Best Christmas gifts for teenagers: What to get a teenager for Christmas in 2022

Browse our guide to the best Christmas gifts for teenagers in 2022, from tech must-haves to make-up and more

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Browse our gift guide below to find the best Christmas gifts for teenagers, including brands such as Fenty Beauty, Apple, and Converse.

Buying a gift for a teen can be particularly tough. They can be hard to impress and their interests change fast with the latest trends. They're also part of the generation that’s often creating said trends, so how do you know your gift won’t already be ‘cheugy’ (definition: old news) by the time you give it to them? Unlike finding the best Christmas gifts for kids, you need to have your finger on the pulse to find the perfect gift. But fear not, we consulted *actual* teenagers and have compiled the ultimate guide on what to get young adults in 2022.

Where to find the best Christmas gifts for teenagers in the US

Our pick of the best Christmas gifts for teenagers in the US


1. Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturiser: View at Fenty

RRP: $26.60 | Delivery: 4-8 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of purchase

Unsurprisingly, Rihanna’s beauty and skincare brand, Fenty, was recommended by more than one of the teenagers who told us what they were asking for this Christmas. Fenty is known for its high-quality, vegan, cruelty-free, and refillable products - all at an affordable price point. Even in the UK, where climates aren’t exactly tropical, everyone should be wearing SPF on their face and neck every day, to ensure healthy skin. This lightweight, hydrating moisturizer has SPF30, and is non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog your teen’s pores (it also contains niacinamide, which is known to reduce spots and blemishes). One teen we spoke to said this was the best SPF they had tried for their skin. Of course, the formula also works for more mature skin, making this a great Christmas gift for her generally.


2. Glossier Boy Brow: View at Glossier

RRP: $17 | Delivery: 3-7 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of delivery

Thinner, early-00’s brows could well make a comeback soon, amid a resurgence in noughties fashion and beauty trends, but for now, big (and fluffy) is beautiful. Glossier, like Fenty, has a reputation for reliable skincare and beauty that won’t break the bank. One of the best eyebrow gels, Boy Brow gel is a popular choice amongst beauty influencers and make-up aficionados alike. Shades ranging from blonde to black are available, combining a subtle dye with a waxy gel that keeps the brows in a thick shape. Alternatively, choose ‘clear’ to simply use the gel and spoolie to create your desired shape. 


3. Gucci Bloom Eau de Parfum: View at Gucci

RRP: $144 | Delivery: 2-3 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of delivery

Several teenagers told us they were holding out for one of the best perfumes as a gift this year. Fragrances can be quite personal - there’s always a chance you could pick the wrong scent - so going with a classic brand is always a good choice. Gucci Bloom, as per its name, features refreshing floral notes such as honeysuckle and jasmine, is packaged in a beautiful bottle and will be treasured by your teen for a long time.


4. Michelle Signet Ring: View at Ana Luisa

RRP: $68 | Delivery: 5-7 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of purchase

Big, chunky, colorful rings are certainly popular amongst Gen Z, but sticking with a gold or silver option is probably safest in terms of longevity and quality. This 14-karat gold ring is still oversized and bold, but also understated enough to pair with any outfit. Malachite, the gemstone in this ring, is known for its healing properties and powers of protection.


5. Nintendo Switch: View at Nintendo

RRP: $299.99 | Delivery: 2-4 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of delivery

Portable gaming has come a long way since GameBoy, and the Nintendo Switch is a popular option for gamers due to its use both as an at-home console - the two sides of the Switch detach and double as controllers - and a device that can be taken anywhere in its handheld mode. This is also a great gift Christmas gift for parents as there is a wide spectrum of games available on the console. 


5. Animal Crossing: New Horizons: View at Nintendo

RRP: $59.99 | Delivery: 2-4 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of delivery

If you're getting them a console, why not get them a game at the same time? Animal Crossing is known for its low stakes, relaxing vibe and community feel.


7. So Soft Henley Pyjama Set: View at Nordstrom

RRP: $27.30 | Delivery: 3-7 days | Refundable: Yes

A high-quality pair of pajamas feels like a particularly grown-up luxury - but the price of the perfect set doesn’t have to be as indulgent. This super-soft pair comes in two unique colorways as well as a simple grey. With a cropped t-shirt and high-waist shorts, they feel super on-trend.


8. Rue Rectangle Claw Clip: View at Urban Outfitters

RRP: $12 | Delivery: 5-8 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of delivery

The claw clip is another ‘90s-'00s accessory that has recently made a comeback. The allure of the claw clip is not only that it looks cool, but that it’s a low-effort, low-maintenance way to throw your hair into a casual up-do. In theory, anyway. 


9. Everything I Know About Love: View at Barnes and Noble

RRP: $15.99 | Delivery: 3-5 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of delivery

For the teen starting university - or just moving in with friends - the best-selling book by writer and broadcaster Dolly Alderton is the perfect blend of hilarious anecdotes, celebrations of female friendship, depictions of career confusion and existential crises, and even student-friendly recipes. The memoir, released in 2018, was also adapted for the small screen this year by Alderton herself, a television show which warmly follows the highs and lows of living with friends and trying to work out who you want to be. 


10. Mushroom Lamp: View at Amazon

RRP: $45.99 | Delivery: 3-10 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of purchase

The mushroom lamp is everywhere on TikTok at the moment, and while you can find more expensive versions, this sweet option comes in four different colors and features three different color modes which can be changed with the switch on the lead. The lamp isn’t too large, so it could be used as a desk lamp for atmospheric studying, or on their bedside table.


11. DIY Scrapbook Kit: View at Etsy

RRP: $55.07 | Delivery: Up to 30 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of delivery

You could say that the act of getting photos developed and adding them to a photo album is a lost art. Whether your teen has an iPhone, Polaroid camera or a now-vintage film camera, this DIY scrapbook set allows them to lay out pictures, tickets, and other memorable items in whichever way they would like. The scrapbook also comes with stickers, a pen, and other supplies to let them get creative.


12. Autumn Wreath Signature Large Yankee Candle: View at Yankee Candle

RRP: $31 | Delivery: 6-8 days | Refundable: Yes 

Yankee Candle produces some of the best scented candles on the market and the brand is known for cozy, Autumnal scents. With notes of cinnamon, clove, nutmeg and more, the Autumn Wreath option evokes pumpkin spice, crunchy leaves and log fires, making it a perfect festive gift. The large candle burns for 60-90 hours, so they’ll be sorted for the colder months.


13. AirPods (2nd Generation): View at Apple

RRP: $129.99 | Delivery: Same-day available | Refundable: Within 14 days of delivery

Airpods remain a popular choice amongst Gen Z, and it's easy to see why. The fact that they're wireless means that as long as you have your phone within range (and what teen doesn't?) and connected, you can do just about any day-to-day task with them snugly tucked in your ears. The coveted earbuds also made it to our list of the best 18th birthday presents.


14. Dr Martens Modern Classics Smooth 1460: View at ASOS

RRP: $170 | Delivery: Up to 8 days | Refundable: Within 28 days of delivery

Like Converse, Doc Martens aren’t going out of style any time soon. With vegan leather options, sandals, Chelsea boots and more, there are lots of DM products to choose from, but the traditional sturdy boots are still the perfect shoes for autumn months and winter weather. They’re not cheap, but they genuinely last for years. The classic boots are super versatile so can be worked into a range of outfits

Where to find the best gifts for teenagers in the UK

Our pick of the best Christmas gifts for teenagers in the UK


1. Cowshed Winter Pamper Gift Set: View at Cowshed

RRP: £25 | Delivery: 3-5 days | Refundable: Within 28 days of receipt

This relaxing set comprises of a sheet mask, shower and bath gels for different moods, and a bath and body oil. All products are paraben-free and not tested on animals. Studying, working, learning to drive… teenagers often have a lot on, and this pampering set, featuring some of the best bubble baths, will give them the gift of relaxation.


2. Shower Mood Melt Gift Set: View at Wide Eye

RRP: £19.95 | Delivery: 2-5 days | Refundable: Within 7 days of delivery

If they’re a shower person instead, these ‘mood melt’ shower bombs are kind to the environment while still smelling great, with a scent to match the mood of your teen that day. The shower bomb will begin lathering under running water, and the warmth of the water will release the essential oils, giving your teen a relaxing experience even if they don’t have access to, or don’t like, a steamy bath.


3. Anker Soundcore Life Q30 Headphones: View at Soundcore

RRP: £79.99 | Delivery: 3-7 days | Refundable: 18-month warranty available

While wireless earphones are undeniably popular amongst teens, these over-ear headphones feature impeccable noise cancellation, which is not only helpful for things like exercising in a busy gym or commuting on a packed train but can also be integral for study sessions: if they pop on a ‘white noise,' playlist on Spotify, they can go full Do Not Disturb mode. The Anker Soundcore Q30 headphones, like the brand’s speakers, are known for their sound quality, and they also come in a rose-gold-and-pink color with a matching baby-pink carrying case.


4. Crosley Velvet Voyager Record Player: View at Urban Outfitters

RRP: £88 | Delivery: 3-5 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of dispatch

Crosley turntables are popular for novices exploring the world of vinyl. The suitcase design and built-in speakers mean they’re completely portable and easy to set up, and the Bluetooth output allows for connection to any device. So even if your teen is yet to get their hands on a family member’s old record collection, they can connect the Crosley to their phone or laptop and play their Spotify playlists through the speakers. The turntables come in a variety of different colors, but your teen will love the vintage look of this mustard, velvet design. Paradoxically, this is also a great Christmas gift for grandparents, as they can dust off their records from the first time around. 


5. Harry's House LP: View at Urban Outfitters

RRP: £27 | Delivery: 3-5 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of dispatch

If you opt to get them a turntable, you may as well start off your teen’s vinyl collection with an accompanying record: you can’t go wrong with Harry Styles for Gen-Zers.


6. Phillips Hue Go 2.0 Portable Light: View at Phillips

RRP: £79.99 | Delivery: 1-7 days | Refundable: Within 30 days

Teens will know that the sunset lamp has been a popular lighting accessory for some time, but this Bluetooth-connected portable light is much more, well, portable. It has a built-in rechargeable battery, so unappealing wires won’t ruin the ambiance when it’s charged up, and they can easily change their minds about its place in their room. They can download the accompanying app on their phone where they can choose from different colors and hues, and even set it up to slowly come on in the mornings before an early alarm. An excellent sleep aid if they're not getting enough slumber. 


7. Morphe Sweetest Tea Artistry Palette: View at Morphe

RRP: £25 | Delivery: 3-5 days | Refundable: Within 30 days

You can’t go wrong by gifting one of the best eyeshadow palettes. Morphe's ones are huge, affordable, and well-known for their durability. A gift voucher for the brand would allow your teen to pick and choose the palettes they like the most, but this colorful mixture of shades is perfect for the Euphoria-style, y2k make-up looks that are all over TikTok. 


8. The Artist's Palette x Reflect Split Liners: View at Glisten Cosmetics

RRP: £40 | Delivery: 1-3 days | Refundable: Within 28 days of delivery

Speaking of Euphoria, these ‘split’ eyeliners are mixed with water to create bright, solid lines on the lids, and the accompanying gems in this set are very Alexa Demie.


9. Avocado Poreless Primer: View at The Beauty Crop

RRP: £10 | Delivery: Orders processed within 1-2 business days | Refundable: Within 14 days of purchase

Avocado is great for skin care because it’s full of healthy fats, which makes for creamy and nourishing products that the skin will love. This primer - to be applied before makeup, helping it to stay on all day - is designed to minimize pores, which can in turn reduce acne while keeping the skin hydrated and dewy. Like all the best primers, it's also a great base for make-up.


10. Drunk Elephant Slaai Make-Up Melting Butter Cleanser: View at SpaceNK

RRP: £29 | Delivery: Next-day available | Refundable: Within 28 days of purchase

Chances are your teen already has a few steps in their skincare routine, but remembering to take make-up off is always important. This Drunk Elephant cleanser doubles as a make-up remover, removing any oil or products (even waterproof ones) from the skin. It’s vegan, free from fragrances, and is gentle enough to be used on the eyes.


11. It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover: View at Amazon

RRP: £9.99 | Delivery: 5-7 days | Refundable: Within 15 days of purchase

Colleen Hoover books have completely taken over BookTok - the section of TikTok filled with book lovers and reviewers - who have even shortened the novelist’s name to CoHo. Hoover’s bestselling 2016 novel is both heartbreaking and heartwarming and is as easy to read as it is affecting. For further reading, the prequel, which picks up exactly where It Ends With Us’s epilogue left off, comes out on October 18.


12. Papier Joy Academic Diary: View at Papier

RRP: £25 | Delivery: 2-3 days | Refundable: Within 30 days

If they’ve just started university or their last couple of years of school/college, your teen might be feeling overwhelmed with academic pressure and impending deadlines. One of the best gifts for students, the Academic Year diaries from Papier have space for timetables, to-do lists, key dates, recipe ideas, deadline trackers, and more. Putting pen to paper when it comes to an overwhelming new schedule is key so they will definitely thank you for this organizational gift.


13. Apple Pencil (2nd Generation): View at Apple

RRP: £119 | Delivery: Next-day available | Refundable: Within 14 days of delivery

Another gift well-suited for studious teens, the Apple Pencil is designed for taking quick notes, annotating documents (such as university reading), drawing and sketching. The pencil works alongside an iPad via Bluetooth, and its settings can be changed with a tap. The sleek design looks grown-up, and there’s an option to personalize the pencil for free with the recipient's name, initials or even an emoji.


14. Converse Chuck 70 Hi-Top Trainers: View at ASOS

RRP: £80 | Delivery: 2-5 days | Refundable: Within 28 days of delivery

Described by a teen we spoke to as “a classic staple”, the Converse hi-tops show no sign of going out of style yet. Comfortable, casual and multifunctional, Converse trainers are suitable for literally all seasons, as they’re lightweight but still sturdy. The black option is the most versatile, but the shoes come in a variety of funky colors.


15. Habitat 3-Cup Cafetière: View at Argos

RRP: £16.50 | Delivery: Same-day available | Refundable: Within 30 days of purchase

Maybe your teen has just gotten into coffee, or they’ve recently moved into university accommodation and they're in need of some kitchen accessories to make it feel more like home. A great gift for coffee lovers, this sleek cafetière is easy to clean and accommodates up to three coffee drinkers at a time - so if they’re living with new flatmates, they’ll thank you, too. 


16. Chilly's Bottle Series 2 Hockney Print: View at Chilly's Bottles

RRP: £36 | Delivery: 2-4 days | Refundable: Within 30 days of delivery

Teens now are generally much more au-fait with sustainable practices and products. At this point, a reusable, refillable water bottle is probably second nature to them, but a top-quality bottle that’s large enough to fill their hydration needs can be a bit on the pricey side. Why not treat them to a Chilly’s, a brand well-known for creating the most durable, stylish bottles? The 750ml is probably the most popular option, but this slightly smaller option won’t weigh their bags down too much and features a stylish collab design that matches House of Sunny’s iconic ‘Hockney’ dress. Chilly’s bottles keep your cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12. A great sustainable Christmas gift for the teen who has everything.

What to get a teenager for Christmas - according to teens themselves

When we spoke to teens about what was on their Christmas wish list, a pattern emerged. Big brands that are known for their reliability came up more than once. An unsurprising favorite was Rihanna’s skincare and beauty brand Fenty, which Taya, 17, from Cornwall, said “is really good for combination skin and oily T-zones”. Eloise, 16, and Anastasia, 19, from Somerset, also both love the brand: Anastasia praised the make-up, because “there’s so many shades and variations, and it’s such good quality. It's also accessible as a drugstore brand, but still considered high-end”. 

Some classic items came up, too: Taya called Converse “the go-to shoe”, while Apple AirPods were mentioned by a couple of our teens; Cara, 17, from Bath, likes that they allow you to walk a fair distance away from your phone and still listen to music.

Elsewhere, thoughtful and unique gifts also came up. Billie, 19, from East London, said they would appreciate a voucher for a manicure, pedicure, or massage, rather than simply a material gift. Saffron, 16, from Kent, said she would be asking for more manga magazines, as "the stories are really interesting", and she feels "part of a huge community" of other teen manga fanatics.

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