Are teddy coats still in style for 2022? We ask a fashion expert to investigate whether this look is still on trend

Wondering if teddy coats are still in style in 2022, a fashion expert investigates

are teddy coats still in style 2022
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Are teddy coats still in style 2022? A popular outerwear option for nearly ten years now, you'll be pleased to hear this furry fashion friend is going nowhere.

The teddy coat seen as a staple on both the runways and in straight-to-market stores today originated from Italian fashion house Max Mara's teddy coat. Becoming a must-have fashion item in 2013, it was much loved by celebrities from Kim Kardashian to Katie Holmes and Celine Dion, who sent its popularity soaring. The coat has now been reissued time and time again by Max Mara, who said wearing it "feels like returning home." And if you've ever owned a teddy coat, you'll understand what the brand means.

And it is this snugness, combined with its glamorous feel that perhaps explains why it’s become a favorite off the runway and red carpets too. In a season where outdoor temperatures plummet, wrapping up in a teddy coat is like enjoying a big snuggly hug. Resembling a fluffy bear - hence the name - the soft material usually comes from faux shearling. Shaggier than a smooth faux fur coat, teddy coats are a great choice when looking for the best winter coat that feels tactile too. Unlike the other perennial winter favorite, the puffer coat, teddy coats aren’t just super cozy, they also work well with more formal outfits and are a great choice on a night out. Throw them over a slip dress and you’ve got glamour and practicality in one hit.


While they seem to have longevity, you might be wondering are teddy coats still in style in 2022? in terms of this year's coat trends. And as the runways are the barometer to go by, it’s a big yes. In fact, teddy coats are now becoming a winter wardrobe essential. Designers such as Stella McCartney, Isabel Marant, and even Chanel, have all gone furry this season, sending various iterations of the classic teddy coat down the runway. 

The original oversized silhouette is still very much in vogue, however, the teddy fabrication also adorned other silhouettes including cropped bombers, shackets and belted designs, all of which were spotted at shows in the four major fashion cities.

teddy coats 2022 on the catwalk

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“Teddy coats have become a staple winter warmer, so it is no surprise they are still in fashion,” says celebrity stylist Natalie Robinson.  

“Not only do they keep you snug (as a bug in a rug), but they’re the perfect blend of cozy-chic - stylish and snuggly fashion.”

While classic shades of cream and beige are still popular, there’s also now room to show off your personality as designers dip their toes into bright shades, patterns and embellishments.

“Instead of black or camel, consider a teddy coat in hot pink given that pink is super on-trend at the moment,” suggest Natalie.

“But, if you'd prefer to play it safe with outerwear, you could opt for a teddy coat in ‘Very Peri’ or intense purple, the Pantone color of the year, to stand out with a difference.”

It literally is one of the best items you can add to your winter outfit ideas as it can be dressed up or down, all while keeping you warm. When it comes to styling this classic look, Natalie advises keeping things streamlined.

“A teddy coat is thick and chunky, so avoid layering it with a heavy scarf or jumper,” she says. 

She continues: “For extra ease and comfort, consider wearing a fine cashmere sweater or thermal polo-neck jumper underneath a teddy coat. The teddy coat is a statement item so over-accessorizing, for example with layers of jewelry, may ruin its classic appeal.”


As far as the winter 2022 fashion trends go, there is no need to worry if teddy coats are still in style as they are not going anywhere soon. While Max Mara’s original coat is a classic for a reason, there are plenty of others to choose from, for all budgets and styles. If you're wondering if there anything to avoid when it comes to the best teddy coats 2022 has to offer?

“A teddy coat with small pockets or without them at all is an absolute no,” exclaims Natalie.

“It is a functional item of clothing for everyday use, after all, so the deeper and wider the pockets the better, especially for extra items such as car keys, for example, or a mobile phone.”

With all that in mind, here’s our pick of the best on offer right now…

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