7 Mistakes Women With Oily Skin Make

Oily Skin Mistakes
Oily Skin Mistakes
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Has a shiny t-zone got you in a spot of bother? Put down the rigorous scrub and read up on the mistakes that could be making the problem worse. Oily skin needs less blitzing with surfactants and much more moisture - yes, really - as these skincare wrongs and revelations can reveal...

1. Over-cleansing Perhaps, if you're prone to some midday shine, you think an extra cleanse or two is the cure? In fact, by washing your face so often, you could be making the problem worse.

Many cleansers for oily skin are armed with surfactants that whip away grease in the short-term, yet are able to exacerbate the condition in the long-term. So, instead of pulling out astringent washes every couple of hours, cleanse skin once at bedtime and once in the morning with a gentle sulfate-free cleanser.

2. Scrub, scrub, scrubbing Much like over-cleansing, over-scrubbing can make your skin produce more oil, resulting in a shinier visage despite your best efforts. We know it's tempting to go at grease with something rich and gritty, but in doing so you strip water from your skin and leave it gasping for moisture.

Creating dehydration kicks your sebum glands into overdrive, as they pump out extra oil in an attempt to compensate. Save them the trouble by swapping daily (or twice daily - yikes!) scrubs for once or time a week, and you'll soon reap better benefits from your exfoliants.

3. Skipping moisturiser Much like over-cleansing and over-scrubbing can strip and slicken up your skin, avoiding hydration can also lead to an overproduction of oil. As well as drinking plenty of water, focus on topical hydration to keep your sebum glands calm by patting on a lightweight lotion or serum. You don't have to go for anything rich - a hyaluronic acid enriched gel like Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Jelly should do the trick.

4. Avoiding any and every kind of oil We've convinced you on moisturisers, but can we convince you on facial oils, as well? We certainly hope so, as these unctuous numbers can work wonders on shiny t-zones. While some may indeed clog pores, others like jojoba oil or ylang ylang essential oil can trick your sebum glands into quitting the overproduction of their own oils.

So, you're next time you're roving the beauty counters, go with an open mind, take a peek at some oils, and look for those that promise to balance oily skin.

5. Becoming complacent with your skin It's not necessarily true that those with oily skin will experience fewer wrinkles, so it's still important that you take care of your face. Avoid becoming complacent with facials, cleansing and moisturising by ensuring you stay true to a three-step (at least) regimen. Your skin will thank you later.

6. Washing with hot water This is a no-no for dry skin, too, as hot water can dehydrate your pores. Keep the tap cranked lukewarm and avoid washing your face when you're in the shower - the water you use to cleanse your body is often too steamy for a delicate visage.

7. Not using a primer You may not fancy adding another layer of product to oily skin, but a primer can mean the difference between a thwack of shine and a smooth complexion. Many of these makeup-anchoring wonders are able to mattify through the day by preventing oil from reaching skin's surface. Shop around and you'll find plenty of de-slicking options.