Now I understand why they say wool bedding keeps you cool, it's changed my life

Wool keeps you warm in winter but it also keeps you cool, especially in the summer – as I've recently found out for myself

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It may sound counterintuitive but wrapping yourself in wool is the secret weapon for keeping cool, just as much as it is for keeping you warm. 

How can that be I hear you ask? It is thanks to wool's exceptional ability to regulate and maintain temperature, an attribute that is unmatched by alternative materials used for bedding. Wool is the wonder material that regulates your body's temperature at both ends of the scale – hot or cold.

Even when you don't have one of the best cooling mattresses there's hope because a wool mattress protector or topper is enough to improve the cooling effects of your existing mattress. I can write this with certainty because without sounding dramatic having wool bedding has quite literally changed my life in recent months.

Why wool bedding keeps you cool: an expert explanation

As someone prone to night sweats in recent years, I can sympathise with those who sleep hot and look for ways to keep cool even outside the highs of summer conditions. The solution is wool bedding, as I've only recently discovered by trying it to cure my sleep issues. 

I was lucky enough to meet Chris Tattersall, a professional sleep expert and MD of Woolroom who explained to me first-hand how the properties of wool could improve my overheating sleep issues. 

While Chris would probably be happier if everyone slept on a wool mattress he is conscious that the new hybrid memory foam mattresses are a popular choice so many are already committed. However, as he explained to me, any mattress can be improved to help keep you cool with the help of a wool layer. 

"One of the standout features of wool is its exceptional heat regulation properties," says Chris. "When used with memory foam mattresses, which tend to trap heat, a wool topper or even a protector can effectively manage temperature by wicking away moisture and allowing for better air circulation."

"This helps to create a cooler and more comfortable sleeping environment, especially during warmer months." This is because, unlike synthetic materials or even popular feather and down fillings, wool can transport moisture away from the body and regulate your temperature – keeping you comfortably cool in the summer. 

Chris Tattersall Woolroom MD
Chris Tattersall

Chris Tattersall is a Sleep Environment Expert and has been developing and selling sleep-related products since 1997. Since 2012, Chris has been Managing Director of Woolroom, developing the brand into the most recognised destination for natural and healthy sleep. In 2016, Chris worked with the Australian Wool Institute (AWI) and Campaign for Wool to look at the effects of wool on sleep. He also conducted work with Allergy UK in 2014 to study wool bedding’s impact on allergies. 

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I'll admit I was sceptical because my overheating was so bad – occurring four, sometimes five nights a week with me waking up and having to get changed and lay a towel on my bed, a highly unpleasant experience that was ruining my sleep routine and causing great distress.

So far it's been five months of sleeping on a wool mattress protector with a wool pillow and I haven't had a single night sweat since - and the only thing I've changed is my bedding – not my lifestyle or diet.

On the first night, I still woke up at the standard 4 a.m. on the dot and although I felt hot I wasn't anywhere near the point of sweating. But after this initial transition on the first night, I haven't woken up since. Game-changing. 

I'd started questioning if a cooling mattress would work despite my own Eve hybrid mattress only being a few years old, and now I know that all I needed was a layer of wool bedding to feel the cooling benefits.

My colleague Emily who carried our Woolroom Deluxe mattress topper review reveals: "Before I had my wool mattress topper, I was really struggling with overheating which would cause me restless nights. Since sleeping on the wool topper I have noticed a massive difference in how my temperature is regulated throughout the night and my body stays cooler for longer even in the summer."

Wool bedding to keep you cool

In 2016, Chris initiated and oversaw research with the University of Leeds to monitor the moisture management of wool versus other fibre types. The research found wool bedding allowed 43% more moisture transmission than polyester, and 67% more than feather and down over a typical 8-hour period. 

Evidence that choosing natural materials, like wool, is key for keeping your body at the perfect temperature as you sleep as it promotes airflow. 

In addition to keeping you cool, Chris stresses how a wool mattress topper vs a mattress protector, is highly practical in more ways than one to help determine if you need a mattress topper. “A wool topper is essential for every type of mattress due to its myriad of benefits, including..."

  • Extending the life of your mattress: Despite inciting Simba mattress deals you might not be ready to invest in a new bed base, and that's where a wool mattress topper can save the day. "It can significantly extend the longevity of a worn mattress by providing an additional layer of cushioning and support," says Chris. "This not only enhances comfort but also helps maintain the shape and structure of the mattress." Adding valuable time to how long until you need to change your mattress.
  • Providing welcome relief from discomfort: "Wool toppers are particularly beneficial for those struggling with back pain or discomfort caused by different sleeping positions," Chris explains. "The natural crimp and resilience of wool helps distribute body weight evenly, providing support where it is needed most. This can alleviate pressure points and promote a more restful sleep."

"Overall, whether you have an old mattress that needs a boost, or you’re looking to enhance the comfort and support of your current mattress, a wool topper is a versatile solution that can improve your sleep quality and provide lasting benefits."

So often in summer, we look at how to keep a bedroom cool with fans and blackout blinds and give less consideration to the fact that our sleep foundations could be making us hotter. 

Of course, like myself, not all heat-related sleep problems are solely caused by external temperatures and therefore it's important to seek materials that can help our bodies regulate our temperature better. Wool is the proven material to do just that. 

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