I'm a 57-year-old fashion expert and these are the 9 key basics that underpin my entire wardrobe

The affordable items that will work hard in your wardrobe for years to come

julie Player wearing 9 key fashion basics
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I have worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years and have seen lots of trends come and go (and come around again!). In the past I've been guilty of having a wardrobe stuffed full of the latest looks, but in recent years I've tried to avoid buying clothes that will quickly date and move towards staple styles that will serve me well for years to come.

I have curated a capsule wardrobe of anti-trend items that I use as the backbone to my everyday outfits. These key items are the starting blocks to the majority of my looks. When I am looking to update my wardrobe with spring 2024 trends these basics will work alongside the more directional pieces and make them more wearable. Everyday dressing becomes easier and less stressful when you have foundations that you can trust, and it doesn't take too much effort to elevate them with a few key seasonal buys.

It makes sense to invest in the best quality you can afford. These items are not going to look old-fashioned in a few years, and if properly cared for will serve you well into the future. Freelance Fashion Editor Antonia Kraskowski agrees. "Much like building a house, a wardrobe is at its strongest when you have good foundations to create a variety of outfits. If you invest the time in finding good quality, well-fitting basics for your wardrobe, you’ll find they work even harder for you, making it easier to get dressed in a stylish outfit every day."

I'm a 57-year-old fashion expert and these are the 9 key basics that underpin my entire wardrobe

These key basics are not going to make a flashy fashion statement, instead they will work hard, earn their keep and play a strong supportive role. A ubiquitous white T-shirt can be layered under a jumper or blazer for a clean, quiet luxury look while a classic white shirt can go from smart to casual by simply undoing the buttons. The timeless denim jacket will look great thrown over a floral midi dress and there are so many ways to style a trench coat.

When it comes to footwear, metallic loafers will be useful in all but the hottest of weathers, while a more casual pair of Converse trainers will pick up the baton on warmer dry days. If you are unsure which are the best jeans for women over 50 I suggest a dark denim straight-leg style, along with a pair of tailored trousers in a neutral shade. Denim jumpsuits are popular this spring and I predict they will remain a wardrobe staple that will transcend their trend status to become a modern classic.

Adding the above anti-trend basics to your wardrobe will save you time and effort as the pieces all work together to create a wearable capsule collection. Use them as a base to create more interesting outfits by injecting personality with some key accessories, such as the biggest sunglasses trends for 2024.

Julie Player

Julie has over 30 years experience in the fashion industry and is a regular contributor to Woman & Home, Woman’s Weekly and Chat magazines, creating engaging fashion and lifestyle content for women of all ages. She also works in the wardrobe department at ITV, dressing the presenters for Good Morning Britain. Aged 57, Julie loves seeking out the most figure-flattering fashion for every occasion. She’s a qualified sustainable fashion expert with a wealth of knowledge of planet-friendly fashion brands and ways to shop more ethically.