The Best Cleansing Oils

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  • They whip off makeup in a flash AND cater to every single skin type.

    If the idea of cleansing with an oil sounds counter-intuitive – we want to remove the grease, no? – just bear with us a moment, because these washes are onto something good. You see, rather than suffocate pores with a layer of sticky, clogging blends as you might think, a cleansing oil can leave every skin type comfortably cleansed.

    Yes, we said every skin type. These cleansers work with the pre-existing oils in your skin to remove the bad, greasy stuff by binding to impurities. Once they’ve trapped all of the grime, a rub and a rinse with water will see makeup, excess oil and any other lurking nasties depleted sans irritation.

    It creates the kind of balance that sees dry skin feeling more cossetted over time, sensitive skin more soothed and oily skin as calm and shine-free as one could hope.

    Bobbi Brown Soothing Cleansing Oil, £10
    We’re yet to find a Bobbi Brown product that we don’t go entirely crazy for, and this particular, gentle cleanser is a stand-out favourite. Now available in a handy, travel-sized decanter, this sumptuous, slippery treat is ultra soothing, owed to a dose of jasmine flower extract sourced from France. Use on even the most sensitive skin for quick cleansing that gets you into bed on the double.