The best retinol creams to anti-age your skin and prevent wrinkles

Retinol-based beauty products are known for their power to tackle the signs of ageing and more and more feature ths key vitamin A derivative. Incorporate the wonder ingredient in to your regime today...

First of all, don’t be foxed by the science – retinol is simply another name for vitamin A which is found naturally in the body. The beauty of it though is its ability to connect to any skin cell and encourage the cell to behave like a younger, healthier version of itself.

Retinol is also an antioxidant which means it can help prevent the free-radical damage from pollution and the sun’s rays, which both age skin. Instead, retinol helps to increase collagen production, which makes the skin look plumper.

Originally an ingredient in prescription products for acne and other skin conditions, which sometimes reacted with skin making it irritated and red, scientists have now managed to combine other ingredients to balance out the retinol and create a wonder anti-ageing ingredient.

So with the ability to manipulate cells into behaving differently, reducing fine lines and pigmentation and smoothing skin for a more youthful texture, now’s the time to start hunting out skincare products which contain retinol.

Whether it’s a daily moisturiser, hard-working serum, night-time gel or smoothing lotion, you’ll find the right product for you in our edit of the best retinol skincare buys…


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