What kind of bed sheets keep you cool? Sleep experts offer sound advice

Trying to keep cool while you sleep in the heat? Here's why you might want to invest in new bedding

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One of the main disadvantages of summer heat is the dreaded sweaty sleep routine that comes with it. Battling with humidity and heat can make getting a good night's rest seem impossible, so what can you do? 

After longing for hotter weather, we're often left rather regretful when it finally arrives and has us panicking trying to keep the house cool without AC. Whilst sunshine is a welcome change, a heatwave will leave you wondering how to sleep in the heat to feel well-rested. 

It turns out you can keep a bed cool by having some of the best sheets for temperature regulation. This simple change is a key solution to eradicating the problem of overheating, but what are the best sheets for keeping you cool? 

What kind of bed sheets keep you cool?

When it comes to keeping your bedroom cool, choosing the right bed sheets that will regulate your temperature through the night is the best course of action. Breathable sheets are one of the best sleep aids for the summer months. 

So what kind of bed sheets keep you cool? "Temperature-regulating bedding materials like moisture-wicking sheets go a long way in keeping your bed cool during summer nights," explains Hafiz Shariff, founder of sleep wellbeing company Owl + Lark. "Along with a breathable mattress protectors."

He explains that lightweight, natural fibres like linen or bamboo promote better airflow and heat dissipation. 

Hafiz continues, "Using this in combination with a cooling mattress pad or topper can provide you with a really refreshing surface to sleep on."

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Does changing your bed sheets for the warmer weather really work?

Similar to the ways knowing expert fan hacks can help with cooling your bedroom down more, changing your sheets to accommodate the warmer weather can make a huge difference. 

"Natural fibres are essential when choosing pillowcases or sheets," says Georgia Metcalfe, founder and creative director at French Bedroom. "Cotton, linen, and silk sheets have breathable qualities which cool down your skin at night, as well as absorbing your sweat and drawing it away from you, helping it to evaporate." 

The sheets you sleep in will have a significant impact on how you sleep, even down to their scent. She explains, "Lavender-scented sheets have the aromatic power to calm and aid sleep, so if you find yourself getting irritated at not being able to fall asleep, which in turn keeps you up for longer, these might be the dream sheets for you."

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Can cooling sheets help with night sweats?

If you particularly struggle with night sweats, whether that's from peri-menopause, menopause, medical treatments or simply just your body's regular temperature then having specialist bedding can help. 

"I believe bed sheets designed to keep you cool can be particularly helpful for individuals experiencing night sweats," says Hafiz. "The moisture-wicking properties of bamboo or linen sheets can help regulate your perspiration levels, keeping you dry throughout the night."

He also recommends combing these types of sheets with appropriate bedding and sleepwear, he says, "These sheets can almost instantly alleviate the long-standing discomfort associated with night sweats." 

Our homes editor Tamara Kelly recently discovered how wool bedding can keep you cool, confident enough to say it's 'changed my life.'

Why not invest in one of the best cooling mattresses while you're upgrading your summer bedding and a pair of the best pyjamas for night sweats? As explained above, using the two together gives your body an even better chance of cooling down and getting a better night's sleep

As we've mentioned above, it's not only heatwaves that can make you feel too hot to sleep so cooling bedding is always a good idea to aid a comfortable night's rest.

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