8 interior design trends set to be huge in 2022, according to interior designers

If you're looking to switch up your space for the new year, these are the need-to-know interior design trends that are set to dominate in 2022

A light blue living room with a blue sofa and dried floral arrangements representing one of the top Interior design trends 2022
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Find new home decor ideas and fresh inspiration for your space with the interior design trends set to be big in 2022.

After another turbulent year where we have spent more time at home, many of us have found solace in the world of interior design. Whether you've worked on a new DIY project, re-arranged your space to make room for a home office or have spent hours taking design inspiration from social media, interior design has transformed the hobbies of many into a passion.

While the Pantone Color of the Year 2022 and the top interior paint color trends set the tone for the new year when it comes to interior design, you can also expect this year to be governed by the future. Sustainability and the desire to reduce, reuse and recycle retro or vintage furniture are interior design trends that aren't going anywhere in 2022, as we continue to work towards a greener tomorrow. 

1. Velvet revival

A retro teal blue velvet accent armchair with black metal frame with a blue and gold patterned cushion

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While velvet has been a huge trend over the last few years, it still remains a popular choice for many. Rachel Epstein, Design Specialist and Creative Director of CARME Home, says that a retro revival will see the luxe fabric continue to be key player in the home in 2022: 

"Due to the '70s retro revival we are seeing all over interior design, velvet is one of the most prominent comebacks! A fabric that can sometimes be tricky to style but beautiful when done correctly."

"When looking to add a touch of velvet elegance to your home, consider what other fabrics that item will be paired with. Velvet accent chairs, headboards, cushions, or stools are a great place to start experimenting with this luxurious material."

Adding subtle hints of the fabric will add an elegant finish to any room, while bigger pieces like CARME Home's Velvet Dressing Table make a bold statement. 

2. Multifunctional spaces

Desktop computer mock-up on an industrial desk in a scandinavian student bedroom interior workspace with white walls

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Multifunctional spaces will also reign in 2022, according to Rachel, thanks to the continuation of office closures and the popularity of working from home

"Thanks to our ‘new normal’ of remote working, homes have changed to suit needs for the whole house. But, if you don’t have the space to dedicate an entire four walls with square footage to the cause, we have the perfect solution. Invest in furniture that serves more than one purpose. Whether it’s a dressing table that converts into a desk, or a mirror that hides a jewelry cabinet, there are plenty of brilliant furniture pieces that act as storage solutions."

3. Sustainable materials

White bath background front view with cosmetic bottle and bath accessories

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In 2022, sustainable living and eco-friendly, ethical choices will remain a huge focus for many people. 

"There is ever more focus on sustainability in our homes, from the products we use to how we design a space," says designer Jojo Bradley. "Think reclaimed, recycled, pre-loved, and ethically sourced."

According to Pinterest's annual trend report, Pinterest Predicts, raw materials and nature-focused designs will also dominate this year. earches for "staircase gardens" are up 175%, while the term "biophilic architecture" has seen a 150% increase since last year. 

For an eco-friendly home makeover, consider investing in furniture made from raw materials or reclaimed wood. If you're looking to give your walls a lick of paint, brands like Edward Bulmer use only pure, natural ingredients, and pride themselves on being carbon neutral and 100% toxin-free. 

4. Curve appeal

modern bathroom with white walls and curved basin

(Image credit: Taylor Howes/C.P. Hart)

"From architecture to furniture, the integration of curved shapes and organic lines within the home are to be welcomed in 2022," Taylor Howes say in their annual trend report. 

"With their primitive foundations and organic grandeur and beauty, soft shapes, gentle curves, and meandering bends within architecture and design are providing a sense of being cocooned and comforted. A feeling of being comforted and soothed plays to our subconscious mind and influences us unknowingly to be drawn to curved products and shapes."

This trend is one that re-appears time and time again. However, the popularity of curves in 2022 will draw on our collective desire to create a feeling of zen at home while the world outside continues to feel tumultuous and uncertain.    

5. Go green

bed in green bedroom with green accessories and wine and fruit on end table

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Green in approach and green in color, this enchanting hue is set to take 2022 by storm, just as it dominated popular color charts last year. Think sage green walls, olive-toned accessories, or emerald accents, perfect for adding a pop of color to any space.

A surprisingly versatile shade to incorporate into the home, Heather Hacket, Design Manager at household linen company Christy, explains how green can be used in both big and small ways throughout your home:

"Sage and mineral-based greens bring nature indoors and enrich interior spaces.  However, a whole green room can seem a bit daunting. If you love the color but don’t want to make any permanent changes, add in pops of rich jewel-toned greens through your cushions, prints, and decorative items, such as vases and candlesticks. Green towels and accessories can also add an extra level of depth to a bathroom for the colder months."

6. A fusion of Eastern and Western design

bold nature inspired mural on living room wall

(Image credit: Avalana Design)

"Chinoiserie has been captivating the imagination of interior designers for years but you'll notice it’s had a maximalist makeover. The style, popular from the latter half of the 18th- to the mid-19th century is distinguished by its fantastical oriental scenes and stylized flower and bird motifs," explains Avalana Simpson, founder of Avalana Design.

Avana says that, instead of subtle touches of watercolor, this season we will experience The Orient in ethereal, full wallscaped murals that will certainly make a bold statement. 

"Adding a complete scene to your wall creates an instant focal point," she notes. "Silvers and deep greens add harmony while hand-drawn Herons wading through silvery lily ponds and framed by interesting foliage results in a show-stopping theme. Complete the look with tan, copper, gold, or warm yellow furniture and textiles.

Another great example of mixed culture design is the popular Japandi design trend, which has been a popular choice for many over the last few years. Combining the rustic minimalism of Scandinavian interiors with the soft aesthetics of Japanese design, it's a delicate and sophisticated trend that brings warmth and comfort into any space and will endure into 2022. 

7. Cool tones

blue living room with blue sofa and white cushions

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Both Dulux and Pantone have chosen cool shades for their annual 'Color of the Year' predictions, setting a new interior design trend for 2022.

"Cooler colors will start to creep into our homes, led by Pantone’s Very Peri and Dulux’s Bright Skies," predicts Sylvia James, Interior designer at HomeHow. 

"Bright Skies works very well with light wood tones whilst Very Peri can be used to add more energy to interiors currently dominated by whites and greys. For those not wishing to go overboard with these tones, try introducing them through art prints, throws, or ceramics."

8. Open shelving

white kitchen with open shelving and wood storage and furniture

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Say goodbye to cabinet doors in 2022, as open shelving is set to be the hottest kitchen trend of the year. Adding depth and character to the space, displaying your crockery will make your room feel brighter and more open. 

"Display shelves and open spaces have already been seen in other parts of the home for years," says Jenni Greenwood, a Cheshire-based interior designer. "It takes your space from a functional space to more of a place to entertain."

Not a kitchen storage idea for those who can't stand clutter, Darren Watts, Showroom Development & Design Director at Wren Kitchens, explains how open shelving adds a cozy element to the home: "This is definitely more of a contemporary option that can look super stylish when done correctly. It can also create a really homely, inviting look having pots, pans, and the like on display." 

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