats for you or a loved one

Discover our curated list of the best Christmas hampers for the holiday season based on quality, quantity of products included and value

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The best Christmas hampers available to buy in 2022 are not only filled with delicious foods, moreish treats and great wine, but they also represent excellent value for money no matter what your budget is.

Whether you're looking for the best luxury Christmas hampers from the likes of Harrods, Fortnum & Mason and more, or want an affordable hamper from a trusted British brand like M&S, John Lewis or Selfridges, you will find picks for all price points in our carefully curated list.

As we know that it's what's inside the hampers that really matters and not just how great they look on the outside, we've unwrapped, unpacked and taken a look inside all of the hampers in this list, so that when we say this list represents our pick of the best Christmas hampers for 2022, we really mean it.

As with all the best Christmas food and drink, you'll need to order most of these hampers in advance. Plus, don't be surprised if these sell out quickly this year. Shipping delays, supply chain issues and postage strikes are forecast to continue into December, so it will pay off to plan ahead and start shopping early.

Where to find the best Christmas hampers in 2022

Best Christmas hampers to buy in 2022

Be it a wicker basket or chic box, these gorgeous hampers will arrive right at your doorstep, leaving you with plenty of Christmas food gifts to enjoy this holiday season.

Before you swipe the card, keep in mind that many companies do not accept returns on short shelf-life or perishable items. So, choose wisely.

Best Christmas hampers under £65

Best Christmas hampers between £65 and £100

Best luxury Christmas hampers over £100

How to pick the best Christmas hampers for you this year

The best Christmas hampers are those that will surprise and delight their lucky recipients thanks to their luxurious presentation and, most importantly, the bounty of high-quality products found inside.

A hamper is a great present as it contains a wealth of goods that the person you're shopping for can enjoy during December, or put away in their pantry to re-discover and appreciate next year.

Which Christmas hamper you buy this year will depend on a number of factors including who you are buying for, what your budget is and when you intend to gift or receive it. 

If you are looking for the best Christmas hampers to give as a gift, consider the recipient. If you're giving the hamper as a Christmas gift to your dad or a Christmas gift to your grandparents because they prefer practical presents, think about what they would like to eat or drink the most. Would they prefer something they can enjoy straightaway as a festive treat, like chocolate or mince pies and panetone? Or would they prefer to savour the contents and tuck into it over a longer time, and so might appreciate a hamper that includes wine, chutneys or other longer-life goods. 

Christmas hampers make a great hostess gift and can be given or sent as a token of appreciation to someone for hosting you for Christmas. If giving a hamper as a gift for your mother-in-law or your host for Christmas day, consider if the contents could form a helpful contribution to the day's meal. For example, one of the fantastic cheese hampers in this list would be a brilliant contribution to the Christmas Day cheese board. 

If buying the hamper for yourself, consider how long the hamper will take to arrive and how perishable the goods are inside. If the hamper won't arrive in time for Christmas, or will arrive too soon, the contents may go out of date before you've had a chance to enjoy them. 

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