Everyone's wearing neutral nails for a luxury look in 2024 - here are 16 chic designs to recreate

We're obsessed with these warm and subtle neutrals for a clean and most importantly, luxe manicure...

Three hands pictures with neutral manicures, including a brown and cream gradient look, a soft milky pink and a mauve by nail artists @gel.bymegan and @matejanova/ in a cream abstract template
(Image credit: (L) Neutral nails @gel.bymegan (M & R) matejanova/ Mateja Novakovic)

Want to embody all things 'Quiet Luxury' in 2024? These neutral nails are as timeless as they come and will not fail to elevate your look subtly...

A new year often signals change and the chance to reinvent yourself - especially when it comes to your style - and your manicure is a great place to start. Whether you're looking to return to the office with a fresh set of BIAB nails or just an expensive-looking nail colour, in general, neutral hues are the most elegant and versatile shades to wear. 

A simple nude or milky manicure is to your nails what a white t-shirt is to your capsule wardrobe - simple, universally flattering and effortlessly chic. So, to ensure you enter 2024 feeling and looking your best, here are 16 neutral nail designs to suit every day... 

16 neutral nails that offer subtle elegance

A neutral manicure can encompass everything from a soft, baby pink to a warm, autumnal brown, meaning they're perfect for all seasons and occasions. In fact, a muted tone can become a true signature in your nail wheelhouse, no matter your nail length or shape.

 And, a cream or taupe look doesn't have to just be a block shade, there's also a plethora of minimalistic designs to pair with your go-to nude.

Our quick neutral polish picks

To achieve a really clean, neutral look we'd recommend adding a cuticle oil to your nail care routine as well as one of the best hand creams - because we're not out of winter (and thus dry skin season yet) people!

1. Barely-there nails

If you're looking for a chic but really low-maintenance look to start the New Year, a barely-there, nude manicure is the way to go. It's simple but clean and perfect for pairing alongside your work wardrobe and beyond. To recreate, we'd recommend applying two to three coats of your favourite neutral shade, before topping it off with  a high-shine top coat. 

2. Neutral gradient nails

If you're looking for a twist on a basic monochromatic manicure, this warm gradient look is perfect. It incorporates three to four, milky shades that gradually darken from nail to nail. It's simple but effective and will look so cute when paired alongside a cream-knit jumper or a stylish trench coat. 

To recreate, simply select a handful of varying neutral shades that create something of a gradient and apply. Be sure to shape your nails so that they're uniform.

3. Soft grey nails

Neutral doesn't always equal nude,  several muted hues fit into the category of 'neutral', including this soft grey. We'd recommend adding this delicate misty look to shorter, 'squoval' style nails - but it will also suit all other nail shapes perfectly.

4. Milky white nails

If you're looking for a really classic manicure, this is it. Milky white nails are so chic and never fail to add a hint of luxury to your everyday look, plus they're so easy to recreate. Simply select a semi-sheer shade (like OPI's Funny Bunny polish), which will deliver that soft, cloud-like white in just a few coats.

5. Warm nude nails

This warm nude is perfect for everyday and suits all nail shapes, especially squared or almond. It's simple, professional and hassle-free - as you can wear this shade year-round and for any occasion.

6. Classic French tips

Like a signature red nail look, a French manicure is timeless. You can incorporate any neutral (or statement) shade into this simple design but the classic pink and white combination is always a winner in our eyes. To recreate, simply apply a pink or nude base layer and then use a thin nail art brush or nail stamper to add your tip. 

A French nail works for all lengths and you can adjust the width of your tip to suit your nail shape and general preference.

7. Coffee chrome gradient nails

If you're looking for an elevated neutral nail design, we're obsessed with this brown and cream chrome look. As we can see, the creamy blends into a warm coffee hue at the tip and features a wash of shimmery powder overtop. If you want to achieve a similar effect, a sponge will come in handy to create your gradient. You can then add a swipe of chrome powder, before sealing it in with a high-shine top coat.

8. Minimalistic line art

If you want to give your signature nude look a bit of oomph, adding a touch of minimalist nail art is a good way to go. It's easy to replicate with the help of a thin nail brush and looks very clean and chic.

9. Cream nails

Cream, like milky white, is one of those shades that never goes out of style and never fails to look expensive. You can pair it under a pearly top coat for a "Frosted" nail look, or simply wear it solo. It's fresh, professional and perfect for every day. When recreating this look at home, we'd suggest using a crystal nail file and glossy top coat, to ensure your nails look really polished.

10. Muted mauve nails

For more of a statement option, this cool mauve tone is so chic and luxe-looking. It suits all nail lengths but again, shorter nails are in right now, so we'd recommend opting for a similar shape as pictured above. 

11. Vanilla Chrome nails

Glazed nails are sticking around for 2024 and this vanilla variation looks so chic and polished - especially if you have longer nails. To recreate, all you need is a cream shade and a pearly top coat of chrome powder.

12. Chocolate brown nails

Brown nails aren't just perfect for autumn (though we'd definitely recommend this hue for when the leaves change colour again), especially when it comes to this rich, chocolatey shade. Like burgundy and navy, dark brown never fails to look expensive and is the perfect addition to your work and everyday capsule wardrobes. 

13. Five shades of nude nails

Why select just one neutral shade when you can have five? A multi-tonal manicure like this one is an easy way to add interest or change up a simple monochromatic look, without the hassle of intricate designs.

14. Balletcore nails

Ballet-inspired pink has been tipped to be a big nail trend in 2024 and it's not hard to see why. It goes with everything and never fails to look delicate and luxe. 

15. Micro nude French tips

For an even more minimalistic take on the classic French manicure, opt for a micro tip. It's clean, subtle and easy to recreate - especially if you're new to at-home manicures. All you need is a milky white or bright white nail polish and either a nail stamper or a thin brush, to lightly line the edge of your nail.

16. Warm toffee nails

If a dark brown or mauve is too bold for you but pink or cream seems a tad dull, this warm toffee colour is the perfect in-between. It's subtle but stylish and will pair perfectly with your winter knits and long, cosy coats.

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