The Best Micellar Water Cleansers

Quick, easy and chemical-free - what's not to love about the latest beauty innovation, the micellar water cleanser?

You’ve probably heard of micellar waters; cleansers that glide on with a cotton pad (mostly), lift away makeup and dirt with ease, and are a so-very-French step in your skincare regimen. Micellar technology sees micelles – tiny balls of cleansing molecules that float in water – trap impurities effectively and purify without the need for scrubbing. Good news for fragile skins, right? But there’s more…

You see, micellar waters are a French skincare secret that rose to fame in Parisian pharmacies, where the water is notoriously hard and damaging to skin. To avoid splashing the stuff on their faces, Parisian women began cleansing with gentle micellar waters – and soon we were all reaping the purifying benefits.

Any skin type can benefit from cleansing with micelles, whether you’re tackling an oily t-zone or trying to remove makeup from skin that’s prone to irritation. Simply pour one onto a cotton pad (unless otherwise instructed), and glide it on as you would a toner – there’s no need to rinse it off afterwards. We’ve rounded up a whole host of the easy and speedy to use cleansers, from traditional micellar waters to micellar gels and even micellar oils.

Keep clicking through the gallery to see our round-up of the best micellar cleansers. Harness the power of micelles and your skin will thank you for it – promise.

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