The Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil

We round up the many benefits of coconut oil, then share our favourite products infused with the miracle ingredient.

The wellness world is coco for the benefits of coconut oil, and who can blame them? The rich unction is laden in goodness that tends to your teeth, skin, hair and gut. While Angelina Jolie is said to blend the stuff with a healthy breakfast, Victoria Beckham smoothers coconut oil over her body and face.

The beauty secret was revealed in a teaser clip for Victoria’s forthcoming interview on This Morning. In the 30-second clip the star is probed about which moisturiser she uses and explains, ‘I use coconut oil, the kind of oil that you would cook with’ adding ‘I use it all over my body as well because it’s really really moisturising.’

After struggling to cover acnes scars all through her Spice Girl years, the British designer discovered that a £2 jar of supermarket coconut oil held the key to transforming her skin.

You see, the oil isn’t merely packed with hydrating properties; it contains lauric acid, which is antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory. For this reason, coconut oil is as useful in the treatment of acne, stretch marks and sunburn as it is at breathing life back into dehydrated skin.

To reap the multi-tasking benefits of this miracle unction, get hold of a tub that boasts of being raw, unrefined, virgin coconut oil. You can tend to beauty woes from head to toe starting with embattled hair, by massaging it into flaky scalps or using as an overnight mask on ravaged tips.

It can also be smoothed on facial skin in thinner quantities to temper breakouts, vanquish parched patches and tone down angry sunburn. It’s best used overnight, as sunscreen doesn’t sit well on such rich oils, though shopping for a day cream pumped with the stuff can ensure you never miss your fix.

On bodies, apply it in place of your shaving foam for smoother, hydrated pins, or slather it on as a lightly fragrant, sumptuous body cream. Its high absorbency is a spot of good news for pregnant women with growing bumps, as the skin-healing properties can sink in deeper to help prevent stretch marks.  

It?s no wonder, then, that brands are harnessing the benefits of coconut oil and pumping them into some of the most effective beauty blends. We’ve rounded up our pick of the products that see coconut oil souped up to treat dry hair, dull cheeks and scaly limbs that need some TLC.

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