Our expert deems these the 10 best hair products for humidity in 2024 to stave off frizz and flyaways

The beauty editor-approved styling formulas that will keep hair smooth and shiny – even in stuffy, humid weather

Collage of three of the best hair products for humidity from Oribe, ColorWow and Virtue
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If your hair is prone to frizz, you’ll know it’s not just rain that is an enemy of freshly styled strands – any moisture in the air can wreak havoc. Thankfully, the best hair products for humidity can act as a liquid umbrella for your hair, working to shield it from moisture in the air and preserve the shape and finish of your style.

From a hair perspective, you may find life feels like a constant battle to prevent humidity undoing the hard work of your best hair dryer and best straighteners. Think forecasts of mist, the thick air of a gym changing room, steam rooms, foggy post-shower bathrooms... need we go on? It’s not all doom, gloom and inevitable fluffiness, though, as there are ways to stop hair from reverting to its original state.

“A barrier needs to be created for hair to stop being attacked by humidity,” says hairdresser Michael Douglas, founder of mdlondon. “This is easily [achieved with] styling products that repel moisture and keep it out." For long-lasting results, you’ll need to go beyond one hero product, though, starting with your best shampoo and conditioner through to styling products. “Identifying [your] hair texture, working on the condition and being consistent with your haircare regime will all contribute towards eliminating frizz and flyaways," notes Robert Eaton, creative director of Russell Eaton's Leeds & Barnsley salons and president of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing.

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The best hair products for humidity, reviewed by our beauty editor

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How we tested the best hair products for humidity

To make things as difficult as possible for our best hair products for humidity, we tested them during a month seriously wet weather. Our naturally curly-haired beauty editor judged each product based on how well it stopped her hair becoming a big fuzzy ball of frizz after stepping outside on such a damp day. To bring you a round-up reliable enough to consider risking leaving your umbrella at home, we ensured each one of the products included here performed in the following areas. 

  • Keeping frizz at bay: It may sound obvious, but if fluffy hairs still made an appearance after applying a product, then it didn’t make the list.
  • Not weighing the hair down: As they are often designed with thick hair in mind, some of the best hair products for humidity can be on the heavy side. Ideally, a lack of frizz won’t come at the cost of having your hair slicked against your head.
  • Holding hairstyles in place: Few things are more frustrating than creating a bouncy blow dry with your best curling irons, or after mastering how to use the Dyson Airwrap, only for your efforts to fall to nothing when you step out of the house. A good humidity product will stop moisture from getting in and ruining your style.

Why does hair get frizzy when it's humid?

For those wondering why our hair responds to humidity by developing frizz, we put this to an expert, too. “When you style your hair you essentially heat it up and remove all the moisture,” Michael Douglas explains. “Inside the hair strands, there are sulphur bonds. These break down in water and re-form when the water is removed. So, once the hair has dried and been styled (with straighteners, curling tongs or your hair dryer), those bonds reform at that point.

“If any moisture gets into the hair, there is a breakdown of those bonds and the hair starts to go back to its original, un-styled structure,” he continues. “So, if your hair is naturally curly or wavy, this is when it will start to go frizzy. If your hair is naturally very straight, it tends not to make a massive difference."

Robert agrees that curly hair types tend to be most susceptible to the effects of humidity, adding that they often have more sensitivity and can be more porous. “Hair that is heavily damaged – where the cuticle scales are already quite worn and torn in areas – is also prone to being dry and frizzy," he adds. 

How to choose the best hair products for humidity

Torn between a few of the best hair products for humidity, or can't land on one that sounds like it's your perfect fit? The following factors will help you to decide which one(s) are right for your hair and lifestyle. 

  • Your hair type and length: “If you’ve got naturally frizzy or porous hair, or naturally wavy hair that [you find] quite difficult to control, my advice is to invest in a smoothing cream, which is best applied to your hair before you blow dry,” advises Robert. “The weight in the cream helps to control flyaway hairs. Then I would always perfect afterwards with a lightweight oil to lock in shine and moisture.”
  • Price: Is your hair occasionally frizzy, but not really often enough that it bothers you? Start with a cheaper hair product for humidity – maybe something travel-sized you can take on humid holidays. You can always upgrade to a pricier product or bigger size if your hair becomes frizzier over time.
  • Your current routine: Forget to apply products before blow drying, or simply prefer to let your hair air dry over using a hair dryer? A heat-activated humidity shielding spray will probably just gather dust in your drawer. In other words, choose a product you’re likely to use as part of your usual styling routine – and that fits into it easily. 
  • Streamlining where possible: If you don’t want to apply a cocktail of hair products, try to find a humidity solution that does more than simply repel water – it could have added heat protection or nourish the hair, too.
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