The best sex toys for your star sign: buy now for better orgasms

Choosing the best sex toys for your star sign could be the thing you need for a better orgasm...

best sex toys for your star sign
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Looking for the best sex toys for your star sign? Or just after one of the best vibrators and didn't realise your zodiac sign would make a difference to what you should pick? Either way, you've definitely come to the right place. That's because choosing a sex toy based on your star sign could be the thing to help you have a better orgasm. Or, at least a lot more fun in the bedroom.

We asked Claire Asher, product director at Nasty Gal, to share her top tips on what sex toys to pick, depending on your star sign.

Here's everything you need to know... 

Best sex toys for your star sign - what to pick

From rabbits to wand vibrators, love eggs to dildos, there's a huge range of sex toys around, so the choice can be almost endless. And, it doesn't matter if you want to use your toy  solo or with a partner, there is something for everyone. So, why stop at one?

Best sex toys for Aries: butt plugs 

"As a fire sign, you are passionate, ballsy and pioneering," says Claire. "You love to take risks and try new experiences, and where better to try something new than in the sex toy department. A butt plug is the perfect sex toy to keep you engaged and excited by your self-love mission."


Best sex toys for Taurus: clitoral suction buys

"You value intimacy and physical touch above all else, so you need a solo toy that feels as sensual as a two-way sexual experience," says Claire. 

"Clit suction toys provide the feeling of a partner curving their tongue around the clitoris and are more gentle and seductive than vibrators making them the perfect toy for the reliable, stable and grounded Taurus."


Best sex toys for Gemini: rabbit vibrators

"Your curious nature and eagerness to learn means you need a toy that provides a little bit of everything in one," says Claire. "Rabbit toys combine an external vibrator and a G-spot toy – perfect for pleasure seeking Gemini’s who want it all."


Best sex toys for Cancer: glass wands

"As a dreamy water sign, you are compassionate, understanding and romantic, making you a real relationship kind of girl," says Claire. 

"But when you’re single, you need to turn that compassion and love inwards and glass wands are the perfect toy to satisfy your sexual desires whilst also feeling smooth, calm and intuitive."


Best sex toys for Leo: G-Spot stimulators

"You are ruled by the sun meaning you are vivacious and full of life," says Claire. "You’re self-loving, dominant and confident and a big believer in going big or going home. You need a sex toy that pulls no punches and a vibrator and g-spot stimulator in one is the perfect toy to put you in the drivers seat of your own pleasure." 


Best sex toys for Virgo: wand vibrators

"Virgo’s are organised and efficient, so you need a toy that can offer high quality pleasure in a short space of time," says Claire. 

"Wand vibrators are perfect for the practical Virgo as they typically offer intense vibrations, getting you aroused quicker. They can even double up as a back and shoulder massager which for the hard-working Virgo is a dream come true."


Best sex toys for Libra: metallic vibrators

"As the sign ruled by Venus, goddess of beauty, love and pleasure, you highly value beautiful things," says Claire. "A glamorous metallic vibrator is both visually pleasing and offers the intense and intimate self-love you need to thrive."


Best sex toys for Scorpio: vibrator bundle kits 

"As a Scorpio you are the ultimate independent woman who is dramatic, powerful and memorable," says Claire. "But underneath all that you have a sensitive, emotional side, so you need a toy that can satisfy the many different layers of your personality. For example, a kit that combines a rabbit AND a vibrator means you can switch up your sex toys depending on your mood so you’re always ready for pleasure."


Best sex toys for Sagittarius: multi-toy kits

"You’re fiery, adventurous and bold as a Sagittarius, so you need a sex toy collection that allows you to follow your instincts and be unfiltered," says Claire. 

"You hate being contained and are practically allergic to routine, so a multi-toy kit that offers a whole range of different toys for different days is a must."


Best sex toys for Capricorn: dildos

"Ruled by Saturn, aka the ‘task master’, you are ambitious and disciplined," says Claire. "You are also independent, practical and realistic so a classic, sleek and stylish dildo appeals to your goal-driven nature."


Best sex toys for Aquarius: thrusters

"You are a totally unique character who is alternative, eccentric and unpredictable so you need a sex toy that is anything but conventional," says Claire. 

"Thrusters are a type of vibrator that actually move inside you, mimicking the motion of penetrative sex. This weird but wonderful sensation is the perfect sex toy for the thrill-seeking Aquarius."


Best sex toys for Pisces: kegel toys

"As the mermaids of the zodiac, you are super intuitive, faithful and caring," says Claire. "You are deeply emotional and compassionate, so a toy that combines sexual pleasure and emotional wellness is the dream for you. Kegel toys exercise the pelvic floor while also providing sexual pleasure, appealing to Pisces’ artistic and whimsical side."


What his star sign says about his sex style

Just started seeing someone new, or always wondered why your partner does certain things when it comes to sex? His star sign could be the reason why. Here's what his star sign says about his sex style...

  • Aries
    A strong-minded Aries puts 100% into everything. That means he'll be up for anything, such as sex in the shower or sex outside. This adventurous fella is up for it all. But never just suggest lazy sex on the sofa. You have to give as much effort back or he will sulk. 
  • Taurus
    Mr Taurus is caring, affectionate but, sadly, at times he is more dull than other people's holiday photos on Facebook. But foreplay is his forte. He’ll keep going to infinity and beyond to make sure you orgasm. What a buzz.
  • Gemini
    Oh Gem, he’s fun and loves spending time in a group. Can you tell where we are going with this? Yup, if you want an orgy, he’s your guy. Or perhaps a well-thought out threesome or fantasy with someone you trust. Could you be up for it? 
  • Cancer
    Married to someone who is a cancer? The good news is that they are hardworking. He’ll go the distance and likes things to be well-balanced. That means, when it comes to oral sex if he receives, he’ll always give back. Plus, that's perfect for a 69er, too, wouldn’t you reckon? 
  • Leo
    Dating a Leo? Prepare for a big bang. He’ll dive in, so a quickie against a wall will show off all his best moves. Keep him excited by doing it outside. He’s fearless and fast, so sadly not someone who's going to shine when it comes to tantric sex.
  • Virgo
    He’s frugal and loves order so, yes, things can get as dull as endless repeats of Only Fools And Horses. He’ll thrive in missionary (his go-to position) so liven things up with a tingling or warming lube. Make sure its in budget, though. As, you know…
  • Libra
    A Libran is so caring that he doesn’t Instagram his food to show off, but to help people make smart lunch choices in the future. He wants you to be happy, so show him how you orgasm solo and he’ll do it on repeat.
  • Scorpio
    If you’re looking for a no-mess man, then go for a Scorpio! Doggy is best – it’s intense and satisfying, but no drama to get caught up in. Just don’t expect him to spoon afterwards.
  • Sagittarius
    Ever wondered who buys comedy thongs? Yep, a Sagittarius will slip on an elephant trunk for LOLS. Use his confidence to try out some more adventurous bondage gear – he’ll remain upbeat despite any ‘setbacks’. 
  • Capricorn
    A Capri man is organised with high standards. Admittedly, not the sexiest of qualities, but he’s perfect if you want someone to collect a top-of-the-range sex toy, like one of the best rabbit vibrators, on the commute home. 
  • Aquarius
    Talk about dating a man with multiple personalities. He’s ultra-mysterious, so keeping the covers on is a must! But then he wants to be different, so anal or porn is win-win with him.
  • Pisces
    Emphatic Piscean partners will want to make you happy. So, if he asks what you want, tell him you want to explore sex stories and erotic fiction together! He’s creative and imaginative so you’ll have more then one ride around the solar system a night. Phew.

We hope that gives you some inspiration!

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