Save a whopping £269 on this highly-rated Simba mattress on Amazon Prime Day

Working at home may mean your items of furniture and rooms in your house have all started to become a bit blurred. Are you guilty for working from bed, or perhaps on the weekends with fewer plans you're languorously reading the paper from there too? Well, if not, then we suggest you use one of these excuses anyway to secure yourself a new mattress. We recommend checking out this amazing deal on the Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress - which is now £285.48, reduced from £555 on Amazon!

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Simba Hybrid Essential Mattress - was £555, now £285.48 (save £269.52),

We all know that Simba mattresses can be expensive, so deals like this are worth snapping up. With a huge £269.52 off, this is a fantastic deal that only lasts for the next two days. And with over 100,000 five star reviews, you don't just need to take our word for it. It recently gained a Which? Best Buy recognition too! With this mattress, there is no need to choose between spring or foam as this Simba Hybrid is the best of both worlds, without compromising on comfort. But, if you aren't happy with it then no need to worry as a 200-day trial is included, as well as a 10-year guarantee. And if you go for a bigger size, we'd recommend pairing with a super king mattress protector to keep your new purchase in the best condition possible.


People have been singing its praises...

"I have a chronic pain condition and a spine problem which made it hard for me to get comfortable at night. Not anymore! It's heavenly! As soon as you lie down you'll feel supported in all the right places. I don't feel hot and sweaty when I sleep on my Simba. I don't sink in either and it responds very fast to any change in position. No more waiting for bumps to even themselves out. I wake up less stiff and achy and since sleeping on it I don't wake up every hour to change position. It just happens naturally while I'm sleeping. Bliss! My only regret: Not buying one sooner. Thank you, Simba!"

That's us sold! No more back pain? Result. Shop the deal here, you know you want to.