Best Shampoo On A Budget

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  • Want great hair but don't want to blow the budget? Get started with one of these shampoos...

    Great hair doesn’t have to come at great expense. The best shampoo for you could be two pounds or 20: it totally depends on the person. So what should you think about when you’re looking for the best shampoo for you?

    For starters, what does your hair need? Shampoo sets up the foundations for the rest of your hair care routine, so starting it right is important. If it’s dry, you need something moisturising as well as cleansing (that’s right, your shampoo can do both), to leave it soft and nourished. If you struggle with frizz, this is especially important to help prepare it so it’s manageable and silky once it’s dry.

    It’s also important to pick a shampoo that works with the texture of your hair. Anyone with curly hair knows that those coils and spirals can be a blessing and a curse, but the route to keeping it defined and tamed is simple: moisture, moisture, moisture. So when you’ve got curls, the best shampoo will start adding that moisture straight away.

    It’s also really important to protect damaged hair form the beginning of your hair routine too, especially since the washing process can be rough on it (towels, heat, friction – all natural enemies of silky, smooth hair). Look for a shampoo that’ll help add resilience to your hair as well as protect it from self-inflicted damage (like the curling iron or straighteners… hands up if you’re guilty of over-using those too…) with some built-in heat protection.

    Clarifying shampoo is also a great secret weapon if you use a lot of products in your hair: sometimes a normal shampoo isn’t up to scratch for breaking down all the build up, so washing with one of these once a week can help you keep your hair lustrous and full.

    Whether you want to add gloss, protect from heat or smooth curls, we’ve collected some of our favourite budget shampoos to give you what you need.

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