Best Michael Kors bags to invest in this season according to a fashion editor

We round up the best Michael Kors bags to shop this season

three of the best Michael Kors bags to shop
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The best Michael Kors bags are a worthwhile investment and are a great option for those looking to get a designer bag that is under £500. While the brand has a huge array of styles on offer, its strongest look falls generally under neutral colourways in practical and timeless shapes, making them an excellent choice. 

One of the best designer bags to invest in, Michael Kors bags are often easily recognisable thanks to the label's signature MK logo, which adorns most of the brand's most loved designs. Known for elegant neutral colourways, Michael Kors bags tend to have a strong element of practicality to them, alongside sleek styling that ensures they pair with pretty much anything. 

With a range of different silhouettes in the collection, Michael Kors' tote bags tend to be some of the most loved designs as they are a good size for everyday essentials and make smart work bags. A strong entry point to the label, this designer brand has recognised a gap in the market for luxury accessories under £500 - making its handbags accessible to a wider audience. 

Best Michael Kors bags to shop right now

The best Michael Kors bags promise to not go out of style, and with many of the key signature silhouettes available all year through, you can invest in one of these beauties and be sure you'll get excellent cost-per-wear out them. 

Is a Michael Kors bag worth buying?

The best Michael Kors bags are certainly worth buying. The luxury fashion brand is a regular on the runway during New York Fashion Week and helps to set the trends both within the accessory and clothing market. As with other designer bag brands, Michael Kors bags are worth the investment and with many of the most popular and timeless styles listed above, you can guarantee that these won't go out of style.

While Michael Kors does bring out some bold colour designs, the neutral iterations are the most worthwhile as these will go with anything and everything and are wearable all year through. Michael Kors, although the brand does bring out collections for spring/summer and autumn/winter does tend towards timeless designs, making them even more of a worthwhile buy. 

Is Michael Kors premium or luxury?

Michael Kors is a luxury brand. Although the brand tends to keep its bags as an entry point to the brand - with prices mainly under £500, the label is still considered a luxury purchase, made from high quality materials. 

Michael Kors bags remain extremely popular in 2023. The brand has carved out a strong following of shoppers who love the neutral, timeless designs that the brand produces. The fact that the bags tend to sit under £500 also helps to keep the brand popular as more people can buy into the aesthetic.

If you're looking to bolster a designer bag collection, or make a start on one, the best Michael Kors bags are an excellent place to start. Not as expensive as the best Louis Vuitton bags, but with an easily as timeless aesthetic, you can invest in a quality design treat without the £1000+ price tag.

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