Are You Using Plastic Skincare Products?

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  • The beauty world is shunning man-made ingredients and embracing natural alternatives. Follow suit to reveal clear and healthy skin...

    Would you be shocked to discover you might be exfoliating your skin with small plastic beads? As well as being bad for the environment and polluting our seas and marine life, plastic is much less effective at exfoliating your skin than natural alternatives.

    Originally introduced into face scrubs after randomly shaped apricot seeds were thought to be tearing healthy skin cells, it has since been discovered that plastic beads will barely remove dead skin cells, let alone deeply cleanse pores or reveal soft and radiant skin..

    But, if you feel the differently shaped and rough apricot seeds are too harsh for your complexion, did you know there was a natural alternative that can mimic the plastic beads, but in a much more effective way? Jojoba beads are the secret weapon in all of these natural exfoliators and could transform this step in your beauty routine.

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