Autumn decor ideas: 10 easy ways to style your home for the new season

Explore our simple autumn decor ideas to transition your home styling

Comilatio of autumn decor ideas in a living room with throws, candles and pumpkins on a porch and an autumn wreath on a red front door
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Autumn is the season of plenty and we’ve harvested the best autumn decor ideas to dress your home in style for the new season. 

There’s so much to love about Autumn: the colours, the cosy layers, the golden light and those brisk walks through crunchy piles of fallen leaves, to name but a few, and all these seasonal highlights can be included in your autumn decor. 

From warming interior paint colours and pumpkins to candles and cushions, there are so many ways to add a nod to autumn in your home styling. 

We’ve got ideas to suit all budgets and interior styles to ensure every home feels cosy and well-dressed for autumn.

10 autumn decor ideas for a stylish new season

If you're feeling sad about summer ending, these brilliant autumn decor ideas will lift your spirits and inspire you to overhaul your home decor to welcome the new season – even on a budget.

1. Introduce layered lighting

autumn decor ideas - tablescape with twinkling decor

(Image credit: Lights4fun

As any interior designer will tell you, layered lighting is essential for creating a balanced, appealing and well-lit space. 

A well-thought-out lighting scheme incorporates synergistic 'layers' of ambient lighting (the primary light source that sets the mood), task lighting (practical and functional), accent lighting (draws or directs attention to design aspects eg picture lights) and decorative lighting (primarily chosen for their aesthetic qualities, eg statement lamps or chandeliers). 

In real terms, this could be as simple as adding a table and floor lamp to a living room with a single ceiling pendant. This principle is especially important in autumn and winter as the evenings draw in because a room is not going to feel inviting and cosy if the only light source is the ‘big light’.

Autumn decor ideas for lighting could include fabulous flameless candles, twinkling pumpkin lights and pre-lit LED faux garlands, as seen above. Opt for lightbulbs with a warmer colour temperature to create a cosy ambience.

We caught up with interior stylist extraordinaire, Lucy Gough, who suggested that “safe LED candles with a flickering wick are wonderful to dot around your room and create a cosy vibe."

"Fairy lights are a lovely addition to your home indoors in autumn to help add a twinkling glow - especially when the sun starts to go down earlier. And buying a portable bio-ethanol fireplace that you can move from room to room is a great investment.” 

headshot of interior stylist Lucy Gough
Lucy Gough

In addition to her wildly successful interior styling career, Lucy has been teaching interior styling via her 5* rated online courses since 2020 and her new book is sure to become the go-to source for home styling inspiration and ideas. Lucy is the author of The Home Style Handbook, published by Mitchell Beazley available to buy at Amazon

2. Get cosy with throws and blankets

throws and blankets on a sofa

(Image credit: Superdwell)

Love it or hate it, temperatures are undeniably cooler, with autumn bringing a definite chill to the air. As well as being a money-saving tip to save on your heating bills, the addition of comfy throws and blankets can make your home feel cosy in an instant. 

Opting for throws in tonal shades to match your furniture adds texture, creating a neutral layered effect, whereas bolder throw colour choices will make them pop. 

When not in use, throws can be neatly folded over a sofa arm, adding texture and colour to your interior; if you prefer a more streamlined look, why not steal Lucy’s storage idea “I love the idea of a blanket box ottoman so you can have your extra blankets to hand when you’re lounging on the sofas.”

Our stylist recommends:

Blue Elephant Storage Ottoman at Wayfair

Blue Elephant Storage Ottoman at Wayfair

This 91cm wide storage ottoman is the ideal solution to provide sufficient space to keep blankets on hand at all times. The stylish button-top design is ideal for living rooms and bedrooms alike.

3. Embrace the colours of the new season

autumn colours in an interior room scheme - autumn decor ideas

(Image credit: Superdwell)

There’s no doubt that the colours of autumn evoke feelings of comfort and cosiness. Reds, oranges, browns and yellows make us think of fallen leaves, pumpkins, gingerbread and fiery autumn sunsets. Incorporating these hues into your interior schemes will have the same effect. 

These beautiful colours are some of the best living room paint colours and work with so many interior styles; the trick is matching the shade and saturation to your scheme. 

Neutral lovers who prefer the quiet luxury approach could opt for an accent of chocolate brown by introducing some walnut-hued wood ornaments or display bowls to a coffee or console table. 

In contrast, colour-loving maximalists might opt for fiery yellows and burnt oranges in the form of cushions, as seen in the image by online personal interior design agency Superdwell, or lampshades. 

A fresh lick of autumn-influenced paint could transform your room if your room is due for an overhaul. 

4. Remember room fragrance

White living room mantle piece with autumn decor ideas with scented candles

(Image credit: Future)

Don’t forget room fragrance to scent-scape your home when planning autumn decor ideas; the more senses you can involve, the more effective the results will be. 

Embracing a signature seasonal scent will amplify the effects of your styling and elevate your interiors. You'll be spoilt for choice with so many enticing and appealing autumnal scents. Many of the best-selling White Company scents are ideal for autumn ambience. 

Typically, warming and cosy scents for the season are vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg, orange and cedarwood, but experimenting with new fragrances is half the fun.

Add an electric or reed diffuser to complement your favourite candles and keep the fragrance levels going while your candle isn't lit. Alternatively, candle warmers are a safe way to get the best from your candle without the risk of a naked flame, which is great for those with kids and pets to contend with. 

5. Add awe inspiring autumn wreaths

autumn decor ideas autumn wreath

(Image credit: Sarah @Shipponbarn)

Wreaths are not just for Christmas, in fact, there’s a wreath to accompany most seasonal celebrations and autumn wreaths can be some of the prettiest autumn decor ideas.

Similar to a Christmas wreath adding an autumn wreath to your front door is a great way to welcome both the new season and your guests and they can be shaped to suit any style. 

If you prefer a relaxed approach to home styling, you could make your own wreath with foraged foliage, adding lots of asymmetrical details and wispy stems. If neat and ordered is your thing, keep the wreath tight and uniform and balance any additions like flowers or ornamental pumpkins so they are placed evenly around the wreath. 

If you’re pushed for time or don’t enjoy crafting or floristry, plenty of ready-made autumn wreaths are available in homeware shops and supermarkets. The stunning wreath pictured belongs to Sarah, the creative behind the popular Instagram account @shipponbarn. Sarah regularly shares inspiring home styling projects from her beautiful country-cottage-styled barn conversion. 

6. Display an autumn mantle masterpiece

Bright autumn mantle arrangement for autumn decor ideas

(Image credit: Claire Douglas @clairedouglasstyling)

Seasonally decorated mantles are a great way to celebrate the changing season in your autumn decor ideas, just look at how transformative Christmas mantle decorating ideas are. 

Mantles are often the focal point of a room, making them the perfect place to style some flowers or foliage. People often assume an impactful mantle arrangement will be expensive, but this needn't be the case. 

I shared the tutorial on my blog for the mantle arrangement shown, whipped up on a super low budget of under £20.

 The key to success with cost-effective flower arranging is to be resourceful and think outside the box. I repurposed old faux flowers, some of which I spray-painted in autumnal hues and foraged lots of foliage to add volume, texture and colour. Once you start thinking creatively, your imagination is the only limit. 

7. Create an autumnal tablescape

autumn decor ideas autumnal tablescape

(Image credit: Claire Douglas @clairedouglasstyling)

Tablescapes are a brilliant way to embrace the season and elevate your dining experience. Autumnal tablescapes can incorporate all the aspects we’ve looked at so far: the beautiful colours, and the elements of nature like fallen leaves, pinecones and pumpkins. 

Add faux or foraged stems in striking colours and candles to create a captivating display to wow your diners when entertaining friends.

If you prefer to keep your table space for the important bit - the food, then a few simple seasonal touches will be perfect, or you could consider using the space above the table by creating a flower cloud suspended from the ceiling. 

Other options include a table centre-piece styled with striking seasonal flowers and candles with ornamental pumpkins.

8. Invest in quality faux flowers and foliage

autum decor ideas autumnal faux arrangement

(Image credit: Ashlee Jane - The Suffolk Nest)

Good faux flowers are not only a great way to make a room look expensive on a budget, they also help to add seasonality. A striking arrangement of earthy-toned, realistic-looking autumnal faux foliage is a great investment that can be used to style your home year after year.  

Ashlee Jane, best-selling author and founder of The Suffolk Nest, a fast-growing and successful floristry company, knows the power of flowers and has channelled this knowledge into curating a stunning autumn collection of faux and preserved stems. 

Ashlee regularly hosts live floristry demos and tutorials on her Instagram account and has written a book, House of Flowers: 30 Floristry Projects to Bring the Magic of Flowers Into Your Home at Amazon, to help people take their floral home styling skills to the next level. 

Adding foraged foliage to your faux arrangements is a great way to change the look each time, or you could change up the vase, as this will change the shape and size of your display. Opt for a mixture of burgundy, green and brown for a dark and striking look, or add pops of orange or yellow for a more energising effect.

9. Pick up some pumpkins

autumn decor ideas pumpkins on wood

(Image credit: Boxwood Home Interiors)

Would they even be autumn decor ideas if we didn’t talk about pumpkins?! Pumpkins don’t need to be clichè or tacky – a huge selection of stylish and understated pumpkin decor is available. If you know where to look, there is something to suit every interior style. 

The porcelain pumpkins pictured are from the fabulous autumn range of Boxwood Home Interiors, “a family-run home decor shop dedicated to helping customers discover their own design personality.” 

Pared-back pumpkins are perfect for those favouring more neutral colour palettes or minimalist styling and could be used singly or as a group. They would also look great in bold colourful homes and could be used to style shelves or adorn coffee tables. 

10. Don't overlook kerb appeal

autumn decor ideas pumpkins decorating a porch and front door

(Image credit: Lights4fun

Extending the range of your autumn decor ideas to include the outside of your home is a great idea. Visitors will appreciate the seasonal touches as they arrive and leave, as will passers-by and neighbours. 

Tasteful additions to the entrance of your home such as an autumn wreath and garland, will lift people’s spirits and are sure to spark conversations. Choose a design that compliments and enhances the colour of your front door.

Pumpkins are an obvious choice for creating autumnal kerb appeal and can be accessorised with tall storm lanterns and church candles. Ensure any real candles with naked flames are safely contained within a lantern and stick to LED candles for the doorstep.  

The attention to detail goes a long way when it comes to making the exterior of your home look expensive on a budget.

How can I decorate my house for autumn?

As we have seen, there are numerous ways to decorate your house for autumn, aiming to make your space as cosy and inviting as possible. Layer up throws and blankets for a warm, snuggly sofa. Add seasonal foliage to mantles for an autumnal focal point in your room. Create a seasonal-themed tablescape with autumn stems, candles and accessories. 

Autumn wreaths are a great way to add colour to a wall or door and when it comes to the front door and surrounding area, the addition of autumnal garlands, candles and pumpkins can create an eye-catching display. 

Remember to switch up your room fragrance to make your home smell deliciously seasonal by including warming and spice-infused notes. 

Layer up your lighting to create a softly lit, cosy sanctuary to retreat to. Considering all these gorgeous autumn decor ideas, it’s easy to see why this season is so many people’s favourite. 

Claire Douglas

Claire is a DIY and home interior writer specializing in budget room transformations, creative DIY projects, and resourceful home styling. Claire runs the popular home interiors blog ClaireDouglasStyling and shares all her DIY tips, tricks, and behind-the-scenes styling insights on her Instagram and Tiktok accounts. When she's not writing, Claire enjoys foraging for flowers and foliage and experimenting with interesting materials and decorating techniques to incorporate into future interior schemes; micro cement and postal tubes were a recent unusual but triumphant pairing. In her spare time, Claire enjoys creating floral installations for her home...the more bonkers the better!