The Best Under-Eye Concealers For Dark Circles

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  • Hide those dark circles with our pick of the most effective under-eye concealers

    Dark under-eye circles sit in the ‘unwelcome yet inevitable’ category of skin niggles, alongside pores, cellulite and those random chin hairs that wait until you’re in the loo at a party to show themselves. You know the ones. Some suffer more than most, usually thanks to genetics, but as the already delicate skin under our eyes thins further with age, blue-tinged oxygenated blood shows through giving our faces a knackered or, worse, mildly haunted quality.

    That’s the bad news, the good is this gradual darkening has been happening since the dawn of time and make-up itself, so there are tons of great concealers out there that not only cover dark circles with hard-wearing pigment, but de-puff, correct sallow undertones and hydrate the area for an altogether perkier look. Generally speaking water-based loose formulations in long wands are best suited to using under the eyes, while more rigid textures in little pots are the ticket for blemishes, pigmentation, veins or anything else that requires hardcore coverage.

    Whether you prefer a robust going-nowhere cream or looser, liquid formula for easy spreading, there is an under-eye concealer out there that is the perfect foil to your dark circles. Read on to discover a selection of my personal favourites, from new innovations to cult classics and cheap-as-chips steals.