The best gifts for runners—from self-care essentials to accessories that they'll actually use

Meet our curation of best gifts for runners, with practical finds for your favorite marathoner or couch-to-5Ker

A collection of the best gifts for runners
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Finding the best gifts for runners can be a challenging task, with so many brands and so many essentials to choose from. Our edit of the best picks may come in handy if you've got a runner in your life and want to get them something special that they'll love, without having to ask them what they like. 

After all, there are so many different types of running out there and everyone takes to running for a different reason. Someone who loves running in the park just to get some fresh air in the mornings will have an entirely different running kit from someone who is training for their first marathon. 

While staying away from buying them a pair of the best running shoes or one of the best sports bras is likely a good idea, there are so many other smaller and larger gifts that every type of runner will love.

Best gifts for runners 2022

What to buy for a runner who has everything

If your runner already has all the best running gear, and doesn't want to turn their hobby into a home aesthetic, opt for a recovery gift. Something like Rituals The Ritual of Mehr Energising Routine (opens in new tab), which will help them continue that endorphin high post-run or help them feel fresh after a marathon.

Other top self-care for runners picks include: 

These all contain a selection of soothing body cleansers, balms, lotions, and more in wonderfully-smelling scents like spicy ylang ylang and bergamot to help elevate their post-run routine. 

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