Christmas tree color trends 2022: Festive trends and themes for the holidays this year

From merry brights to sophisticated metallics, discover the key Christmas tree color trends for 2022 to bring on-trend festive flare into your home this holiday season

A modern living room decorated with John Lewis Christmas tree color trends for 2022
(Image credit: John Lewis)

Christmas is coming, which means it’ll soon be time to crack out the tree and deck the halls. But what color tree to choose for this year's festivies? While traditional hues never date, the Christmas tree color trends for 2022 offer something a little different, with captivating tones from classic Art Deco-inspired hues to super bright shades.

If you’ve had your baubles for a while, 2022 may be the time to upgrade. While the traditional Christmas colors of red and green, and more recently gold and silver, will always be a favorite, this year there are lots of alternative color options to choose from – and that also includes the color of the best artificial Christmas trees too, not just the decorations. 

If you need some inspiration, these seven Christmas tree color trends will help you create a Christmas tree decorating scheme to stand out from the crowd this year.

One thing to consider before choosing your Christmas tree colors for 2022 is to think about where your tree will sit in your home. Fiona Huish, a senior stylist at Berkshire-based company Alexander James Interiors explains that it's important to take inspiration from your existing interior.

“In contemporary and neutral spaces, pair an accent color with silver to add a splash of glamour and sophistication,” Fiona advises. “If your home has more of a country feel, embrace and enhance the rustic charm by choosing one of the best real Christmas trees in a traditional Nordic style, with natural wooden ornaments using red as the dominant color."

1. Blue and Gold

Homebase Christmas tree in a modern living room decorated in a blue and gold Christmas tree color trend

(Image credit: Homebase)

Christmas tree color trends this season include all shades of blue, but particularly midnight or navy, mixed in with flashes of gold. Combined, these create a striking Art Deco-style look. 

Frances Clements, Christmas buyer at Homebase says while these are classic colors, mixing them together will give your tree a modern edge. “Think Art Deco meets boutique style with a palette of midnight blues, duck eggs, and flashes of luxe gold,” she says.

“Adorn your tree with a selection of glittering baubles and sparkling mesh stars to set the scene for a Christmas party any modern-day Gatsby would be proud of.”

To achieve this stylish look, choose mostly navy or dark blue ornaments with a smattering of lighter duck-egg blue thrown in. The Art Deco movement favored brighter, more distinct colors, rather than more subtle shades, but adding a lighter color can add depth to your Christmas tree theme. For an added touch of glamour, try tying giant gold bows on your tree.

2. Frosted

M&S and Wilko Frosted Christmas trees

(Image credit: M&S | Wilko)

The hashtag ‘white Christmas tree’ received over 4 million views on TikTok last year and this popular Christmas tree color trend is going nowhere in 2022. While the all-white tree was a huge hit last year, 2022 sees snow-flocked trees now rising in popularity.

"2022 interior design trends have been neutral and rustic, making the frosted trend the perfect match," says sustainable interior designer Sophie Howard

This stylish Christmas tree color trend 2022 features a frosted color palette and high shine metallics. A serene look, Sophie advises if keeping to all white decorations that you mix textures and shapes to create a little more festive interest.

The beauty of this look is that it’s an easy to create at home. “You can buy flock in a can and spray away or just spritz your tree with water and dust it with flour to get the same effect,” Sophie suggests.

3. Pretty Pastels

Cox & Cox pink pastel Christmas tree

(Image credit: Cox & Cox)

If you fancy something a little softer, pastel pinks, blues and lilacs are set to be incredibly popular this year. “Pastel decorations are really on-trend right now,” says Charlotte Coleman of Wiltshire Wonderland.

She continues: "The great thing about pastel colors is that they all go together, no worrying if the colors work together, they are a perfect match. Pastel colors have a light and airy feel so make your home feel brighter, even in the winter."

You can either mix and match your pastel shades or keep to one shade, perhaps adding highlights of silver or gold. While pastel shades work well together, Charlotte says they also mix well with stronger colors if desired, such as brighter pinks and purples. "They allow the stronger colors to make a statement and make a perfect backdrop," she says.

Not only are pastel Christmas tree decorations a great way to update your tree, but an artificial pastel pink tree looks modern right now. The beauty of a pink tree – or any pastel shade of tree – is that they don't need many decorations to shine. A few white or pale pink baubles are all that it takes. Fewer decorations are also good if you're looking for cat-proof Christmas trees as there is less for them to play with!

4. Mixed metallics

John Lewis mixed metallic Christmas tree decorations

(Image credit: John Lewis)

While gold has long been a popular choice for Christmas tree decorations, this year a top Christmas tree color trend is to mix your metallics.

“Christmas is all about sparkle so don’t feel you have to stick to just silver or gold on your tree. Mixing metallics work well when you throw in plenty of different textures too,” explains interior designer Caroline Wood-Robertson.

This is a chance to go over the top – no understated baubles here! Caroline advises choosing glittery and shiny baubles when planning how to decorate a Christmas tree this year, plus feathers or ribbons with a metallic finish to add the glam factor. If you feel drawn to gold and silver, but feel it may be a little too much, she advises adding in some accent shades.

She says: “If you feel you want a softer look, try frosted baubles with hints of silver and gold and mix them with softer pinks and greens.”

While mixed metallics look fabulous on a green tree, this is one Christmas tree trend that also pops if using an artificial white tree.

5. Grey Ombre

Grey Ombre Christmas trees

(Image credit: Wayfair and White Stores)

If you’re looking for a more contemporary feel or are a fan of more muted shades, a grey ombre color Christmas tree could be for you – and while an ombre tree may not be for everyone, it's certainly one that will make a statement. On a tree as splendid as this, you want to keep the decorations minimal in neutral or metallic shades – this is one time when you can let the tree do all the talking.

If you don't want to go as far as getting an ombre tree, you can create the same effect using baubles. Choose a color and then get creative. Put the lightest shade at the top, decorating in layers around the tree – and gradually work down to the darkest shade.

Don’t forget the base of your tree either – it’s especially important for a pared-down look like this one. "Ditch the red frills this Christmas and go for a contemporary bamboo Christmas tree skirt for a neat and natural finish," advises says Jess Martin, a decoration expert at Ginger Ray. "Or try out a more playful yet sophisticated honeycombed paper skirt in a color to match your scheme.”

6. Rainbow Brights

John Lewis rainbow bright christmas tree

(Image credit: John Lewis)

“After the past few years, it’s obvious why a rainbow bright scheme has jumped to the forefront of themes," says Sophie. "Adding playful energy to your best Christmas decorations and making the festive season extra merry, it’s hard not to smile when you see this trend.” 

There are many ways to interpret this trend. If you want to go all out, buy an alternative Christmas tree in bright pink or purple – this is disco with a capital D! If you decide to stick to a traditional green tree, mix and match your baubles for a truly multi-colored mix. This is strictly not for minimalists.

"Think a curated chaos of traditional shining red and gold baubles and brightly colored garlands… all trimmed with vibrant multi-colored string lights," says Jess.

“If you're a seasoned decorator, don't be afraid to make the most of your accumulated decorations – if it's colorful, shiny, or crusted with glitter, it belongs on the tree. The more the merrier."

Choose retro or kitsch decorations to give your tree an extra layer of fun. Sophie says that this trend is also great if you’re looking to be more sustainable, using decorations passed down through your family or buying vintage. “It is the perfect opportunity to buy pre-loved decorations,” she says. “The bolder and bigger the clash the better!”

7. Neutral and Natural

Layered Lounge Christmas tree

(Image credit: Layered Lounge)

The trend for natural Christmas tree colors has seen a rise in the last year, according to Google Trends. The great thing about following the all-natural Christmas tree trend is that it will probably fit in with your home décor better than traditional shades of red and green. While not traditional, muted tones of creams, white and natural wood can still look just as festive.

“If you’re looking for a more natural style, or perhaps something a little more sustainable, then pinecones with ribbon, wooden beads, or papier-mâché baubles all work well together,” says Caroline. This is definitely a trend for minimalists – no sparkle here.

“Try weaving a wooden bead garland in the place of tinsel for a more pared-back look - Scandi is all about taking inspiration from nature, making wood the perfect material for your decorations,” advises Jessica.

Use the neutral, natural Christmas tree color trend to inspire your Christmas tree topper ideas this year too, with a wooden star or paper angel making suitably festive finishing touches to this look.