The best blankets to wrap yourself in this winter

Gift yourself a little bit of luxury this winter, here are the best blankets to keep you nice and toasty

Women under a blanket
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Blankets seem like the kind of thing that you get when you’re going to university or moving out but pretty much never buy for yourself? Well it’s time to cast away your old scratchy blankets with suspicious stains that you’ve held onto for way too long, and buy something new. 

As the temperature continues to drop and we have to stay indoors, it’s now time to invest in some everyday luxury that you can get real use out of. So here are the luxury blankets that we think are the perfect winter must have...

The trendy blanket

Chunky knit blanket

(Image credit: The Chunky Needle)

This heavy chunky knitted blanket is probably the most popular blanket of 2020. The thick knit and large size make for a super cozy blanket to wrap yourself in. Many avid knitters have been replicating this look in their knitwear, but for those of us who can’t knit, we fortunately have this ready made option from independent British business The Chunky Needle that fortunately ships to the US.

The lightweight blanket

Zara crochet blanket

(Image credit: Zara Home)

This blanket reminds us of a big doily that a grandmother might use and we love it. This crochet blanket from Zara is lightweight and delicate which is perfect for throwing over your shoulders and wearing it like a shawl around your house. It also comes in a green-grey colour that is neutral yet pretty and will most likely complement bedrooms and lounge décor. 

The Kardashian blanket

Barefoot Dreams blanket available at Amazon

(Image credit: Amazon)

Want to feel like a Kardashian but without all the media scrutiny and less of the drama? Barefoot dreams sell a luxury blanket that is owned by most of the Kardashian Klan. Their big fleece blankets have both a high thread count and a high price, and the Kardashian's have been seen using these blankets for years. This blanket is so soft and luxurious that it will have you saying okurrr in no time. 

The weighted blanket

Weighted blanket in navy

(Image credit: Magic weighted blanket)

A weighted blanket is great for those who suffer from anxiety or insomnia. The weighted effect of the blanket can help users feel more secure and find it easier to drift off to sleep. The Magic Weighted Blanket sell a wide range of blankets in a variety of different fabrics and colours, from fleece and cotton to bright pink and pale gray. 

The wearable blanket 

Woman wearing a grey blanket

(Image credit: The White Company)

This blanket from The White Company is so unique! This product is both a blanket and a scarf and made from 100% cashmere, this unbelievably cosy blanket will leave you unable to move from the couch. Although it only comes in one shade of gray (we’d prefer fifty…) the colour is chic and will be the perfect addition to your home and wardrobe. 

The classic blanket

Classic tartan blanket

(Image credit: The Tartan Blanket Co)

This blanket from The Tartan Blanket Company is giving us cottage in the English countryside vibes and we love it. This tartan blanket is made from 70% recycled wool and will keep you warm while reminding you of Scottish men in tartan kilts- a  definite win-win. 

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