The best Lululemon alternatives you can buy on Amazon, starting at £15

Looking for the best Lululemon alternatives to restock your workout wardrobe this summer? Nothing beats the real deal, but these Amazon picks are some of the closest we've found

A collection of the best Lululemon alternatives shoppable on Amazon
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We know there's nothing like the real deal - Lululemon has its reputation for a reason. The brand's undeniable quality, range of styles, and craftsmanship can't be matched. However, it's a premium brand that comes with a premium price tag - if your budget can't quite stretch to the real deal, you're not alone. We have you covered with the best Lululemon alternatives on Amazon.

We’ve only picked out the most highly rated products and Amazon stores, and have chosen pieces almost identical to their Lululemon counterparts. So while we'd always recommend shopping sustainably and opting for the real thing - especially if you can find a Lululemon sale - these pieces will help you look and feel your best, without breaking the bank. 

Activewear on Amazon has come on leaps and bounds in recent years and now features pairs of the best workout leggings and best sports bras - along with must-have trainers and accessories. For the best Lululemon alternatives, Amazon is hard to beat in quality and price – particularly the items listed below.

The best Lululemon alternatives

Best Lululemon leggings alternatives

Best Lululemon sports bra alternatives

Best Lululemon tops alternatives

Best Lululemon outerwear & accessories alternatives

Lululemon's Align Leggings are widely regarded as the company's most loved item. Woman&home editor Kerrie Hughes agrees: "I invested in a pair of Lulu Align leggings four years ago, and they are still my favourite gym leggings. Soft, supportive and not in the least bit see-through, the quality and comfort is unmatched.

"After a recommendation from a friend, I purchased a pair of CRZ Yoga leggings on Amazon, and they are fantastic. As Lululemon alternatives go, I think you'd be hard-pressed to find better."

Can you buy Lululemon on Amazon? 

Want to skip the alternatives and invest in genuine Lululemon pieces, Amazon isn't the site for you. Lululemon doesn't sell its pieces on Amazon and it doesn't allow wholesale resellers to use the site to sell their stock. So, if you see products on Amazon claiming to be the real deal then they're more than likely fakes - and you should definitely avoid purchasing them.

Instead, to get your Lululemon fix it's best to go direct to the Lululemon website. The site has more designs, sizes and colours than the Amazon lookalikes can offer.

Which product is most similar to Lululemon?

With over 40,000 ratings and an average rating of 4.4 stars, the best-performing product comes from The Gym People with its longline sports bra. The Align Tank lookalike comes in 30 colourways and has the same soft, buttery material that Lululemon is famous for.

Another reason for this product's popularity is its versatility, as with the original product, the longline bra is easily passable as a summer top and can be comfortably worn outside the gym. It's supportive enough to be worn without a sports bra, thanks to its built-in one, but it can also function alongside a bra when undertaking more high-intensity workouts.

There are endless reviews boasting of its quality and likeness to the Align tank, with one customer writing, "I've tried the Lululemon align tank and in my opinion, this is better, especially for larger-chested women." And all for the price of £25? It's worth a try!

What leggings are as good as Lululemon?

Our Lululemon-loving editor, Kerrie Hughes, tried out the CRZ Yoga leggings that are said to be very similar to Lululemon. It's safe to say that she was seriously impressed - and couldn't believe how brilliant the fit and quality were.

Amazon reviews offer equally rave reviews, so you can be pretty certain that the CRZ Yoga leggings are on par with Lululemon Align leggings - and they're only £31.

However, if you have more to spend and want to invest in leggings from a premium activewear brand, it's also worth checking out our Sweaty Betty vs Lululemon deep-dive to see which premium brand will suit you better.

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