These are The White Company's best-selling home scents of 2023

Love scented candles, diffusers, and room sprays? Then look no further than these best-selling home scents by The White Company – including 'the scent of Christmas'

A compilation display of the best White Company scents for the home including fragranced candles and room sprays
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When it comes to buying the perfect gift for that certain someone who has everything you can't go far wrong with a much-loved home fragrance, because you can never have enough – and the best-selling The White Company home scents are some of the finest around. 

The collection of divine home fragrances offers a winning solution to beautifully scent-scape every room of the house, from prestige best-scented candles and reed diffusers to intoxicating room spray there is a must-have best-selling scent for all spaces.

And now, dropping temperatures mean it's hard to resist the urge to curl up on the sofa and cocoon ourselves in calming scents, even more so with the promise of White Company Black Friday sales on the horizon.

Here are the fan-favourite home scents to inspire you, whether you're buying for someone else or treating yourself...

Best-selling White Company home scents 

The White Company has tapped into the Zeitgeist of home scents with some of the best Christmas gifts for home fragrance lovers – including signature seasonal notes of cinnamon and clove for those who love to embrace the season and make a home feel cosy, to scents that transport the senses to faraway climes, there's a scent to suit all moods.  

1. Winter Home Scents

Table with a white table cloth displaying Best-selling The White Company home scent Winter as a diffuser, large and small candles and room sprays

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It's unsurprising to see that the alluring aroma of Winter fragrance is currently the best-selling White Company home scent because the heady mix of cinnamon, clove, and orange is just the tonic to welcome a comforting warmth into our homes during the darker months. 

The Winter collection is loved all around the world and often described as ‘the scent of Christmas’. “The heavenly scent of our Winter range has become truly iconic," says Chrissie Rucker, founder of The White Company.

Like all of the seasonal aromas, this is a signature scent that gets 'rested' and brought back year after year due to demand. 

"This year, it comes in lots of exciting iterations. From tea lights ready to pop into beautiful holders to our giant Indulgence Candle that burns for up to 200 hours, there’s something special for everyone in this range. For me, Christmas isn’t Christmas without Winter,” says Chrissie fondly.

Chrissie Rucker OBE
Chrissie Rucker OBE

Chrissie founded The White Company nearly 30 years ago, one of the UK’s leading lifestyle brand. Chrissie was awarded an MBE in 2010 and in 2018 an OBE both for her services to retail.

Chrissie is a Gold Patron of The Prince’s Trust where she is the Founding Gold Patron of the #ChangeAGirlsLife Campaign for Women Supporting Women. Chrissie’s White Heart Foundation launched in 2014, to help vulnerable women and children build a brighter future. Chrissie is also a proud ambassador for Everywoman.

2. Seychelles Home Scents

best-selling The White Company seychelles scented candle on a rustic tablecloth next to seashells

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For those looking for a home fragrance that transports the scenes to sunnier climates, the Seychelles scent is just the thing. The team at The White Company informs w&h: "Seychelles is an all-year-round best seller which is overtaken by Winter only when Winter returns." 

Speaking about the Seychelles collection Chrissie says: "It's just the most magical scent when we feel in need of a little escape or me-time. With evocative bergamot, bright orange, and fresh coconut, plus a hint of jasmine, warming amber, and buttery vanilla, it instantly brings home the warmth of an Indian Ocean breeze."

It may not keep your house warm in winter in a literal sense but like dopamine decor, the power of summer scent can go a long way to make you feel a sense of joy and escapism.

3. Nordic Woods Home Scents

Lifestyle shot of new The White Company Nordic Woods signature scent candles and diffuser

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This is the newest fragrance to be on the list of best-sellers, and considering it was only launched last month it's pretty impressive that the new Nordic Woods signature Scent is already a fan-favourite. 

We are already somewhat obsessed with this alluring aroma that is inspired by a winter walk through a frosted forest. How it differs from the classic Fir Tree scent is the addition of warming Amber notes that add an invigorating edge to this new fragrance. 

For us it's the scent of Christmas but without having an overpowering undercurrent of cloves and cinnamon, which for some can be too much.

4. Fireside Home Scents

The White Company home scent fireside collection of candles and diffusers photographed beside a roaring fire

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Fireside was launched two Autumns ago as a limited edition scent and was so loved it's now a permanent fragrance within The White Company collection – the 3rd best-selling fragrance nonetheless. 

Fireside feels like the ultimate choice to make a home feel cosy, boasting wonderful woody and smoky notes to create the atmosphere of being sat beside an open fire.

“The next best thing to a crackling log fire in a boutique hotel!" is how Chrissie describes this much-loved home scent. "Heavenly Fireside returns for Autumn with its incredible combination of soft, smoked wood and birch blended with rich, warming patchouli, clove-leaf, and amber. A must for cosy, relaxing weekend moments.”

5. Myrrh Home Scents

The White company best-selling scent Myrrh

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The White Company's fifth best-selling fragrance is the aromatic scent of Myrrh. This heady aroma features top notes of Bergamot, Myrrh & Vetivert to lay the foundations for a rich scent that falls under the description of aromatic and warming.

"Myrrh is wonderfully sensual and the perfect companion throughout Winter," say the fragrance expert at The white Company. "With rich, woody myrrh, uplifting bergamot, smoky vetivert and a touch of nutmeg, it’s a truly luxurious scent that exudes comfort."

These are merely the tip of the iceberg, because The White Company offers over 25 magnificent home fragrances so these are solely the best-selling scents to help determine what you might want to try if you are new to The White Company home fragrance collection

A personal favourite of mine is the new Grapefruit & Mandarin, which was added to the collection this summer - can highly recommend if you like a fresh yet sweet fragrance. But having tried pretty much all the scents over the years as Lifestyle editor I can confirm they are all delicious.

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