5 style rules of the 'quiet luxury' trend making interiors feel expensive

Explore the 'quiet luxury' trend, uncovering the style secrets behind crafting a considered home that feels more luxe

neutral living room with quiet luxury trend decor of curved furniture, calming colors and tactile materials
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Unless you've been taking a social media hiatus for the past few months you won't have escaped the 'quiet luxury' trend, that's fast becoming the overarching theme of all things style-related in 2023.

Originating from the stealth wealth 'Rich Mom' fashion trend the ideology is now a key interior design trend for 2023 where the desire is to create laidback luxury that offers an enduring sense of style.

Calming interior paint color trends and pared-back furniture choices all feed directly into the 'quiet luxury' trend by creating an effortlessly chic home that feels luxurious in design, without feeling ostentatious. 

What is the 'quiet luxury' aesthetic?

The term 'quiet luxury' for interiors refers to taking a more modest approach to luxury design. The overall aim is to create a sophisticated aesthetic that reservedly whispers luxury, rather than one that screams extravagantly expensive and OTT – despite being a look that instantly makes a home look more expensive the approach is always subtle. 

Personally, I see it more as an interior movement than merely a 'trend' because longevity is at the very core, an interior scheme that turns its back on fast fashion, instead seeking a timeless appeal in all aspects. This pleasing aesthetic is not going to go away anytime soon and therefore feels like a reassuring way of creating a more considered home to last for years to come.

"The ‘quiet luxury’ aesthetic has, somewhat ironically, entered the interior stratosphere anything but quietly," says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy's trend expert. "First seen on the runways, the trend has quickly made its way into our homes. However, unlike many trends we see, this one is arguably not even a trend at all – it’s less about a specific look and more about creating an atmosphere that is timeless and evokes a feeling of understated elegance."

"The aesthetic really focuses on making every moment and every corner of your home matter and incorporating quality, well-crafted pieces that stand the test of time."

quiet luxury style kitchen with white cabinets and wood paneling

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While bold color trends, maximalist wallpaper trends, and 70s-inspired interior design are all trending at one end of the scale there’s also a staggering amount of homeowners seeking subtle sophistication for their interiors. There are those who have coined it 'minimaluxe' with the idea that it takes a minimalist approach to luxury.

Whatever you choose to call this understatedly chic interior, here's how to get the look in your own home...

5 key 'quiet luxury' interior design rules

Explore how to champion 'quiet luxury' in your home to craft a timeless decor that oozes a subtle sophistication that feels opulent, not ostentatious.

1. Set the tone with soothing shades

collage of two neutral quiet luxury trend color schemes in a bedroom and living room

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As with any decor, this look is very much dependent on getting the color palette right. The tonal color palette to encapsulate ‘quiet luxury’ is a pared-back one, primarily made up of calming neutrals and the best white paint colors to create a simple canvas to build upon. 

That’s not to say accent colors are not welcome – merely that if there are additional pops of color incorporated those shades are more saturated and subtle, rather than bold and bright. The accent tones within this luxurious look are more like highlights and hints of natural pigment rather than out-and-out color trends. 

Similar to the Japandi design trend the accent colors are primarily those inspired by nature, so they feel more natural and in keeping with the quiet color scheme. Working with a soft color palette is also integral when looking at how to create a stress-free home, which this trend also taps into perfectly.

“Opt for a natural, soothing color palette," says Lick’s trends specialist, Matilda Martin. "A 'minimaluxe' color palette takes its inspiration from nature’s neutrals; the colors found in sand, stone, soil, and wood. On your walls, go light and airy with whites or earthy and grounding with beiges, taupes, and greiges. Bring in warmth through richer wood tones, textured stones, and ceramic finishes. The key is to keep things neutral and tonal.”

2. Keep things simple

quiet luxury style living room with formal soda and chairs set up

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Most, if not all, luxury properties take a more minimalist approach to the decor and layouts. 'Quiet luxury' is no exception, as it encourages curated investment pieces that deserve more recognition, and as a result, less really is more.

A key ethos behind the ‘quiet luxury’ trend is to take a more minimalist approach, paring back visual clutter in order to give fewer items more room to breathe and therefore feel more considered within the space. 

Decluttering your home is essential to ensure the space doesn't feel overwhelmed by the sheer weight of 'stuff', from furniture and accessories to personal possessions. Employing good home organization ideas is key to maintaining a more minimalist approach to living. 

Having fewer items means you can invest in better, making each and every accessory count in visual value to curate a more considered decor where every element is on show. 

3. Incorporate rich furnishings

quiet luxury style living room with neutral color scheme with warm natural accent colored cushions

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Material matters when you’re looking to emulate a look of unrivaled luxury and an irresistible tactile quality. From elegant matt velvets and chenilles to soft silk and irresistible linens and boucle, this trend welcomes soft furnishings that innately ooze opulence. 

Whether used as drapes at the windows or as scatter cushions and bed linens the key is to incorporate layers of plush materials that look expensive due to their makeup. Even in the pale color scheme luxury fabrics provides a certain level of sheen and tactile appeal that you simply don’t get from flat weaves.

"The key to 'minimaluxe 'is creating a tactile space," says Matilda. "Layering natural materials adds texture, warmth, and depth to rooms with neutral color schemes. Opt for soft textures like bouclé and linen in your upholstery, untreated wooden tables with a rugged appearance, and durable materials like marble to elevate and ground your space."

When it comes to adopting the 'quiet luxury' trend in the bedrooms it's worth investing in the best sheets to ensure the basics feel luxe. These small touches are key for making a bedroom feel like a luxury hotel, with minimal furnishings helping to make the bedroom feel more expensive.

4. Take a soft approach when choosing furniture

Contemporary living room with quiet luxury aesthetic and curved designer look furniture

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When it comes to furnishing the interior space this luxe trend benefits from softer furniture, rather than harsh angular designs that feel too brutalist within the space.

From curved couches with rounded edges to circular coffee tables and waterfall-edged consoles and sideboards the approach to furniture is all about creating a gentleness so the layout flows more freely. No one piece feels clunky and juxtaposition to the other, the entire room should flow effortlessly and feel more curated.

5. Choose investment fixtures and fittings

Neutral decorated bedroom with wooden window shutters to show how to get the quiet luxury aesthetic in any room

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When it comes to fixtures and fittings this trend celebrates making wise investments to elevate the overall decor. It's about making every small detail count, therefore investing better to make even the little touches more of a focus. Upgrading the small details is an ideal way to make a kitchen look more expensive.

In terms of making a living room look expensive or even a bathroom, consider shutters. Shutters are the luxury window treatment that instantly exudes a level of luxury and therefore is the ideal way to welcome a touch of luxury to any room with a view.

 They may be more expensive to install but the investment really shows and will stand the test of time, after all, shutters are a design feature that adds value to a house.

The smart painted finish not only looks elegant, but the shutters are also ideal for providing unparalleled levels of privacy. 

“Window Shutters exude a timeless and sophisticated charm that aligns well with the quiet luxury interior trend,” says Sam Tamlyn, managing director at California Shutters. "Shutters are great for adding a refined touch to the overall decor, enhancing the sense of luxury throughout the room.” 

“They can be customized to match various architectural styles and come in a range of elegant finishes, including rich wood stains, classic whites, or custom colors."

Best of all you can welcome luxe-look drapes to frame the shutters to add an extra layer of decadence to the overall aesthetic of any room.

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