10 Natural Beauty Secret Ingredients

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  • You'd never guess the star ingredients in these beauty products - all taken or inspired by nature.

    Here at w&h, we love all the amazing products that the big beauty brands have to offer. Technological advances often mean that those niggly problems like fine lines, uneven skintone and a dull complexion can be fixed with the right serum or moisturiser. 

    But sometimes the trick to a better complexion or smoother skin lies with Mother Nature. In fact, it turns out that there’s a whole slew of natural beauty ingredients that can transform your skin. 

    From a nourishing and anti-ageing oil made from an African fruit to a cream made from caviar that smooths our lines and wrinkles, our pick of the best natural beauty buys won’t fail to impress. 
    Some of these natural beauty ingredients might surprise you, however. Did you know that snail secretion is is an exceptional moisturiser? Already a massive hit in Korea, this unusual ingredient is now making waves here in the UK for its skin-boosting properties. What about snake venom as a natural alternative to Botox?
    But it’s not just about the natural beauty ingredients that these products do use, it’s also about what they don’t. Specifically, nasties like chemicals, additives and parafins. 

    Get ready to give your skin a real treat – the healthy way – with our roundup of the best beauty buys Mother Nature has to offer. Like English grapes!
    M&S have discovered a little miracle buried within the English grapes they use to make their wines. Resveratrol, a natural molecule found in the outer skin of red grapes, contains anti-ageing properties and is a potent anti-oxidant helping to neutralise free radical damage.
    The Active Overnight Oil, £16, is a treat for the skin, helping to neutralise damage during sleep, so you can wake up looking, and feeling, fresh.
    Keep reading to discover more amazing skincare products filled with just good-for-you natural beauty ingredients…