Best living room paint colors to transform your space in 2022

Experts reveal the best living room paint colors to update your home and complement your living room design this season

the best living room paint colors include blush and green hues
(Image credit: Morris & Co/ Farrow & Ball/ Valspar)

Interior designers and color experts share their recommendations for the best living room paint colors that are both stylish and on-trend for 2022 and will give your space a fresh update this season.

Unlike kitchen trends or bathroom trends which have to be considered through the lense of what might contribute (or detract from) your home's future resale value, there’s much more freedom to be had in exploring different paint colors for your living room. After all, it’s much easier (and cheaper) to redecorate a living room according to personal taste.

When it comes to decorating a living room, it's important to consider what colors have staying power and which ones might just be a fad. The tones selected by the experts as the best for living rooms provide a timeless foundation for your living room whilst still acknowledging the most recent interior paint color trends which have shown a strong preference for colors inspired by the natural world.

Best living room paint colors of 2022

1. Calming green

Best living room paint colors with neutral sofa and pale green walls

Morris & Co's 'Leafy Arbour' 

(Image credit: Morris & Co)

Over recent years there’s been a big move towards relaxed and restful living room schemes that are a sanctuary of tonal greens, leafy prints, and soft and soothing textiles. Sage green is currently the biggest color trend of all the green shades. It’s all part of the biophilic trend that sees interiors connected with nature and choosing a mix of calming chalky green paint colors will help create the perfect tranquil backdrop that can be the basis for a chilled living room scheme.

"An appreciation of the natural world, our Liminal paint palette showcases modern minimalism, with beautifully crafted furnishings and a quiet palette of neutral tonal color," says Kathryn Lloyd, Color Consultant at Crown Paints (opens in new tab). "Homeowners are now wisely considering exactly what they place in a room – so much so that space becomes carefully curated. The result is a retreat consisting of dry, chalky, comforting textures and single-use, easy on the eye, color."

Ben White, design expert at Swyft Home (opens in new tab) agrees. "Green is the color of 2022, taking the number one spot as the most searched for living room color, and second place in the round-up of the most searched for sofa colors."

"Green is a stable color, which promotes a healthy work and life balance. Green interiors are trending right now, which I think says a lot about a shift in mentality post-pandemic," adds Rhiannon Johns, interior designer at Piglet in Bed (opens in new tab).

2. Uplifting pink

Best living room paint colors with pink walls and neutral sofa

Dulux's 'Blush Noisette 2' 

(Image credit: Dulux)

Pink loses its sugary sweetness this season and takes on more muted, earthy tones, making it a versatile color option for any living room. While not quite neutral, pink can be warm and grounding and works well with plenty of color combinations, from greys and browns to smart navy or lush green, making it a good all-around choice as a living room background color.

"Pink is perfect for a living room where you want a look that is joyful and uplifting," says Marianne Shilingford (opens in new tab), Creative Director at Dulux. "Pink can be a bit cheeky, but it's ultimately warm and super relaxed. It captures a sense of gentle fun and is perfect for warming up north-facing rooms where soft pale shades with just a hint of apricot look amazing teamed with lots of houseplants and verdant green accessories."

"Punchy petal pink shades are perfect for a contemporary look with a bit of energy but if you prefer a gentler vibe that will make you smile rather than giggle, calm it down with blush pink, warm nudes, or soft powder pink." 

3. Warm white

Best living room paint colors with white living room

Dulux's 'Romney Wool' 

(Image credit: Dulux)

White is often avoided when it comes to living rooms as it can make a space feel harsh and clinical. But this is only true if you opt for the wrong shade of white. White can have warm or cool undertones and there’s a shade for every room - and used well, white can look striking.

Opt for white with yellow or red undertones in a north-facing living room - these will help lift the space and make it feel more warm and cozy. Avoid blue or grey-toned whites which can feel dark and dismal. In south-facing living rooms that get plenty of natural daylight, opt for cooler-toned whites which will counter the warmth of natural light and create a more balanced glow.

"Believe it or not, white is the combination of all colors of light mixed together," says Marianne. "It has magical powers in decorating and since we began to create it in paint, it has been the ultimate blank canvas onto which we tell the story of our lives on the walls of our homes.

"Of all the colors, white reflects most light and so we use it to make small dark rooms look bigger and brighter, ceilings look taller, colors look more impactful, and woodwork gleam. You could also say that white is the ultimate neutral because it works with everything. There is however more to white than meets the eye." 

4. Pale gray

Best living room paint colors with green sofa and pale green walls

Crown's 'Needles & Pins' 

(Image credit: Crown Paints)

Gray shows no sign of losing its popularity any time soon. The biggest-selling paint color after white, gray has secured its place as the modern, go-to neutral. That being said, gray isn’t a one-shade-fits-all color. It’s important to choose the right shade of gray that will suit your living room, so always consider how much light your living room receives and whether you need a cool or a warm-toned grey to counter this.

Colors with a cool undertone, such as blues and other grays, will complement gray walls well, while colors with warm undertones like terracotta or burgundy will contrast the shade and bring a touch of warmth into the space.

5. Sky blue

best living room paint colors include pale sky blue

Dulux's 'Bright Skies' 

(Image credit: Dulux)

The latest interior design trend of cooling shades indicates that blue tones are big news for living room paint colors this year. Fresh and uplifting to offer calming qualities, these hues create a sense of calm in the room where you want to relax and unwind. 

The Dulux 'Color of the Year 2022' Bright Skies was thoughtfully chosen by the paint experts to fulfill a desire for an airy and fresh tone that breaths new life into any space, especially busy living spaces. 

Speaking about the shade of pale blue Marianne tells that "people want to feel revitalized and enjoy the freedoms that are returning to them, to look out and bring in new ideas.

"What better inspiration can we take than the endless skies around us? It is widely known that nature makes us feel better and taking steps to bring the outside in enhances our sense of wellbeing," she continues. "So whether we are working or relaxing, creating or exercising, it is essential to have a space that reflects the optimism and desire for a fresh, new start." The thinking is that a dreamy shade of sky blue can help to enrich the soul and make homes feel more hopeful for 2022.

6. Soothing lilac

Best living room paint colors include lilac, pictured here next to a rosy pink, and gray skirting

Myland's 'Lavender Garden'

(Image credit: Mylands)

Lilac is another underrated color that is back in vogue for 2022. Soft and sophisticated and a less-girly option than pink, lilac is a big trend in fashion right now and it seems that interiors are following suit. Unlike Pantone's Color of the Year this shade of purple is softer and more restful. Lilac sits on the cool side of the color spectrum so can feel chilly in north-facing rooms, but in south-facing living rooms with plenty of natural light, it will feel cozy, warm, and welcoming.

Mylands, House of color, has seen searches for lilac up 33% on its website. "Lilac is traditionally a romantic and feminine hue, but is increasingly popular for many rooms in the home thanks to its subtlety and adaptability," says Dominic Myland, CEO of Mylands (opens in new tab). "We’re noticing more and more customers choosing lilac for their interiors because it adds a pop of color, but isn’t overwhelming or intimidating like other, bolder shades, and its versatile nature means it pairs well with a myriad of colors."

7. Warming yellow

Yellow is one of the best living room paint colors, pictured here with a navy wall

Fenwick & Tilbrook's 'Catkin' yellow

(Image credit: Fenwick & Tilbrook)

Yellow is a key color for 2022 with designers taking advantage of yellow’s sunny, upbeat qualities to bring a warm and happy glow to living spaces. Versatile and welcoming, opt for mellow mustard or classic ochre yellow in living rooms, which will feel richer and cozier than pale and buttery shades. Yellow works much like a neutral, partnering perfectly with warm woods and metallics or dark accent black and navy.

"When choosing colors for your living room – think about how you want to feel in the space," says Anna Hill, Brand Director at Fenwick & Tilbrook (opens in new tab). "Do you use it most during the day or in the evening?  This will impact the way the color looks as bright natural light vs. artificial lamp light will give a very different aesthetic.  If your goal is for a cozy feeling, don’t shy away from deeper colors but steer towards natural, muted tones rather than vibrant hues to aid relaxation.

"It’s also good when choosing colors to think about not only the shades you like but the age of the property and any architectural details that could be accentuated with color. An ornate ceiling rose could look stunning painted in a darker shade, using the fifth wall to bring the room to life."

8. Almost black

Best living room paint colors include black walls, pictured here with a gold border

Benjamin Moore's 'Mediterranean Teal' 

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Black is a brave choice for a living room, but experts agree that it is guaranteed to bring drama and a theatrical quality to a living room. Jewel colors, such as gold, fuchsia, turquoise, and lime will pop against a dark backdrop for a smart, Deco-inspired style. Or, for a more relaxed, boho vibe team that is big in bedroom trends this year, black with soft neutrals, sage greens, and blush pinks with plenty of woven macrame, house plants and greenery to accessorize.

"Eclectic Boho has been a popular style for a while, and this new look moves the trend forward to create a sleeker, smarter, and tailored interior," says Helen, at Benjamin Moore.

"Paint walls and woodwork in a deep, dark base shade, then add a trim detail in a contrasting accent color to highlight features in the room such as fire surrounds and window frames. Complete this sophisticated scheme with the Boho staples: textured Berber rugs, vintage furniture, plenty of plants, and brass accessories."

What is the best living room paint color?

The best living room color will very much depend on your personal preference, although there are trending color palettes to help guide your decision-making. Our living rooms are typically the most social and frequently-used spaces in our homes, so it's important they have the right balance of showcasing personality but also being a restful place to unwind. 

Tobie Lewis, Senior Brand Manager at Valspar Paint (opens in new tab), says: "Choosing a color that represents your interior style and is best suited for all occasions can be challenging, therefore prioritizing a theme, such as neutral or retro color trends, will help you be more selective.

"Neutral shades have recently been through a moment of reappreciation, with their trusty, versatile, calming, and Scandinavian nature. Shades such as Valspar’s Biscuit Crumbs and Tidy White are perfect for a neutral living room theme, for both layering with hessian and earthy textiles and contrasting with other non-neutral tones.

"If you want to add a hint of color but keep the understated nature of a neutral theme in your living room, soft green tones such as Cool Mint, are great for incorporating a sense of freshness to more organic palettes.

"If you want to explore more colorful themes in your living room, retro and 70s-inspired shades such as mustard yellows, peaches, and deep purples are a great place to start. Valspar’s  Ochre Mountain,  Moroccan Resort, Virtuoso, and Speckled Eggs are examples of colors that work amazingly together for a more adventurous, fun palette that celebrates the social nature of living rooms, whilst adding a sense of luxury for those more quiet moments.” 

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