Lip gloss nails are the newest TikTok trend and JLo's nail artist just showed how to create them at home

Lip gloss nails are taking the manicure world by storm...

lip gloss manicure
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TikTok's newest manicure trend is being hailed as 'lip gloss nails' and Jennifer Lopez just proved it's worth trying. 

Nail design trends cycle through the beauty sphere pretty darn quickly. In the past year alone, we've seen BIAB nails, ombre nails, and metallic manis (just to name a few). But recently, a new trend has poked its head above the surface. Introducing 'lip gloss nails' - a new nail trend that TikTokers, beauty experts, and even Jennifer Lopez, are catching onto. It's already being hailed as one of the top nail trends 2023 has in store. 

A 'lip gloss manicure' can be achieved by using nude and pink shades of gel polish, as well as a super-glossy top coat, to achieve a lip gloss look - and trust us, the results are chic and timeless. 

JLo's manicurist, Tom Bachik, tried the technique on her for the Shotgun Wedding movie premiere and gave us an inside look at how to achieve the trendy manicure.

How to do lip gloss nails, according to JLo's manicurist

Tom posted JLo's stunning lip gloss mani on his Instagram, giving fans a step-by-step guide in his caption on how to achieve the dreamy, jelly nail look.

First, Tom says, nail care is key - and this is true for any manicure. "Prep is key to a longer-lasting manicure. I started first by giving Jen a meticulous mani with my Tom Bachik Ultimate Nail Care Set by Tweezerman," he said in the caption. If you are looking to repair damaged nails, we recommend seeing a manicurist a few times to get your nails in tip-top shape before attempting to achieve any nail art look - because after all, there would be no manicure without a healthy nail as your base. 

Tom then applied GelX tips to JLo's nails - although this step is optional, depending on what length and shape you want your nails to be. For JLo's nails, he created a long, stiletto shape, but this would look equally great as a nail design for short nails, or on short to medium-length squoval nails

Then, Tom reveals the color palette he used to achieve the sheer-nude shade on her nails. "Next I custom-mixed the perfect lip gloss color just for Mrs Affleck. A semi-sheer high gloss nude playing off her skin tone," he said. 

We know what you're thinking: where does the lip gloss come in? Before you get nervous about having sticky fingertips, don't worry - no lip gloss is involved in the making of this manicure, despite what the name implies.

In order to get a "lip gloss" finish, some manicurists recommend dusting just a touch of white chrome powder to the nails, and then a thick, jelly top coat for optimal glossy results. You can also have a BIAB (Builder in a Bottle) treatment to achieve that plump, glossy finish.

When Tom finished off JLo's lip gloss nails, he painted an ultra-thin, glittery French tip nails effect to give the look some extra oomph. 

This trend focuses on enhancing the look of your natural nails, so sticking to a nude or pink that's relatively close to your skin tone is ideal if you want to achieve those jelly-like, yet natural nail vibes. 

Miss Honey Lacquer & Lip Duo by Lights Lacquer, $27 | Lights Lacquer

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The oval stemmed, rounded flat brush helps provide the perfect polished look.

And, one of the great things about lip gloss nails is that, if you stick with a neutral tone, your mani will match with virtually any outfit.

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