The 1 Percent Principle: The Foolproof Way to Reach Your Goals

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  • Tackle your goals and change your life step-by-step with the 1% Principle.

    What’s the biggest goal you want to reach in your life right now? Is it losing weight or starting a new career? Do you wonder how you’ll ever reach such a lofty goal? You’re not alone. Many of us struggle to motivate ourselves every day to make changes happen and reach our big goal. This is often because we’re trying to do too much too quickly according to Tom O’Neil, author of ‘The 1 % Principle‘ (£9.99; HarperCollins).
    Instead, it’s all about making small changes, says Tom. To reach a big goal, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Instead just find a way to work 1% toward your goal each day. Whether that goal is trying to lose weight or learn a new skill or progress at work, the 1 Percent Principle could be just the ticket.

    Intrigued? Check out the eight key laws of The 1 Percent Principle.

    Law one is ‘The Law of the Small.’ It basically boils down to this – don’t neglect the small stuff, because that’s what makes the big stuff happen!

    ‘Small things tend to be neglected by society in general, but as many people know, ‘if you take care of the little things, the big things will look after themselves’,’ explains Tom.

    ‘Most of our decisions and actions are small and take place within a few seconds. However, one decision made in an instant can echo throughout eternity in a positive or negative way.

    ‘Small is important. Small is king!’ So if you’re trying to lose weight, a small change would be to bring a healthy snack from home to work every day to keep you on the right track. Or just go for a 10-minute walk every day. Make a mini-goal that’s easy to achieve every day.

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