The 2024 nail trends we can't stop wearing - from colourful French tips to signature reds

These are all the nail shapes, designs and shades that we're seeing everywhere...

Two hands pictured with 2024 nail trends: on the left is a hand with gold and silver rings and a bright red nail look and on the right, a hand with a cream manicure created by nail artists @matejanova/Mateja Novakovic and @gel.bymegan/ in a pink watercolour template
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We're of the firm belief that you never need an excuse to get a new manicure and these 2024 nail trends are providing plenty of inspiration for the seasons ahead - from luxe-looking shades to modern and minimalistic iterations of classic designs...

Regardless of your aesthetic, or whether you favour strengthening treatments like BIAB nails to doing your mani at home, there's truly a trend to suit everyone this year - with a mix of both bold and understated designs entering the zeitgeist. We've already seen soft neutral nails and statement green nail designs take January by storm, along with chic short French tip nail designs, making us all the more excited for what spring and summer might bring.

So, to ensure your talons stay on trend and provide visual inspiration for your next mani appointment, we've enlisted the expertise of Founder and Creative Director of Townhouse, Juanita Huber-Millet; celeb manicurist and Senior Mylee Ambassador, Tinu Bello and Marketing Specialist at Bellacures, Rianna Basurto; to share their predictions of what styles will take this year by storm...

Pictured, celebrity nail artist and senior Mylee ambassador, Tinu Bello
Tinu Bello

Tinu Bello is a senior Mylee Ambassador and celebrity manicurist, who has worked with the likes of Sandra Oh and Anne Marie and has shared her predictions for the top talon trends of 2024.

Pictured,  Juanita Huber-Millet Founder & Creative Director of Townhouse
Juanita Huber-Millet

Juanita Huber-Millet is the Founder and Creative Director of Townhouse - the UK's leading luxury nail care brand - who has shared her expertise and predictions on which nail trends we'll see dominate the 2024 beauty space...

Pictured: Rianna Basurto, Marketing Specialist at Bellacures
Rianna Basurto

Rianna Basurto is a Marketing Specialist at Bellacures - a US-based, luxe Salon brand - who has shared predictions for the upcoming 2024 manicure trends.

Whatever your preference, whether you favour barely-three "lip gloss"-esque nails or bold, 3D designs, 2024 promises trends to suit every aesthetic. So far it seems we'll see a few familiar expensive-looking nail colours continue to dominate, while viral clothing trends will be immortalised in nail form and timeless styles - like French tips - will get a modern twist...

Our 2024 nailcare essentials

While nail trends come and go, one constant is nail care. So, if you haven't already, be sure to add one of the best nail strengtheners to your manicure arsenal, as well as a cuticle and top coat - especially if you're looking to try out any of the below styles...

1. Statement Pastels

While subtle, creamy tones will, of course, return for the spring and summer seasons, A-list Manicurist and Mylee's Senior Ambassador, Tinu Bello says that they'll be sharing the spotlight with vibrant, feel-good pastels.

"While we are still taking inspiration from the classic pastel French tips, and multi-coloured pastel nails, the 2024 trend is going to really look at elevating the colour and design of your mani for that feel-good Spring factor.

"Forget what you think you know about pastels," Bello quips, "while they are traditionally quite low-key, we’re going to see more of a bright take in 2024. Think retro oranges and hot-pastel-pinks. Of course, these pastel colours are best paired with stunning nudes; one of my personal favourites is Mylee’s For Your Eyes Only Gel Polish (at Look Fantastic), as well as bright white, like Mylee’s Break The Ice, (at Boots)."

Bello then notes that these vibrant hues will be seen in, "colourful swirls, pretty flowers and plaid designs." 

2. Liquorice Lacquer

If you're looking for something a bit more modern, black can always be trusted to deliver a chic manicure, especially if you pair it with a high-shine top coat.

As Bello explains, "short, shiny and sleek onyx" looks will be very popular in the coming months and recommends, "adding some 3D embellishments in precious metals, mixing matte and sheen finishes, and experimenting with nail art."

3. Latte nails

Brown is set to be one of the most popular nail colours of 2024, with stylish patterns like Tortoiseshell nails and now, latte nails gaining traction.

"Replicate your favourite hot drink on your nails," says Bello, "think oat milk nudes, caramels, and warm, roasted browns."

As for creating your own coffee-themed manicure: "My favourite caramel latte is easy to emulate, with three easy steps, to create that gorgeous golden-brown swirl! Choose three colours that complement each other. 

"For this look, you’ll want a neutral base to make your top colours pop more. Then pick a caramel and a rich brown. After your base shade is on, take a nail art brush and start swirling your caramel in long, curved motions, creating the design you want. Starting with your lightest colour means that any mistakes can be rectified with the darker shade. Take your next shade, and stick to the same swirl pattern alongside it. Finish with a base coat for lasting shine." 

For those doing gel nails at home, Bello recommends: Mylee's Cream On Top gel shade, Mylee's Caramel and Mylee Not In The Mud gel polish.

1. Minimal French

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As mentioned, minimal short French tips are set to be everywhere in 2024, thanks to their 'Quiet Luxury' appeal. As  Juanita Huber-Millet, Founder and Creative Director of Townhouse says: "The Minimal French is one of my personal favourites - this trend has certainly grown in popularity especially in the past year, evolving from the ultimate classic white French finish to include a variety of colours. This expansion adds a contemporary twist to a timeless favourite."

Indeed, rather than the traditional nude and white combination we often associate with the name, we'll see a variety of bold and seasonal shades applied to this style - and see it adapted to suit shorter nail shapes.

To elevate your own French tip look, Huber-Millet recommends experimenting with different colours, "to achieve the perfect French style to suit your look - I love a bold red French mani for the perfect chic and stylish look!" We'd also suggest adding a French nail stamper (like this one, at Amazon) to your kit.

5. Signature Scarlet

Red nail designs were huge in 2023 and the signature shade looks set to continue its rise. As Bello notes: "It works perfectly for all seasons, as it's so timeless. Deep cherry and merlot reds will be hot as we come into 2024, with tomato and post-box reds dominating the summer months."

Bello also predicts some 'elevation' to our red nail looks with the use of chrome, glazes, matte finishes and high sheen - and recommends Mylee's 'As Red As It Gets' as the perfect red, gel nail shade. 

6. Classic navy

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Navy, like that of black or white, is a staple colour to add to your capsule wardrobe, so it only makes sense that it would be a popular manicure shade too - and it seems for 2024 especially, it's already gaining traction.

So far, we've seen this timeless colour applied to shorter, squared and oval nails and we just love how mature and professional it looks. For a really polished look, we'd recommend topping your chosen blue with a glossy top coat.

7. Nostalgic Florals

Florals are also set to gain momentum in 2024, especially as we approach spring. Bello says: "Nostalgic floral nail art will be everywhere in 2024. It's sunny, uplifting and happy and sparks a lot of joy.

Floral nail art does what it says on the tin. It's the placement of hand-painted, or sticker flowers on top of your colour, or natural nail. It can be a floral border at the cuticle or tip of your nail, or it can be one lone flower, or a spattering of them adorning your mani - the look is customisable to your own preferences."

8. "Balletcore" nails

Both Tinu Bello and Juanita Huber-Millet have tipped Balletcore nails to be a major trend in 2024. 

As Bello says, "If 2023 was all about Barbiecore, 2024 takes it to Balletcore. Think subtle and creamy pinks, frosted nudes, and milky whites, in short and clean shapes. We will see an upgrade to the trend in 2024, with baroque embellishments, a glazed finish, and tiny adornments like bows, flowers, and gems."

Huber-Millet agrees and says that this Balletcore trend, "seamlessly blends sophistication, elegance and grace" and recommends opting for, "shades of soft pink reminiscent of ballet slippers and milky whites."

Bello also notes that "the look is more about vibe than design, so you’ll want to start by asking your nail technician for a sheer pink base and ask them to paint two coats. At home, you can do this with the likes of Mylee’s XOXO shade. Where you take it next is up to you – try a dotting tool to create a lace-up ballet slipper effect, paint a thin stripe of glitter across your tips, add a diamante to your cuticle, or add a glazing shade to mix up the finish, such as Mylee’s Sea Shell."

9. Soft Square/Squoval shapes

Squoval nails were very popular in 2023 for a clean and understated look and will continue to rise in the New Year. 

As Rianna Basurto, Marketing Specialist at Bellacures notes, this shape offers a 'natural appearance' and "suits everyone, at any nail length. Whether opting for longer or shorter nails, soft squares promise easy maintenance and an effortlessly chic look."

10. Sophisticated burgundy

Dark red shades like burgundy have been THE winter nail colours of 2023 and we don't see them going anywhere anytime soon. These wine-like hues are so chic and offer a slightly more muted and minimalistic alternative to statement, primary reds.

When paired with stylish, squoval or square nails, a deep red really elevates your look and is perfect for the office and beyond.

11. Chromes

Chrome is the perfect way to add a hint of shine or iridescence to an otherwise simple nail look. As Huber-Millet explains: "Chrome Nails have been leading the way for two consecutive years and this trend is set to continue in 2024. This chic look is so versatile and suits all nail lengths and shapes."

In the final winter months, we'd recommend pearly chromes or silver, for a chic and icy look.

12. Glazed, part 2

Yes, the glazed nail trend is sticking around for the second year in a row but this time, it's got a little revamp.

Tanjinder Banwait, founder of vegan, halal and strengthening nail paint brand Palette London, says, "As we move into 2024, get ready for a touch of alchemy coming to this popular look. Instead of the minimalist neutrals, the glaze effect will pack more of a punch with a colour and depth upgrade."

Banwait adds, "Firstly, sparkle is here to stay, thanks to an uptick in maximalist beauty trends. It’s breaking free of Christmas and you’ll see glitter-glaze appearing in early 2024 and beyond.

"Secondly, as spring approaches, you won’t be surprised to hear pastels are back in a big way, but this time combined with the glazed effect, which will make these paler colours feel fresh again."

13. Fancy French

It seems French nails are having something of a renaissance in 2024, especially when it comes to the "Fancy French."  

“The classic French style isn’t going anywhere, but it will see a bold upgrade for 2024," Bello explains, adding that,  "Quiet Luxury nude and white tips will be replaced with a rainbow of hues – from pinks, to reds, to yellows, to purples, to blues, to greens. This look will also steer towards a shorter nail length than we’ve previously seen, for a look that’s practical yet cheeky."

To recreate at home, Bello recommends using a stamping tool (like this one from Amazon), "for the perfect line placement."

14. Almond shapes

Alongside squoval nails, classic almond shapes will also be a top pick in 2024. As Juanita Huber-Millet explains, this particular nail style, "creates the illusion of long slimmer fingers and adds a touch of elegance to the hands.

If you love a little subtle nail art, this shape is perfect as it creates an elegant canvas for a variety of looks from French to minimal accents."

15. Aura Nails

Aura nails have flitted in and out of the beauty zeitgeist for a few years now, but Rianna Basurto predicts they'll be back in a big way this year. "This year, expect an upsurge in airbrushed nail techniques, infusing a natural aura look into solid colours."

For those who don't know, aura nails often see a bright hue applied to the centre of the nail, which is then diffused out into a nude or paler colour, creating a soft-focus gradient.

16. Dripping Chromes

We've seen subtle chromes and glazes hit the trends, but Bello predicts that 2024 will see more 3D designs, especially "dripping chromes."

"We've seen chrome accents take hold in 2023, but 2024 will take it a step further, with full 3D chrome manicures, particularly in silver, on a dark base. You can add dimension by playing with nail art to create texture and an avant-garde luxe. Dripping lava-style chrome that snakes across the nail will be particularly hot. In the salon, ask for 3D chrome flames, which they will draw freehand. If you’re trying the look at home, I’d recommend experimenting first with nail stickers as this is easier for a novice."

17. Coquettecore

Building on the Balletcore nail trend, we'll also see the rise of coquette styles - which typically feature pinks and milky whites, as well as bow decals and plenty of pearl accents.

"Bows are everywhere in the beauty space at the moment, and nail artists are embracing this trend with finesse! Adding delicate bows elevates the classic French nail, infusing a playful and feminine vibe," remarks Basurto.

18. Creamy pastels

Creamy pastel hues are also tipped to take the spotlight - especially as we approach spring - and will incorporate a few of the other trends on this list, from glossy lipgloss-like top coats to come finishes.

Basurto names peach as a colour to look out for in 2024 and predicts that we'll see plenty of minimalistic styles and pastels with glazed finishes.