I'm a fashion editor who wears Crocs and I'm stocking up on my beloved ugly shoes in the Prime Day sale - here's why

(Image credit: Rudick, Dina Globe Staff)

With my 2020 diary cleared of anything that required a sturdy sole, spring lockdown rendered my shoe collection (40 pairs and counting…) pretty much redundant.

And with nothing but my slippers and the occasional flip-flop for company, I had a thought that chilled me to my fashion-obsessed core. ‘Should I get a pair of Crocs?’

Considered the Marmite of the shoe world, I’d be inclined to say there’s more haters than lovers when it comes to the world’s most controversial footwear. But you can save almost £20 on Crocs at the moment with the Prime Day clothing deals currently running, which will convert many of the naysayers...


Crocs Unisex Adults' Crocband Clogs - was £34.99 was £19.60, Amazon

Reduced from £34.99 to a far more purse-friendly £19.60 - saving you almost £20 - now's the time to stock up on Crocs. Boasting the classic Crocs shape, these lightweight clogs feature a movable heel strap which can be swung back for a snugger fit, or worn forward like a mule. This neutral navy shade is perfect for men and women alike, slotting into your existing wardrobe without stealing focus. The white edging and red stripe add a sporty yet stylish touch. Remember, the offer is only available while Amazon Prime Day promotions (and stocks!) last, so I'd advise shopping fast.


Why I love Crocs

In a world where flicking on the news is enough to leave you with a stress-induced headache, surely there’s a place for sartorial silliness? For shoes so hideous that you can’t help but smile every time you glance at them? And I’m sure we all agree that there’s no shoe more ugly than the chunky, holey, plastic Crocs.

And there’s also no denying their practicality. The slide-on shape means there’s no fiddling with laces or battling with buckles. It might not be the purpose for which they were intended, but I’d say that makes them the perfect shoe for chasing your takeaway driver down the road when you suspect he’s left your pizza at the wrong door.

Yes, the squeaky plastic outer might make them an eyesore. But it does also mean you can wear your Crocs put the bins out without dampening the sole of your fluffiest slippers. And for me, that’s a big win.

So, with a second lockdown looming, I don’t think there’s ever been a better time to invest in the shoes I never thought I’d own. I still might be partaking in plenty of Zoom catch-ups, but luckily my webcam won’t offer my colleagues a glimpse of my Croc-clad feet. My secret is safe.

The folks over at Amazon have slashed the price of selected Crocs as part of their Prime Day promotions, saving you as more than £15 on the Crocs Unisex Adults' Crocband Clogs.

I've got my eye on the Crocs Reviva Unisex Clogs in a pretty pink and grey mix - was £32.67 now £26.14, Amazon. Sizes are selling fast, so I'd recommend stocking up sooner rather than later. You can browse the whole Crocs range here.

And, to add insult to fashionable injury, I might even wear mine with socks.