Weekend Menu for Entertaining Friends

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  • Entertaining friends this weekend? Give one of our recipes a go - we've got everything to ensure your dinner party goes off without a hitch, including starters, mains and desserts everyone will love

    Expecting friends this weekend and unsure what to cook? We’ve got so many superb recipes for you to try that will leave guests really impressed, but wont take anywhere near as long as you’d expect, to cook.

    Roasts are always a big hit when you’re entertaining and they’re especially easy to make, as once you’ve done all the prep you don’t have to worry about them too much once your meat is in the oven.

    Casseroles are also a great choice as they’re low-hassle too and while they’re cooking you can either get on with the starter or dessert. They’re also perfect for a weekend dish as it takes quite a long time for all the flavours to come together and for the meat to tenderise. Particularly during the week when we’re short on time, casseroles or stews aren’t ideal, so why not get cooking on the weekend.

    Try this venison casserole with button mushrooms (pictured). It makes a pleasant change to a classic beef casserole and because it’s leaner, venison makes for a slightly healthier meat option. When it’s been cooked for a few hours it not only infuses with everything it’s been cooking with but it becomes melt-in-the-mouth perfect too. We love how tender the venison becomes in this casserole and it goes great with the button mushrooms.

    In the way of desserts, why not try a rhubarb and lemon tart or a really classy chocolate mousse cake that’s got plenty of seasonal fruit and berries heaped on top. We’ve got a huge selection of really classic desserts and more elaborate show-stoppers to really wow guests this weekend.

    Whether you want to cook a vegetarian, meat or fish dish this weekend for friends and family we’ve got everything you could ever need for a wonderful evening of weekend entertainment.

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