Best hair masks to try out this weekend

As the weeks drag on, split ends and lacklustre colour are serving as a niggling reminder of just how long we’ve been living our new, salon-free normal. Enter hair masks...

With social media heaping on the pressure to spend our extra hours in lockdown doing something achingly impressive, like learning to speak mandarin or mastering a sourdough starter, everything can feel a little overwhelming.

Instead, why not spend your time enjoying the things you never normally have the chance to appreciate?

In times of crisis, beauty comes into it’s own. Not as a trivial pursuit in the name of vanity, but as a way to feel good – and most importantly take time for yourself.

Take hair masks. It might recommend on the tub you leave them on your hair for 10 minutes, but realistically, how often do you manage more than two before rinsing?

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Better yet, when do you ever slather on a generous scoop of hair mask, wrap your thirsty locks in a warm towel and let them soak up all that goodness?

With shampoo in one hand, shower gel in the other and one eye firmly on the clock, our beauty treatments can feel like more of a chore than the indulgence they should be.

Hair masks are there to be enjoyed. A thick, gunky treat for tired hair, leaving it soft and swishy – a confidence boost in a tub.

So here are the best masks we love to keep all hair types happy, from thick and naturally curly through to straight and fine.

The best hair masks to try now

Best hair mask for dry hair:

best hair masks

It’s a beauty cliché, but this really does smell like summer in a tub.

Thick enough to feel like a treat, but so much as to weigh down fine locks, it works on all hair types.

The included tangle-timing brush is a big bonus too.

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Best hair mask for oily hair

best hair masks

Good for fine hair, this is silicone free so doesn’t leave your tresses filmy or sticky.

Instead hair feels soft, shiny and smelling like a fancy salon. The tube is far easier to use in the shower than a tub.

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Best hair mask for bleached hair

best hair masks

Unlike your average hair mask, this is designed to be used before shampooing.

Delivering just what it says on the tub, it increases hairs elasticity, meaning it’s bouncier, fuller and less likely to snap at the sight of a straightener.

Slather onto damp hair before enjoying a home workout to heat it up and help it work harder. Although applying, topping with a shower cap and reading a book for 10 minutes works just as well.

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Best hair mask for damaged hair

best hair masks

So good that some keep it for special occasions only.

Formulated with keratin (the protein hair is made from) it’s the treat my heat-damaged hair craves.

Just a couple of minutes is enough to let it work it’s magic, rewarding me with smooth, silky, far more manageable locks.

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So sit back and pop a mask on and let those tresses revitalise themselves...