Why You Should Be Mixing-And-Matching Your Earrings

Mismatched earring trend
Mismatched earring trend
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Woman&Home's Associate Editor, Carrie Taylor, has had a style epiphany when it comes to earrings. She reveals how to wear yours in a way that will leave you feeling a little younger and a little cooler...

I am, like so many women, deeply boring with my earrings - put in one pair (usually studs) and wear them forever because they go with everything and it's just too much trouble every morning to do anything different. Maybe change them when someone buys me a new pair (or at Christmas when I always get some fun snowflakes or somesuch) but that's it.

But then enter our Fashion Director Julia Morgan who told me: Big Earrings are IN! You MUST get some!

I've never been very good with danglers because I inevitably lose one of them as they snag on sweaters and disappear under the bed or between floorboards. But here's the thing...it doesn't matter any more because Mix and Match is the order of the day, so if one goes astray, you can just pop in another that's roughly in the same vein.

This really works; I'm enlightened! I bought a pair of slightly mismatched dangly earrings from M&S (£2.50 in the sale; I wasn't exactly investing but they did look far more expensive than their price). At the time the assistant actually peered at them and said "I think there's something missing on this one" and I felt really "in the know" telling her, "No, that's the look". How on trend am I?

I put them in straight away and you know, they really changed the way I felt - they seemed to lift a boring outfit instantly and made me feel well, younger, to be honest, more glamorous - more chic. Who knew a pair of earrings could do that?

Of course, I wore them exactly twice before the inevitable happened and I lost one. Having garnered several compliments I was seriously downbeat but next day went back to M&S, they didn't have the same but did have a similar pair and it works! I now have the option of three slightly different earrings to mix and match and I'm seriously loving them. Try it!