Does Lululemon do Black Friday? Plus, the best cheaper alternatives with up to 50% off

We predict to see great deals in the Lululemon Black Friday sale but before they arrive, these are the best cheaper alternatives to consider

Two coats pictured next to each other ahead of the Lululemon Black Friday sale
(Image credit: Lululemon)

Lululemon Black Friday is one of the most anticipated sales during the big shopping weekend in November, offering fans of the brand the chance to scoop up their favorite leggings, sports bras, sweaters, coats, and accessories for less. 

Whether you're a yoga enthusiast or keen to find the best Christmas gifts for her this season, the Lululemon Black Friday sale (opens in new tab) tends to have something for everyone - and with less than a week to go until Black Friday, which takes place on Friday 25 November, we're getting excited for the possible offers to come. 

Alongside other brands like Gymshark, Outdoor Voices, and Sweaty Betty Black Friday, the Lululemon sale is a staple in the fitness wear world. But as much as the brand is famous for its excellent quality and its extensive range of both athletic and athleisure wear, it's also known for being pretty expensive even in the sale - with some of the best workout leggings often going over $60. So, if you're looking to shop for deals ahead of the Black Friday sale, we've also got the best alternatives to consider.

Best deals on Lululemon UK

£49 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Shirt 2.0 Race Length - £68 £49 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

If you're a runner, this Tech long-sleeve is a must-have. It's specially designed to help you speed during runs with a cropped body (so material doesn't get in the way of movement) and thumb holes in the sleeves (to keep your hands warm). It's also super breathable and contains fabric technology to prevent smells post-exercise. 

While it's only available in the Shadow Bloom Roasted Brown color combo, you'll certainly be staying warm for less this winter. 

£94 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Lululemon Wunder Train High-Rise Tight with Pockets 25" - £118 £94 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Designed very similarly to the Sweaty Betty Power Leggings (opens in new tab) we love so much, the Wunder Train High-Rise Tights (available in purple), are the perfect training companion. There's a drawstring waistband to make sure they never fall down when you're on the move, a hidden pocket to keep your belongings secure in the waist, and two additional pockets in the legs for your phone. 

While they might only be available in the one color, these are some of the top squat and sweat-proof leggings to buy ahead of Black Friday.

£59 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Grid Fleece Hiking Overshirt - £108 £59 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Paired with walking shoes, this shirt completes any hiking outfit. Now almost half price in the We Made Too Much sale ahead of Lululemon Black Friday, the Grid Fleece Hiking Overshirt has several water-resistant pockets to keep everything from your phone to your snacks, a longer length at the back for protection when you sit down, and comes in a looser fit to fit comfortably over other clothes.

£159 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Break a Trail Waterproof Jacket - £228 £159 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Waterproof, windproof, seam-sealed, and available only in this multi-grey print on sale, we love this Break a Trail Jacket. It's designed for running with a back vent for cooling, cinches for the perfect fit, hidden thumbholes to keep fingers warm, and reflective details to keep you visible, and would make for the best addition to your running wardrobe this winter. 

Alternatively, it would be a great gift for Christmas if you're wanting to get your shopping done early. With £69 off ahead of the Lululemon Black Friday sale, we're not expecting this deal to stick around for long.

Best deals on Lululemon US

$19 - $49 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Lululemon Align™ Cropped Tank Top - $58 - $72 $19 - $49 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Get into the flow with this fantastic deal from Lululemon. Up to $49 and still available in a range of sizes, this core piece of the Align™ collection is already on sale - regardless of the color you choose. 

This top is designed for yoga, offering a weightless feeling with its soft, sweat-wicking material, stretching fabric and additional support where you need it most. 

$29 - $109 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Invigorate High-Rise Tight 25" - $128 - $138 $29 - $109 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Available in a whole variety of colors and sizes in the Lululemon sale, these leggings are great for any activity - whether that's hitting the gym or going out for a walk with a friend. 

They're breathable and supportive with a unique feature that makes them feel cool and sleek on the inside and brushed on the outside, elevating the entire look. You might find they're a little short on the leg if you're taller, but for anyone mid-height or slightly smaller, they should fit perfectly with the cuff coming slightly above the ankle.

$29 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Swift Ventilated Running Tank Top - $68 $29 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Run fast and look great doing it with this exciting deal from Lululemon. This running tank top is currently on sale for an impressive $29 - one of the cheapest items we've seen in the We Made Too Much sale this year. 

Designed for speed with a shortened waist and sweat-wicking fabric, layer this piece with a running jacket from the brand for the ultimate racing outfit. It's also available in purple or green, as well as this fun paint color, for the same incredible price. 

$89 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Reversible Double-Knit Crew Neck Sweater - $128 $89 | Lululemon (opens in new tab)

Stay comfortable this winter with this super soft wool-blend jumper, available in purple, green, or black combinations in the sale. While it's created for being on the move, there's nothing stopping you incorporating this  relaxed fit sweater into your daily wardrobe - we definitely would. 

Now with almost $40 off ahead of Lululemon Black Friday, we're not expecting to see another deal like this one on such a popular item - at least until the big day itself.

Is Lululemon worth it? 

Lululemon is a premium brand and you'll certainly pay more for their ranges of leggings, tops, jackets, and accessories than you would elsewhere. However, from my experience, if you're looking for quality over price, it's one of the best brands to shop - in and out of the Black Friday sale. 

I've worn a couple of pairs of Lululemon leggings in my time as a digital health editor at woman&home and I've never been disappointed by the quality. They're always expertly made with quality fabrics that stand the test of time - and squats. While you might find that the occasional sweat patch slips through during a particularly heavy session, I wouldn't say this should prevent you from trying out a pair. 

However, they are still expensive. If you're looking to get kitted out in premium sportswear that's a little easier on the budget ahead of Christmas, check out these great deals from other brands - including Gymshark, Sweaty Betty, Nike, and Outdoor Voices.   

Best Lululemon alternatives now on sale

Where to buy Lululemon alternatives in the UK

Best Lululemon alternatives UK

£36 | Gymshark (opens in new tab)

Gymshark Vital Seamless 2.0 leggings - £45 £36 | Gymshark (opens in new tab)

With their sweat-wicking material and supportive high-waisted fit, I'm a huge fan of these leggings from Gymshark. I've had my pair for three years now and they feel just as good as the day I bought them - albeit slightly faded from washing. They still feel soft to the skin though and work equally well for yoga as they do for the gym, with no sweat patches in sight. 

If you're looking to shop leggings in the Lululemon Black Friday sale, consider these from Gymshark instead. At £36 currently in the brand's own sale, they're almost half the cost of Lululemon's famous Align™ High-Rise Pant and a third of the cost of the Fast and Free High-Rise Tight. They also come in a very similar range of colors, and most importantly, feel very much the same. 

£26.99 | Sports Direct (opens in new tab)

Nike One Cropped Tights - £39.99 £26.99 | Sports Direct  (opens in new tab)

The Align™ High-Rise Pant boasts breathable fabric, a 'buttery soft' material, and a second layer for slightly thicker feel. Enter Nike's One Cropped Tights with its super breathable Dri-FIT Technology, 50% recycled polyester, non-sheer material, for the best downward dog in class. 

These Nike leggings make for one of the best alternatives as they're muted in design just like the Lululemon leggings. They're also some of the best gym leggings with pockets (opens in new tab) we've seen on sale this year as they have two hidden pockets for essentials like locker keys, and one at the back that's the perfect phone-holding size. 

£26.60 | Adidas (opens in new tab)

Adidas Yoga Essentials High-Waisted Leggings - £38 £26.60 | Adidas (opens in new tab)

These Adidas yoga leggings are about as similar as you can get to Lululemon's yoga pants. They're high-rise leggings with a double knit layer, made from a breathable and moisture-absorbing material, with a stretch waist and comfortable tight fit. 

They come in varying sizes too, just like Lulu's selection. However, Lululemon only goes up to a 20 and Adidas offers sizes up to a X4, which translates to a 28. 

Image (opens in new tab)

Sweaty Betty Athlete Seamless Gym Vest - £40 £24 | John Lewis (opens in new tab) 

Sweaty Betty is another premium sportswear and athleisure brand very similar to Lululemon, but it's stocked at several more retailers in the UK, meaning you can often score great deals over Black Friday. The sales at John Lewis, for example, have already begun and Sweaty Betty is already on offer with up to 25% off. 

If you're considering shopping Lululemon gymwear ahead of Black Friday, have a look at what John Lewis has to offer. This seamless gym vest is now just £24 - half the price of Lulu's Align Tank Top, with a similar material ratio of nylon to elastane and color range. 

£19 | Gymshark (opens in new tab)

Gymshark Adapt Seamless Sports Bra - £38 £19 | Gymshark (opens in new tab)

Having also worn Gymshark's range of sports bras over the years, I could have picked any one of them for this spot as they're all completely supportive, wonderfully soft, and designed to stand the test of whatever activity you're doing. 

The Adapt Seamless Sports Bra is most similar to Lululemon's Energy Bra though, with its cross-back design, removable cups, and sweat-wicking tech. 

£180 | The North Face  (opens in new tab)

Women's Hyalite Down Gilet - £200 £180 | The North Face  (opens in new tab)

Gilets are back in a big way for 2022, so it's no surprise that Lululemon jumped on the bandwagon with their Wunder Puff Cropped Vest. At £198, however, it's quite the investment.

If you're looking for something a little cheaper in the Black Friday sale, The North Face is a great alternative. The Hyalite Down Gilet is down to £180 and is filled with the same premium goose down to maintain insulation in the colder weather. 

£22 | H&M (opens in new tab)

H&M Padded Gilet - £34.99 £22 | H&M (opens in new tab)

H&M's gilet may not have a goose down filling or be water repellent like the premium Lulu version, but the lining is 100% polyester much like it. It's also padded and has a stand-up collar so would provide some shelter from the wind. It's also an impressive £22 right now in the H&M sale, making it a ninth of the cost. 

Where to buy Lululemon alternatives in the US

Best Lululemon alternatives US

$44.97 | Nike (opens in new tab)

Nike Yoga Dri-FIT Luxe Leggings - $90 $44.97 | Nike (opens in new tab)

It's rare that you'll have two leggings described in exactly the same way, but that means Nike's Yoga Dri-FIT Luxe Leggings must be the best Lululemon alternative to shop if you're in the market. 

Both pairs have been described by their brands as 'buttery-soft' and the perfect pair of leggings for yoga - except the Nike version is up to $74 cheaper, depending on the color you're looking for. 

$30 | Gymshark (opens in new tab)

Gymshark Flex High-Waisted Leggings - $50 $30 | Gymshark (opens in new tab)

The Black Friday sale is also on at Gymshark - and there's no better place to shop for alternatives to Lululemon leggings. 

Made from similar materials with similar sweat-wicking technology, only at a fraction of the price, the Flex High Waisted Leggings are a comfortable option for those in search of the Align™ High-Rise Tight or Wunder Train High-Rise Tight.

$44 | Outdoor Voices  (opens in new tab)

Outdoor Voices Cotton Terry 1/2 Zip Sweatshirt - $88 $44 | Outdoor Voices  (opens in new tab)

Looking to get cosy this winter? Lululemon's range of half-zip hoodies are popular for this exact reason. They're made of breathable, naturally-blended cotton and fleece fabrics - much like Outdoor Voices' collection, which is currently on sale. 

Take the Cotton Terry Sweatshirt from athleisure brand Outdoor Voices, for instance, with its half-zip design and range of colors. It looks almost identical to the Lululemon bestseller, having been designed for those on the move. It's also made of both light and heavyweight cotton in an oversized fit and comes down to the waist, but is now under $50 in the Black Friday sale. 

$34 | Outdoor Voices (opens in new tab)

Outdoor Voices Doing Things Bra - $58 $34 | Outdoor Voices (opens in new tab)

With an almost identical shape and similar color options, the Doing Things Bra also from Outdoor Voices is another excellent Lululemon alternative - especially if you were shopping for the Energy Loneline Bra. 

Now under $40 in the OV Black Friday sale, it's similarly designed for comfort and mobility - allowing the wearer to move through both training and everyday life with ease. Both are made from a mix of materials, including nylon, lyra and polyester, with sweat-wicking technology.

$75 | Girlfriend Collective (opens in new tab)

Girlfriend Collective Classic Recycled Puffer Jacket - $228 $75 | Girlfriend Collective (opens in new tab)

Shopping for Lululemon's great coat range? Take a look at Girlfriend Collective first. Now in the middle of their sales, you can pick up an almost-identical-looking puffer coat to the Wunder Puff Jacket for more than half the price. 

Now under $100 and available in a similar range of colors very similar, it's a great pick ahead of Lululemon Black Friday as it's also water repellent and wind resistant, has a cinch-pull cord to keep the cold out, and has two pockets for storing valuables - much like the Lululemon jacket. 

$35 | Patagonia (opens in new tab)

Ultralight Black Hole® Mini Hip Pack 1L - $35 | Patagonia (opens in new tab)

If you were looking to shop Lulu's range of useful day bags, look no further than legendary outdoor brand Patagonia - which recently donated all of its profits to help solve climate change. 

While it's not technically on sale as Patagonia don't offer Black Friday deals, the UltraLight Mini Hip Pack (1L) is still $23 cheaper than Lululemon's bestseller. Much like Lulu's pack, this one has an easy-access pocket on the front for storing essentials and can be worn multiple ways for however you're looking to travel. Along with black, it also comes in multiple colorways if you're looking to spice up your look. 

Lululemon Black Friday: Is it happening? 

Yes, the brand have launched their offering for Black Friday on their website in both the UK and the US. This includes savings across both men's and women's wear, lasting until at least Cyber Monday, with additional offers across the range over the weekend. That means discounts will span from now until Monday 28 November.

Many of their sale items have also featured on the We Made Too Much (opens in new tab) store over the last few weeks. This collection is a low-key, constantly-running sale on the website that's entirely made up of extra pieces they've 'made too much' of in the factories. However, we've spotted a couple of new offerings. 

Lululemon Black Friday started three days early in 2021 and it's almost followed suit this year, beginning about five days early. Last year's sale also saw amazing discounts of up to 50% off selected lines -  including the coveted Align™ and Wunder ranges - so it's no surprise that we're seeing much of the same this year. 

There’s potential for stockists of the brand - including Amazon, Selfridges, and MatchesFashion in the UK - to reduce collections over the big sale week as well. So, there may be more deals coming up on Lululemon clothing than at any other time this year.