Are keratin blow-dries worth the money? Our frizzy-haired Beauty Ed investigates…

Brazilian blow drys sound like the perfect solution to the age-old beauty dilemma of unruly, frizzy locks - but do they really work?

Braliz Brazilian blow dry

Struggling to keep frizz at bay? Exhausted by hours spent blow-drying? Although the hair market might be saturated with brilliant products, for persistent hair woes, salon treatments are well worth investing in.

My hair is a double whammy of thick and coarse, meaning not only do I have super-strong strands, but there’s plenty of them too. Not to mention the fact it’s naturally curly, with ringlets on the bottom layers working up to a frizzy wave at the top - meaning I rely heavily on my beloved straighteners to keep my hair sleek, smooth and under control.

Enter Braliz. The next generation of the Brazilian blow-dry, it promises the same long-term, frizz-free results as the traditional service, but with fewer troublesome chemicals, and along with hair botox, it's got people talking (and for those now simply wondering what is hair botox, our expert guide has your answer)

What is the Braliz Brazilian blow dry?

So how does it work? Unlike standard Brazilian blow-dry treatments that rely on potent chemicals like formaldehyde to bond the formula to your hair, Braliz takes a more natural approach. Using Brazilian Botanical Bioactives as well as guarana, cashew and Brazil nut oils, it works to realign the hair fibres, smoothing and repairing the hair cuticle as they go. Frizzy, unruly hair is left sleek, soft and noticeably more manageable for up to three months after the treatment.

How long does it take?

Having had a Brazilian blow-dry in the past that not only smelt strongly of chemicals, smoked when straightened into my hair and couldn’t be washed out for three days, I was cautious about trying one again. But my quest for frizz-free hair, plus the promise I could wash my hair straight away, was enough for me to give it a go.

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Visiting the Richard Ward Salon in Chelsea, my hair was initially shampooed three times before a rough blow-dry. The keratin treatment was applied to my hair in sections in place of conditioner using a small brush (the kind normally used for adding colour), combed through and left on for 45 minutes. Although it had a slight smell, it was far from overpowering, with no itching or discomfort during the time the treatment worked its magic.

Braliz Brazilian blow dry

Next, it was back to the backwash where my hair was rinsed for a full 15 minutes to ensure every trace of the product was gone. Although my hair felt slimy when coated in the keratin treatment, it felt rough as soon as it had been rinsed – leaving me anxious the treatment wouldn’t deliver the results I was hoping for.

Thankfully my hair-based fears were alleviated pretty quickly. With my hair blow-dried and then painstakingly straightened in minute sections, it looked shiny and healthy as soon as the treatment was activated by heat.

The process took just shy of three hours from start to finish for my thick, shoulder-length hair, and would no doubt take longer for longer locks.

How long do the results last?

Three weeks on from my Brazilian blow dry treatment, I’m really impressed with the results and excited to see how my hair behaves during the next three months. Normally I would wash my hair every other day and use my straighteners every single day, but now I’m finding I can go more than three days without shampooing and only need to use heat on wash days.

My hair dries much faster too, and doesn’t frizz at the first sign of rain. It’s a real treat not have to obsess over the weather forecast.

Braliz Brazilian blow dry

What if your hair is naturally curly?

It’s a common misconception that keratin treatments rob your hair of its natural curl, but I’ve seen no loss in spirals, bounce or volume when leaving my hair to dry naturally. Instead, my curls feel softer and less fluffy.

What’s the aftercare process like?

There’s no strict aftercare when it comes to Braliz, although they do advise you to use a sulphate-free shampoo to prolong the effects of the treatment. Using a hydrating mask once a week won’t hurt either.

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In some cases, Braliz can cause the colour pigment in dyed hair to lift slightly, so you might need to revisit the salon afterwards to top up your shade.

Prices start from £250.

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