Best feel good Christmas movies to watch in 2022

There's nothing like one of the best feel good Christmas movies to make even the coldest of winter nights feel cosy and bright...

best feel good christmas movies
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The best feel good Christmas movies can instantly get you in the festive mood with their blend of heart-warming stories and brilliant performances that never fail to bring a smile to your face. 

Whilst the countdown to Christmas has yet to begin with advent calendars, that doesn’t stop festive movie fans already looking forward to the big day. If you’re already familiar with all the likes of the best Christmas movies on Netflix and the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus then you’re likely aware of the huge amount of choice there is when it comes to Christmas films. From family classics to festive romances, picking the right movie for everyone isn’t always easy but one thing’s for sure - feel good films are the way to go! 

Here we reveal our picks of the best feel good Christmas movies  - plus what you need to know about how and where to watch them. So, get the popcorn ready, get comfy in your matching Christmas pyjama sets, and curl up in front of the TV to enjoy a heart-warming festive film. 

The best feel good Christmas movies to watch in 2022

Santa Claus: The Movie  

Initially released in 1985 The Santa Claus original movie is a heart-warming tale of an infamous bearer of gifts and his journey in life. This movie has remained a classic for nearly 40 years for a reason as as it tells the high stakes story about what happens when a toymaker discovers a magical kingdom of elves in the North Pole and steps into the big red pants to become Santa Claus.

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A Christmas Carol  

Starring Jim Carrey, this 2009 computer-animated film is a creative reimagining of Charles Dickens's classic novel. The film tells the story of the old humbug Scrooge who detests Christmas and all things festive until he is presented with three ghosts who help him take a trip down memory lane and into the future, giving him a valuable warning...

A Christmas Carol is available to stream on Disney Plus for free for subscribers now.

Home Alone

What kind of a Christmas would it be without Macauley Culkin causing havoc in the McAllister family and defending their luxurious Chicago home from a couple of no-good thieves with thoroughly entertaining results? Home Alone is one of the best Christmas movies on Disney Plus and has been a holiday classic that continues to engage all audiences despite celebrating it's 30 year anniversary in 2020.

Home Alone (and the sequel) are available to stream on Disney Plus for free for subscribers now.

Home Alone 2

Another fantastic Christmas movie on Disney Plus, the sequel to the 1990 classic movie Home Alone 2, takes place in New York and even features an unexpected, brief cameo from former President Donald Trump. This movie is the perfect film to watch straight after you've finished the first instalment and you're eager to watch some more Christmassy pranks from Macauley Culkin in the Big Apple as he takes on recently-escaped convicts Harry and Marv.

Home Alone (and the sequels) are available to stream on Disney Plus for free for subscribers now.

The Muppets Christmas Carol

A classic film for your Christmas movie list, The Muppets Christmas Carol tells the story of A Christmas Carol via your favourite Muppets, including Kermit the Frog as Bo Cratchit and Miss Piggy as his wife Emily Cratchit. Michael Caine plays Ebenezer Scrooge in this 1992 film, where he's visited by the ghost of Christmas past, present, and yet to come - until he comes to his senses and gets himself fully into the Christmas spirit.

The Muppets Christmas Carol is available to stream on Disney Plus for free for subscribers now. 

The Holiday

Starring Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz, Jack Black, and Jude Law, The Holiday is one of the most beloved feel-good Christmas movies of all time. The plot revolves around Iris (Winslet) and Amanda (Diaz) who decide to swap homes for the festive season. The two women embark on exciting adventures and both find themselves in hilarious and romantic situations as they navigate their new surroundings and make drastic changes to their lives.

The Holiday is available to stream on both Netflix and Amazon Prime.

It's a Wonderful Life 

First shown in cinemas in 1946, this classic film, is the ultimate heart-warming yet poignant watch at Christmas time. When George Bailey (James Stewart) finds himself questioning whether his live is worth living, he's soon visited by a guardian angel - completely changing his reality. You'll be cheering on George the whole film, and the famous line, 'Every time a bell rings an angel gets its wings' will stay with you way beyond Christmas. 

It's a Wonderful Life is available to stream on Amazon Prime.

Love, Actually

Love, Actually is one of the most beloved Christmas movies of all time and is definitely one of the best feel good Christmas movies around. This multi-story narrative features a number of both comedic and gut-wrenchingly sad romantic storylines that all tie together into a cohesive story. Although the film was an immediate hit in 2003, the film has become even more popular since it was first released and it is now a firm festive favorite. 

Love, Actually is available to stream on both Netflix and Amazon Prime

Jack Frost

Starring Michael Keaton and Kelly Preston, this heart-warming film begins on a sad note when a father dies in a car accident just before Christmas. However, the father is given a second lease of life to spend time with his son when he wakes up as a snowman. This film might have a somewhat a bizarre plot but this unique story is adorable and sweet and the perfect festive 90s throwback film to enjoy this Christmas.

Jack Frost is available to stream on Netflix.

The Christmas Chronicles 

Teenager and tearaway Teddy doesn't believe in Christmas or Santa until he accidentally crashes into Santa's (Kurt Russell) sleigh, and along with his sister, has to pull an all-nighter to save Christmas for the rest of the children in the world. Released in 2018, exclusively on Netflix, the film also got a sequel, The Christmas Chronicles 2, which is as similarly heart-warming. And who wouldn't love the appearance from Goldie Hawn, Kurt Russell's real-life wife, as Mrs Klaus?

The Christmas Chronicles and sequel are available to stream on Netflix.

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