The Best Highlighter Makeup

Want gorgeous, glowing skin? Enhance your cheekbones, brow bones and lips with our pick of the best highlighters and illuminators.

In the wake of the strobing trend – a technique that sees us lift our features using luminous pigments – the demand for highlighter makeup and illuminators has never been higher. Is it any wonder? A subtle daub of these pearlescent creams and powders can undo the visible signs of ageing and too little sleep in the sweep of a brush. Magic, no?

A touch of shimmer can do great things – on cheekbones, highlighter lends a 3D gleam that breathes life into languid skin and subtly defines your contours. On the brow bones it instantly lifts while, nudged above the Cupid’s bow, a dewy glow creates the illusion of a plumper mouth with a more prominent shape.  

The question is, what highlighter should you use? It all comes down to your base makeup, and whether you’re using a cream, liquid or powder foundation. Treat like with like by dusting powder highlighters over powder makeup, and tap a cream or liquid shimmer over a base with a similar texture.

So, are you ready to make your skin looked nourished and dewy with a luminous highlighter? We’ve rounded up the very best for your glow-seeking perusal…

Illamasqua Radiance Veil, £32
Now, isn’t this a pot of joy? Illamasqua has encased the most velvety priming crème in the Radiance Veil, and we almost want to bathe in it. Pinky pearlescent pigments impart a micro fine shimmer that bathe languid cheeks in light, and its plush texture means it easy to buff into your skin. Dab a small, fluffy brush into the pot and gently whip it over your face before makeup, for an almost ethereal effect that flatters everyone.