The Best Clarifying Shampoo

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  • You should be using one every week

    If you’re doing winter haircare right, you’ll be defying the chilly winds and central heating by lacing dry ends with nourishing oils, serums and creams. Perhaps you’re also partial to a blob of gel in a ballerina bun or a hearty misting of dry shampoo when there’s simply no time to lather up.

    Whatever your product of choice, the build-up it creates combined with pollution, hard water and other lurking toxins can leave roots feeling oily and strands looking dull. What’s more, build-up blocks the nutrients in your conditioners and masks from penetrating the hair shaft as effectively, so you don’t see the full potential of your products.

    The solution? Clarifying shampoo, which lifts away toxins, pollution and remnants of products in a way that many traditional cleansers can’t. Use one once a week to press the reset button on your roots, and you’ll soon be enjoying bouncier lengths, a balanced scalp and an overall brighter look.

    Between that weekly detox, wash and condition your hair as you normally would, and you should notice that your former dependence on dry shampoo goes down a notch. The very best clarifying shampoos will help your roots remain cleaner for longer, all without drying out the tips of your hair. Click through for the picks that tick every box…